Iranian-Canadians fume as TD closes accounts

CBC NN talks to Kaveh Shahrooz

CBC: Several Iranian-Canadians are crying foul after the TD Bank abruptly closed their accounts with little explanation other than to say it had to comply with federal economic sanctions against Iran. TD began sending letters to some of its clients in May informing them it would no longer be offering them banking services so as to abide with changes made last November to the Special Economic Measures (Iran) Regulations, which prohibit banks from providing financial services that benefit Iran or anyone in Iran >>>


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waiting game

by ghalam-doon on

The problem is that similar to what is happening in US with regard to NIAC, many Iranian-Canadians do not believe this organization is a true representative of their interests.

There are other avenues to pursue in Canada. There are Iranian-Canadian members of provincial parliaments both in Ontario and Quebec. I hope they won't remain silent.


به جنابانی که نفت خورده و مزدور می ....


یک سوال ساده. آیا حاضرید در برابر خانواده های  زندانیان و شکنجه شدگان و کشتگان سیاسی و و دیگر قربانیان رژیم بایستید و بگوئید که شما برای تجاوزگران و قاتلین فرزاندانشان سینه چاک می کنید؟

کانادا متشکریم. 

iraj khan

long live Iran, here is your answer

by iraj khan on

به جنابانی که دلار خورده و تحریم اقتصادی میرینند:

یک سوال ساده. ایا حاضرید الانه ـ نه در حضور عوامل رژیم ـ بلکه در میان مردم گرانی و تورم زده ایرانی بایستید و اعلام کنید که شما تحت عنوان براندازی رژیم٬ تبلیغ کننده و وازلین این تجاوز علنی به زندگانی انان بوده اید؟


long live Iran

We should stand up against such insults

by long live Iran on

It is time for Iranian-Canadian to stand up for their rights.

Long Live IRAN for Ever, 

long live Iran

What happened to us?

by long live Iran on

I feel pity that some of Iranian are happy about the others difficulties!

I remember one poet said:

to kaz mehnate digharan bighami....nashayad ke namat nahand adami 

Have we down graded to this stage? What happened to us?

Long Live IRAN for Ever 

Anonymous Observer

Cool - time to close IR's embassies around the world.

by Anonymous Observer on

Let's see that happen soon.

Immortal Guard

So what comes next?

by Immortal Guard on

So what comes next?

Concentration Camps?


Close the Den of Spies

by Faramarz on

Good job Canada.


Today Nazanin Afshin-jam called for the closure of the Regime's embassy in Ottawa.