Non-Persian Brings Down Esteghlal

Irish-Libyan striker Eamon Zayed scores three goals in last ten minutes


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by yolanda on

What a comeback and what a hat-trick!

He is eligible to play for Ireland, Tunisia, and Libya!

Dr. Mohandes

Now Now

by Dr. Mohandes on

Easy there big fella...( who left a comment out of sheer frustration right before mine)...

Although I agree. It was funny. I was downstairs and chatting with a buddy of mine and heard someone yelling GOAL from inside a grocery store and was thinking WTF!!! COuld it be... You know... Da Bomb??

 I agree with Faramarz. Too Leetel...2 LAte!! BTW. That last goal was Both an Offside and the ref should have also called for PK:) 

DM's NEW RULES (to please both sides of the match).  

Anahid Hojjati


by Anahid Hojjati on

thanks for the congrats. 

Ma perspoliseeha eeneem. Seta seta gol meezaneem.


Luck of the Irish-Libyan!

by Faramarz on

So it took a Turkish coach, an Irish Libyan, 100 Nazr and 1000 Salavat for the Longi team to finally beat us!

Congrats, but we are still no.1!


Boy, it is such joy to watch soccer...

by Bavafa on

but as any other sport, it is more fun to play it.  Looking forward to Saturday afternoon.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Jahanshah Javid

Racist title AND team name!

by Jahanshah Javid on

"Persepolis" is the Greek name for Takht-e Jamshid. At least it should be called "Iranopolis". Shame on! :p

By the way, Persepolis finally won a derby game. che ajab! :)


Racist title!

by Ferdowsi on

Not even non-Iranian. Is this now about the race, or the sport? Shallow mentality for those who claim to be Iranians; yet this kind of mentality goes totally against our culture. Oghdeyee? Sorry!



by zztop on

Congratulation to all Perspolis fans.  This was a victory in  epic proportions.  Ranks right up there with the 6-0 annihilation of the yesteryears.  Cocky 6Tajis thought the game was in the bag with 10 minutes to go and Perspolis playing a man down.  I am going to enjoy this for a long time.