Covert War between Iran and Israel

Analysts Scott Stewart and Fred Burton

Tactics used in the escalating covert war between Iran and Israel.


iraj khan


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This is what Israel hated to hear:

The United States and the European Union signaled on Friday that negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program could soon resume for the first time in more than a year.. 


Oh yeah, it was "Indian Mujahidin" -- not the IRI :-)

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Who just happened to recruit several Iranians (one of whom is already back in the IRI) to hit India, Bangkok, and Georgia in very similar, near-simultaneous attacks. Personally, I think it was Mossad. They did 9/11 (and told the Jooooz to stay home that day), and they did this too (in collaboration with "indian Mujahidin", of course). 


Very Easy to Figure out, IRI is Behind this

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"The suspect was scheduled to board a flight from the Malaysian capital
to Tehran, capital of Iran today. He initially booked a flight to leave
for Tehran on February 25."


Now why would any other (non-IRI-supported) Terrorist fly back to Tehran, after an operation (failed, or sucessful), if its base was not Tehran?. The other Terrorist Womenan is already in Tehran (based on Thai police).

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Amir

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Just look below. NIAC Agent Shotor with one more clumsy attempt at damage control.

iraj khan

There's more

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The true answer is that at this stage no one knows for sure who is behind the attacks. There have been news reports that the security agencies in India are examining the similarities between the explosion in Delhi and the Jama Masjid shooting and blast in 2010 when similar methods were used. According to these reports, the culprits could be the so-called Indian Mujahideen, which is unrelated to Iran and which is opposed to India’s relations with Israel. There are several other such groups that support the Palestinian cause and that have targeted India before.

It is politics that will prevail over the truth in this case; the Netanyahu administration will attempt to exploit the situation in order to make the case for increasing sanctions against Iran. Undoubtedly, it will attempt to derail Iranian-Indian relations, which has been a primary objective of the administration’s grand strategy to isolate Iran. For the Netanyahu administration, the culprit of these attacks has to be the Iranian government, irrespective of the truth, because it is politically expedient to represent the country as an existential threat in order to hype up the nuclear issue and to divert attention away from the Palestinian question. Certainly, on the fringes of the Israeli right wing the drumbeats for war will beat louder.


IRI lobbyists are in damage control mode

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A number of Iranian individuals have been apprehended by the Thai authorities, including one who blew off his own leg and one who was arrested in Malaysia after fleeing from Thailand. Another wanted suspect has fled and has arrived in the IRI. So, naturally the West-residing IRI propagandists are deeply embarrassed by these arrests in Thailand (and very similar, near-simultaneous attacks in Georgia and India) and are therefore trying to divert as much attention from these IRI terrorists as possible. The CASMII lobbyists are now advancing some very asinine "theories" about why these arrested Iranians aren't actually linked to the IRI and the usual suspects on IC posting under multiple user names (one day, Mola Nasreddin and the next day, iraj khan) are playing the same game. All I can say is: Khar Khodettttti  :-)

Mash Ghasem

ماجراجویی سپاه پاسداران

Mash Ghasem

iraj khan


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look at who could benefit from the recent events

in Georgia, India and Thailand. 


Let’s assume that sections of the military and security apparatus in Iran are responsible for the string of bombings in Georgia, Thailand and India. What would be the motive? The argument that Iran is retaliating for the murder of five civilian nuclear scientists in Iran is not plausible. If Iran wanted to target Israeli interests, it has other means at its disposal. It is hard to imagine that the Iranian government would send Iranian operatives to friendly countries, completely equipped with Iranian money and passports – making the case against them as obvious as possible.

If the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are as professional, highly trained and politically savvy as we have been told repeatedly by Israeli politicians themselves, if they have successfully trained and equipped the cadres of Hezbollah and other movements with paramilitary wings in the region, then why would they launch such a clumsy and self-defeating operation?

And why India, Georgia and Thailand, three countries that Iran has had cordial relations with during a period when Iran is facing increasing sanctions spearheaded by the United States? A few days ago, India agreed a rupee-based oil and gas deal with Iran and resisted US pressures to join the western boycott of the Iranian energy sector. As a net importer of 12% of Iranian oil, India’s total trade with Iran amounted to $13.67bn in 2010-2011. What would be the motive for damaging relations with one of Iran’s major trading partners and regional heavyweights?

Mash Ghasem

Demo you forgot two more commanlities between the men of these

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two countries:

1) Their obsession with tall blonde women 

2) and fat female, you know what!

Unlike you and me of course!


Pinnochio's Nose

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Most Iranians & Israelis share the big noses on their faces, like of BB's & AN's, the longest of them all. They are like two I's (Eyes that is) filled with egos ('Gohs' that is) on the same face sharing the big nose! Their covet war is thus like the Pinnochio' tale. Nothing more than a big lie extending the long nose between the two I's (Eyes that is!) whenever it is talked about! 

Mash Ghasem

For a couple of "Intelligence Experts" they forgot to mention:

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1)German's suggestion, contribution and technical assistance in Stuxnet project.

2) What makes them so sure the guy that was blown up in that car in Damascus was actually Emad Mughanieh?

Their observation on Hezbollah's "maturation" is worthy of notice. Hezbollah knows that as long as it operates as a Lebanese political force within that country (and currently it  acts as the power broker in there) it's relatively safe, while any expansion of its operations outside of Lebanon would make it much more vulnerable to external pressure.

long live Iran

Was it Sarkozy who said Netanyahu is a liar?

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I should agree Sarkozy.

Long Live IRAN for EVER.