Benjamin Zand's "Tehrangeles"

Travels to Los Angeles, home of the largest population of Iranians outside of Iran

"A documentary made by myself, Benjamin Zand, a British-Iranian aspiring journo and film-maker. The documentary travels to Los Angeles, California, the home of the largest population of Iranians outside of Iran. It takes a look at how these Iranians have found success, wealth and a taste for American life in their new home, Tehrangeles, what the Californian public think, and asks what they think of increasing tensions between their adoptive country, America, and their Iranian homeland. Directed, presented and edited by Benjamin Zand. Filmed by Michael Zand and co-filmed by Benjamin Zand."


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Good job.   All

by vildemose on

Good job.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Immortal Guard

Watch this:

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Uzi Rubin on Iran's Missile Capabilities:




Bravo Caliranians!

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The tip of the the Iranian spear!