Golshifteh: "Khodshifteh"

IRI's character assassination of Golshifteh Farahani


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Souri you can't be the

by TheMrs on

Souri you can't be the judge of how much courage it took her. Maybe it was easy for her, maybe not. It doesn't matter. Maybe it was very easy for Ghamar too. To say it is nothing, just because it happened outside of Iran is unrealistic.


Do you know what happens

by Arthimis on

Do you know what happens emotionally & psychologically to men and women who were born ugly and unattractive physically? I'm serious, it's very sad, but it's true!!! Unfortunately in most cases this is followed by serious lack of self confidence, belief and acceptance for these people in society which again in most cases lead to their lack of access to education & eventual poverty... Now add fanatic religous belief & practice to that for these people (as their last existential hope...) who are inevitably unhappy with or even hate themselves on all fronts after, despite the fact of seeking refuge in religion or an ideology to calm themselves ....

Unfortunately these ugly people's reaction to even decent looking people in the society can be aggresive, bitter & even violent, let alone to those who are beautiful physically as we all have witnessed!! (God Forbid...) 

Ladies and Gentelmen, These unfortunate ugly people are those Iranians who revolted and created The Islamic Republic Of Iran and are still defending & fighting for it.... The Example of such people have been more apparent after their violent revolt , thoughts, words and acts since 1979 in Iran. There are about 5 to maximum 10 million of them in Iran and abroad, from Top to the bottom.... These people with this regime glorify ugliness due to their self hate and existential problems ... That's why they call for the end of the world and appearance of an imaginary guy to save them from themselves.... Very Sad indeed ...



Neyshaboor was small earthquake, we had bigger one

by Siavash300 on

 "...there was an earthquake in Neyshaboor and 100 people died. I didn't see one person on this site or others obsessing about that.." JustAnIranian

My sympathy to all families who lost their love ones in recent earthquake in Neyshaboor, but there was bigger earthquake almost close to 10 degree which really shaked our nation for 1400 years and we are here more concern about that earthquake. The center of that earthquake was in Arabian Peninsula. The aftershock was 32 years ago and all our nation suffered till now. We are here to save our people from that earthquake.




by Souri on

What I meant was : It didn't take Golshifteh, any courage to do this.




by vildemose on

By Arj

While the whole nation is about to drown in rampant inflation and the looming prospect of a devastating war, wondering whethter to stock up on food supplies or foreign currency to save their nest egg, these retards' chief remain remain to be people's choice of body coverings -- or lackthereof! Even when they're thousands of miles away! As if they live in a parallel universe 

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Souri

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


If this is nothing then why are these people jumping up and down. What is their problem and why all the noise.

By the way I disagree with you. A statement assuming this is one resonates no matter where it is made. Did Marx write his manifesto in Russia? Most of what Khomeini said was outside Iran but influenced Iranians.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear TheMrs

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The negative reaction is to be expected. But the world will not end and it will not stop progress.

The backward world of Islamists will end and that is what scares them. 


Not exactly, TheMrs

by Souri on

Ghamar (or a better example of it is Tahirih) did this in Iran, so it can be considered as a revolutionary action.

GF doing this in Paris, is really nothing. Just nothing!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Fake outrage

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes expat & amirkabir pretend to be outraged. Why don't you go help the people in earthquake. I don't write for you whose minds are made. I write for other people who got an open mind.

I repeat a taboo broken is much more important to history. Why is it that none of our dear Islamist write a blog on Neishapoor. Rather jump up and down screaming about her. Because their tiny Islamic world is not threatened by Neishapoor.

Face it: the Islamists are losing and nothing will reverse it. Not for the Iranian people anyway. Now pretend to be upset about 100 people. Meanwhile while Islamic Republic is murdering Iranians on a daily basis. Why don't you talk about it. 


Golshifteh is a star

by TheMrs on

An actor's job is to bring the private to the public. Otherwise, stories would remain untold. Golshifteh is great at her job.

Golshifteh is now an icon. Just like Ghamar who took her hejab off and stood up to those who threatened her life.

The negative reaction is to be expected. But the world will not end and it will not stop progress.

Iranian women will move forward anyway they see fit. You don't like it? Cry me a river.






by expat on

I know what you mean mate.  I was pretty stunned myself..

 (shakes head) 



by amirkabear4u on

You said;

That is why it is more important than what happened in Neishapour.

Just have one word to say to you ONLY because you are very good at making your own conclusion of other IC users' personality;






گلشیفته، از بند گریخته


Their reaction is like as if a prized horse or bird escaped the cage and went to their enemy.


