Volleyball Team: Handshake

Players into trouble for shaking hand of female referee

خبرگزاری فارس: سرپرست تیم ملی والیبال ایران گفت: از مردم شریف ایران و خانواده معظم شهدا به دلیل دست دادن برخی بازیکنان با داور زن عذرخواهی می کنیم. امیر خوش‌خبر با بیان اینکه بازیکنان تیم ملی ایران اصرار سرداور سریلانکایی را علت اقدام خود عنوان کردند ادامه داد: البته درخواست سرداور توجیهی برای این اقدام بازیکنان نیست و در عین حال فدراسیون والیبال با خاطیان برخورد انضباطی خواهد کرد. سرپرست تیم ملی والیبال ایران با عذرخواهی از مردم شریف ایران اسلامی و خانواده معظم شهدا خاطرنشان کرد: بازیکنان هم در این جلسه از این اقدام خود ابراز ندامت کردند>>>


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It Always Starts with a Simple Handshake!

by statira on

Actually, in Akhoondi methodalogy, it always starts with a sinister look and grimace and then attack!

hamsade ghadimi

چغک جان، این

hamsade ghadimi

چغک جان، این فرهنگ عقب‌موندهٔ آخونداس، نه سیاست.  صیغه نیم ساعته عیب نداره. عقد دختر ۹ ساله پیشکش. اعدام بچه نو پرابلمو.  ولی‌ یه دفعه با زن داور دست ندی‌ها!


World Volleyball association should act

by choghok on

I think the world volleyball association should really act on this. They talk all the time that politics should not mix with sports and so it seems like it does here.


داوران سیبیل کلفت برای مسابقه امروز ایران!


Today Iran beat Taipei 3-0 to stay on top of the group. The game was oficiated by two manly, black referees!




What a ridiculous state of affairs

by Reality-Bites on

Where sportsmen (or anyone else for that matter) can get into trouble for the simple of act of shaking the hand someone from the opposite sex!

How on earth can Iran rid itself from this f****d up ideology/mentality?


The guys were all handsome and young. She was honored!


Did you see the excitement in her eyes? If she was sexy, it would have been a differet story. The guys are insulted.


It would have been Halal for all 12 of them to take her to

by JavoonDeerooz on

a motel, read an arabic sentence, pay her $50 and make her a sigher for on hour and sleep with her and there would be no need to appologize to Mellat Sharif Iran. But to touch her hands, Estaghforellah.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Holy mother of all slutish female referees!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

She shook hands with 24 volleyball players AND the tiger mascot.  That must be an all-time record in the Islamic Republic of Iran!



by Arj on

Our people (including the generation bron and raised under IRI) do not have such hang ups, no matter how hard IRI tries to impose its imported subcultures (indigenous to the Bedouin tribes) on them!


wrong move, next time they

by alx1711 on

wrong move, next time they should shake her foot!

Babak K.

Jahanshah,Let's face it

by Babak K. on


Let's face it she is kind of cute:

Plus, I really think something fishy was going on and it was more than just a hand shake, if you know what I mean. If you don't believe me, ask Faramarz.  


Babak K.

Faramarz, You are so

by Babak K. on


You are so funny:

And then there is the shy smile and an innocent kiss and before you know it


خر بیار و باقالی بار کن!



فرامرز - یه دست دادند، تموم شد.




Re:It Always Starts with a Simple Handshake!

by aynak on


LMAO Faramarz, wouldn't you know it :)






It Always Starts with a Simple Handshake!

by Faramarz on


And then there is the shy smile and an innocent kiss and before you know it


خر بیار و باقالی بار کن!


What did they suppose to do?

by statira on

Kissing her? It was more awkward and rude if they had passed her and didn't shake her hand.

Jahanshah Javid

Give it up

by Jahanshah Javid on

The state media keeps making a big deal out of male Iranian artists/athletes/officials shaking hands with women at public events and it still happens. Give it up already. The Iranian public knows better. People know there's absolutely nothing wrong with shaking a woman's hand out of respect. What's wrong is the backward mentality of the few in power.