Ariana Bundy: Fesenjoon

TV chef and cookbook author

Ariana Bundy was brought up in New York, London and Switzerland, trained as a chef in Paris and is a cookery presenter on TV, but her family roots are firmly planted in Persian soil. Her latest book Pomegranates and Roses: My Persian Family Recipes (Simon & Schuster UK) evokes the sensual, exotic pleasure of Middle Eastern flavors, using pomegranate seeds and juice, rose water and rose petals, fragrant herbs and spices to create enticing dishes full of color and elegance >>>


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نکته !


زردچوبه رو بعد ازسرخ شدن پیاز باید اضافه کرد. نباید زیاد سرخ بشه چون غذا رو تلخ میکنه.

lemon juice in Fesenjoon???

gold leaves?'s a Royal Fesenjoon. 

well, she is creative...maybe these will make it more delicious?


آشپزخونه جای طلا و جواهر نیست!




همون جوری که کسی دیگ و قابلمه توی حموم نمیبره، طلا و جواهر هم توی دیس پلو جایی نداره!

دکتر مهندس،

فکر کنم که یک مدتی باید اشکنه دل ضعفه بخورم! 

Dr. Mohandes

Fesenjoon and all this Trouble?

by Dr. Mohandes on

My god.

Here is the simplified version of fesenjoon.

Grab some packed preferably ground and finely chopped walnuts, that is how they label them at target.

Grab a pan. Don't worry about frying any onions. No need for that. Here what we do is actually the healthy version of F joon. take out the chicken and carefully and nicely arrange them inside the pan. Add some water to it. Let it cook for a good 40 minutes. Add your walnuts and the your pomogranate sauce to the action packed thingy you have got going on stove top there and voila! your fesenjoon is served. 

And faramarz. Get over there by the wall. Stand there with one leg up. turn and face the wall. You have a been bad bad fault-finding boy (man).

We appologize afsane khanoom. He will NEVER not EVER do this again. or else...he will eat nimroo and ghorme sabzi with tea leaves (unbrewed) mixed with some Zolbia and bamieh  for the rest of his life. 

Mohammad Ala

Gold leaves??

by Mohammad Ala on

In my family, no sugar is added to fesenjoon, we eat it sour and with polo.

Gold leaves??  Someone took our gold and left us with regular leaves, LOL.

Hafez for Beginners

"yummy and comforting"

by Hafez for Beginners on

I really enjoyed this clip: Thanks for posting - mehrdadm.

Our cusinine is one of the gems that has been left unsavored by the outside world. Masterful food and here, made by a very charming, down to earth lady. I will watch out for her - Ariana Bundy - she seemed authentic, immersed in what she was doing, and certainly won my vote! Barikalla and now I will go and try making some Fessenjoon!

I hope the Food Network picks her up!!!

disappointed: I was disappointed to find over 800 people have read this article, and there's been only one comment made - and that is to tease the woman's appearance and pick fault with some gold leaf decoration right at the end. Is it me, or are we just fault-finders supreme? Heartbreaking.

Bravo Ariana Khanoum!


Gold Leaves in Fesenjoon!

by Faramarz on


Only an Iranian chef wears her fancy jewelry in a cooking show and add gold leaves to her Khoresht. Pleeeeease!

Also, her rice looked like "Shefteh!"