Rajavi's son

Held after mother killed

Evin Prison Warden Assadollah Ladejavardi holds Mostafa Rajavi, the son of Mojahedin leader Masoud Rajavi and first wife Ashraf Rabi'i. Rabi'i was killed in February 1982 along with other senior Mojahedin members when their safe-house was raided in Tehran.


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Of Course I am Focused on Those Things

by JahanKhalili on

Why shouldn't I be?

  They were part of my life.   I witnessed a few things in your country, and maybe some people don't want to hear about it, but that's tough - ain't it? 


There is not such a thing as a silly question..

by darius on


Well,  there is an answer for a silly question  so the  silly person understand the circumstance and find the truth. I think, I know what the people at that age went through but your focus is  fixed on two things

1-Iranian with no sense of  longing for discovery.

2.Revolutionary guards.

I am puzzled  that  you glorify a pasdar or rvolutionary guard that came from the same people  are exception to your rules .

I wish you luck,I do not need further answer. Thank you


If I remember correctly

by JahanKhalili on

Khiabani's car was a Peugot (reportedly bullet proof), and he almost escaped with it.

But a Revolutionary Guard scored a direct hit on it with an RPG, killing him. 


Why even bring up the subject

by JahanKhalili on

... if its unsuitable to discuss it or remember it?


No, Darius

by JahanKhalili on

Its not odd at all.

If you were in Iran at the time and remember those events, you should know better than to ask a silly question like that. 


Is it normal for a 15 yrs old ..?

by darius on

Is it normal for a  teen that age to  read a bloody event in detail?

Were you  politically active by that age? Isn't it odd that the only focal point of  the  whole  event for you is the death of a revolutionary guard? 



I don't remember

by JahanKhalili on

Maybe 14 or 15. 



by darius on

Could you tell me your age  at the time of this event?

Thank you 


I remember this event...

by JahanKhalili on

If I remember correctly, the Revolutioanry Guard who tried to rescue Rajavi's son from the cross fire was reportedly hit and killed in the raid.



by yolanda on

The name of Massoud Rajavi's 1st wife is Ashraf Rajavi. They have 2 kids: Mostafa and Ashraf. Mom and daughter have the same name.

Rajavi named the Camp Ashraf after his 1st wife.

Here is another video shot the same day of the raid/massacre:


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The whole concept of "Mahdor al-Dam" is dehumanizing. It strips people of their basic rights. It is sick and should be abandoned. That is the problem with Islam. It divides people into the "in crowd" and "others".

If you are the "in crowd" then you get some minimum rights. But any Ayatollah may declare your "Mahdor al-Dam" any time and you are ***. What kind of justice is that. Rule of terror.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Thanks Parham

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Then he is not the son of Maryam. Which probably is why he is being kept at Ashraf. I bet no mother would keep her own kid there. Knowing it may be overrun by Iraqi.  What a mess. The sooner they close Ashraf the better.

And people complained about the Shah. Anyway I hope he makes it out of Ashraf in one piece. The guy is going to need a lot of recovery maybe get to a semi normal. I feel sorry for him none of this is his fault but he pays for it. 



by Parham on

This boy's mother was killed the same day they raided that house. Her corpse is among the people killed on the ground, except you don't see it in this video. Lajevardi had his picture taken with the boy on top of the mother's bloody remains lying on the ground. The picture, as I said before, circulated outside Iran afterwards.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


they don't mkae sense. If he was bron in 1980 but she married Massoud in 1985 who are the parents. But would a pios Muslim have kids outside marriage? Anyway is he in Camp Ashraf. I would not let my kid be there.

Do they love their kid? If so why do they have him there with the danger of Iraqi. None of this makes sense to me. A normal person even a Mollah would have their kid safely in a Western nation.



by yolanda on

MEK's website listed Mostafa as Maryam Rajavi's son


Maryam married Massoud in 1985, Mostafa was born in 1980. Apparently Mostafa has a sister named "Ashraf" born in 1982.......not sure where she was when this massacre took place.

Sheila K

nothing can be more de-moralizing!!

by Sheila K on

These were propaganda clips that worked.


I remember watching this on the news when I was a kid...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I did not quite understand what was happening and kept asking questions which no one would answer. In the video clip I saw, there were dead bodies on the floor. I was very upset because a relative of ours, a left wing activist -not related to Mujahedeen khalgh- who was only released from SAVAk jail during the revolution was recently jailed by the islamist regime.  My mother and aunts where also watching and they were all crying for the baby. It hurts me watching this video even now.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by yolanda on

If Mustafa is still alive, he is 30 - 31 years old.

According to this article:


Mustafa (Mohammad) Rajavi, son of the leader of MKO Masoud rajavi. He has, unsuccessfully, tried to escape Ashraf in 2003. Mustafa and two other friends took an " Aifa" Truck at night and hit the fence and tried to climb on the roof of the truck to jump over the fence but Mustafa was arrested due to him being under surveillance.


Where is

by statira on

Rajavi's son now? I wonder if he's still alive!

Babak K.

How low one can go?  I

by Babak K. on

How low one can go? 

I am speechless.



Shustari, I'm a fan of free hard force labor for exceptional

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


They need to work off all expenses before I am prepared to cast my vote on any idea's.  We need some one to dig a tunnel to shomal through the mountains and carry out all the rock, so we can have 2 quick 10 lane highways from tehran to the north in 15 minutes.



amir LOL.....

by shushtari on

I think that's pretty economical.....bullets are more expensive :)

this way they get a one way ticket to meet their pedophile baba, ruhollah.....and overnight iran is free to move on 


Shushtari, thank god you didn't choose the persian gulf

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

don't you have a less expensive more just idea?


these filthy

by shushtari on

akhoonds and their kin have only brought violence and brutality to iran....

when the hell did we see videos like this before 79????!!!!!

this psycho is holding a kid, while there are all those dead bodies behind him!!!

these loonies need to all be put on a ship and sunk in the ARABIAN SEA....once and for all 

G. Rahmanian

Then They Went For The Rest!

by G. Rahmanian on

Then The Regime Went For The Rest! There were those who supported the regime to their own end!


The more I see

by onlyinamrica on

footage from those days the sicker I get. I think maryam rajavi was the wife of mosa khiabani, the dead body at the end of clip. masod rajavi wanted her (may be for her colored eyes) and he got her without any objection. These MF islamists, all they care about is below the navel. 


Re the boy

by Arj on

Apparently he later on left Iran and joined camp Ashraf!


What a shameful culture!!!

by Benyamin on

I wonder what happend to the boy!



by yolanda on

According to Wikipedia, Evin Prison Warden Assadollah Ladejavardi was assassinated by MEK in 1998, so the cycle of violence does not stop!


I did not know that Rajavi has another wife before Maryam!

Where is Mostafa now?


He actually even...

by Parham on

... took a picture that same day with Rajavi's son on top of the little boy's slain mother, all in blood, dead on the ground.
The picture circulated outside Iran at the time.