Tehrangeles (Part 2)

Ardeshir Ahmadi looks into Iranian TV stations in Los Angeles

See Part 1 here.


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A great look

by Arash_1970 on

A great look at the Iranian Tv stations of Los Angeles but it is obvious that the producucers are aiming to get revenge on Alireza Amirghassemi and its crew ,they 100% deserve it because they have been treating their employees and viewers like crap.

1- Don't pretend you are angels yourselves, your report is very angled and geared toward your buddies and friends.We get it ! Amirghassemi pooleshoono khord !

2- Your advices are great ,I hope more Iranians migrate toward working for Iranian who respect the laws and regulations of this contry.

3-Welcome to America ,your hairstyle ,Car ,cameras and reportings are very cool.I want to be just like you.

4-Iraniand should work for Americans.Why waste time ? Why did we move here ?To work for the sons of Cyrus the great ?We could have done this in Iran !!!

In hopes of a free Iran.Free from the Iranian way of thinking which has not paid off in over 2500 yrs.

Good editing by the way and you had a pretty good access to all the famous Persianos of the city.

"We had an empire" :-) My fav quote from a Maz Jobrani comedy skid. :-) Lol. 


iraj khan

Mr Ahmadi,

by iraj khan on

A few points first,

1. Anybody with some amount of money and no talent could start a TV Prgram any where in the world.

2. There is little money to be made due to lack of a large consumer market.

3. Those who have survived this market are a few.

4. It is a 'dog eats dog' kind of 'survival of the fittest'.

Mr Ahmadi your report has been informative and entertaining at the same time, well done.