Islamic Fascism at its BEST !!!!

by mrramin on


بهترین نمونه اسلام فاشیستی 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I was going to flag your post but it says much about you. Therefore I will leave it be so people know what you are all about. Thank you for showing us the nature of a "traditional" Iranian.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes breaking a taboo is more important than an earthquake. People dying is a thing that happens regularly. But taboos are broken once in generations. The death of 100 people is a tragedy for their families.

But if a taboo breaks it affects generations and nations. I am not saying Golshifteh did it to break a taboo. But it seems to have angred the Islamists. 

That is why it is more important than what happened in Neishapour.


Tempest in a tea pot!

by Arj on

While the whole nation is about to drown in rampant inflation and the looming prospects of a devastating war, wondering whether to stock up on food supplies or foreign currency to save their nest eggs, these retards' chief concerns remain to be people's choice of body coverings -- or lackthereof! Even when they're thousands of miles away! As if they live in a parallel universe!



by JustAnIranian on

On the day that she did this, there was an earthquake in Neyshaboor and 100 people died. I didn't see one person on this site or others obsessing about that.

This makes it obvious that this woman is breaking taboos. Being half naked is more important than death of people? 

No wonder Khomeini was successful. 

I liked Golshifteh Farahani before, but I love her now. She is my hero. 

Mash Ghasem

خود شيفته خراسانی

Mash Ghasem

گلشيفته فراهانی يا خود شيفته خراسانی, مساله ما کدام است؟

مهران رفيعی

چند روزی است که انتشار عکسی نيم برهنه بر روی جلد يکی از مجلات
فرانسوی غوغايی براه انداخته است, کشدار, جدال انگيز و آزار دهنده, براستی

مگر چنين موردی بی سابقه بوده است؟ پس محتوای اين همه فيلم و کتاب و مجله های ِ پر فروش ِ کنار خيا بانی چيست؟

آيا مبانی اخلاقی جامعه با انتشار اين عکس به خطر افتاده است؟ اگر چنين
است پس چرا مبانی نجابت و اخلاق از حضور هزاران تن فروش در خيابانهای داخل
و خارج کشور فرو نمی ريزند ؟

آيا گلشيفته فراهانی برای کسب درآمد و يا شهرت دست به چنين کاری زده
است؟ فرضا که جنين باشد, دانستن اين نکته چه کمکی به من و تو و مردم ما

پس بهتر است که گلشيفته و انگيزه هايش را به حال خود بگذاريم و به سراغ
آن خود شيفته ای برويم که با سرنوشت ملت مان بازی ميکند. آن خودمحوری که
سليقه شخصی خود را بر آرای ملتی ترجيح ميدهد.

بر کارها و رفتار رهبری نظر کنيم که برفرزانگی خود می بالد ولی سخت ترين شرايط را بر مردم خود تحميل ميکند.

بر خيره سری بنگريم که خود را سکاندار کشتی نجات می خواند در حالی
کمترين مهارتی در آن کار ندارد و قومی را به ورطه مرگ نزديک کرده است.

بياد اسيران بيگناهی باشيم که دردناک ترين لحظات را ميگذرانند و هر لحظه ناقوس مرگ بر درب سلول شان ميکوبد.

گيرم که انگيزه گلشيفته شيطانی باشد, آتنش آن گناه هرگز دامن من و تو
را نخواهد گرفت, اما خود شيفتگی آن ديگری ديری است که خرمن های ملت مان را
به آتش کشانده است.

برهنگی گلشيفته نه ارزاق کسی را گران ميکند و نه پناهجويی را طعمه
امواج شرق جاوه ميسازد اما درندگی خود شيفته خونهای بسياری را بر زمين جاری
کرده و خانمان های بيشماری را برباد داده است.

براستی چنين نيست؟


Golshifteh: "Khodshifteh"

by jmyt17 on

Who is this dirt.

Are you have any !!!!!!!

Why telling people mobile number!!!!

Sick. You are JERK.

I hope I have another word for you.


بر سر در کاروان سرایی تصویر زنی‌ به گچ کشیدند


When it comes to your own affairs everything is well  justified and accepted by your barbaric islamic rules and regulations:

Raping men and women, Killing inocent childeren, running over protesters in front of everyone, forcing prisoners to confess by torcher, sutthing down every single paper that goes against you and even assassinating political refuges outside Iran and on and on and on and one and on .......

A girl has tacken her shirt off  for goodness sake and your whole pathetic world has gone upside down.

In a simple word you are a VERY VERY SICK BUNCH and I personally cannot think of any medications for your illness.




Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Have they no shame?


This filth belongs to IRI propaganda machine; likes of Raja News.

Why is this video here on IC?