Brzezinski: Israeli attack on Iran would be disaster

"Would set Persian Gulf ablaze"



Bad News is...

by masoudA on

This Bozo is still alive breathing and talking......against the best interest of Iran, America, .......and all humanity - Just serving his Royal bosses in northern Europe.

The Good news is.....Iranians, Americans,......even IR are wising up to them..........let me make a 2 years, this bastard along with George Soros,......and the rest of their gand will either be dead, jailed,......or have taken assylum in northern Europe.   



by Fatollah on

During his address this man warned U.S. citizens against the very grave danger:


US military budget is crazy

by hirre on

E.g. recently 82 million dollars was requested to build a stronger bunker penetrating bomb:

82 million dollars just for a more powerful bomb... That money corresponds almost to the entire yearly budget of the swedish defence research agency, which employs around 1000 people....

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

interview, thanks for posting it.


"Israeli attack on Iran would be disaster"

by Bavafa on

The outcome of any attack, whether it is a full scale war or a one-off military attack on Iranian nuclear sites cannot be anything but disaster for all the nations involved and the region as a whole.

With Iran already economically and politically isolated, what do they have to lose, if attacked, to pull out of NTP treated and kick all the inspectors out?

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Ari Siletz

January 2010 interview

by Ari Siletz on

Iraqi airspace is no longer officially controlled by the U.S. In fact just yesterday Iraq protested the presence of small U.S. drones guarding the U.S. embassy in Iraq. However, most of what Brzezinski says here is still relevant.


People, there is no judgment day or hell or heaven

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

this life is it, it is all we have and we have a duty to do the best we can for ourselves, by making this world a paradise and not waiting for a hell or heaven or supreme judge.  This Zbigniew did not know that by hurting others ( not just Iranians) so visciously he really hurt himself and all of humanity.  I prefer the late shah's approach, "if you do not harm anyone... it is impossible to harm yourself." (shah was harmed not because he harmed others, but by others making agreements with him with the intention of betraying him in order to harm him and his people).  Shahs era was one of Peace, Progress & Human Rights.  With the creation of Savak, the inhumane practices that had historically occurred in Iran were stopped and Savak was a massive step in the Right direction for Human Rights.  That the Shah acted justly is the reason to have optimism and real hope that Iran will emerge from this nightmare Free and Healthier than Iran was before, and no thanks to the USA/UK/France.  The USA loves Islam in power in Iran and will do nothing to remove them all this fear talk are lies. War is unnecessary to remove the IRI, taking IRI out is easy in light of the majority of people who want to see them gone.  The thing is, the USA loves islam for Iran because no other form of government could reach the goals the USA has for the Region.  Goal #1 to keep people poor, uneducated and their national consumption suppressed by mismanagement & that is the reason the USA still hates the Shah and disingenuously labels him a dictator. He triumphed despite their aims against iran and had to be taken care of.


oh my....

by shushtari on

another 'hell boy'...

this idiot, along with his boss, peanut carter have a suite waiting for them in hell- right there next door to khomeini


he's one of the 'architects' of toppling the shah.....sending huyser to neutralize the army- leading to the invasion of iran by the akhoonds and the cold blooded murder of thousands of imperial officers and the beginning of the hell you see in the middle east

on top of everything....he's one of the ugliest m*fos i've ever seen 


Blazeinski in the Hell's Blaze

by Demo on

Could this guy believe 30 years ago that one day he will turn this ugly & and old? Not a chance! And would he believe now that he will enter the hell fire after his death? Not a chance!

P.S. A learning point for AN, BB, Bush, Cheney, Obama, Putin, VF, all other arrogents 'leaders' & their pawns; typo error: 'readers' that is!