Shahnameh narration listed as world heritage

UNESCO recognizes "naghaali" based on Ferdowsi's Book of Kings


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by Mahvash Shahegh on

I am overjoyed by hearing UNESCO's recognition of naghghali as a world heritage. It is a recognition long over due. I have always admired this art and thought of it as a perfect example of performing art.

Maryam Hojjat

Dr. Ala, You are Right

by Maryam Hojjat on

We are indebted to European particularly who has discovered most of our ancient haritages. 


I remember those days

by iamfine on

I was and still am in love with Naghaali act. Shahnameh and naghaali should be viewed as a invaluable gift given to us by our parents and grandparents and must be protected and preserved

Mohammad Ala

One more example, non-Iranians value what Iranians have.

by Mohammad Ala on

One more example, non-Iranians value what Iranians have.  Iranians should be the first ones to protect and preserve their heritage.