Court bans Ahmadinejad's vice-president

Growing attacks on president and his team from within Majles to militias


Mash Ghasem

For someone who has all his hopes pinned on a fascist dog

by Mash Ghasem on

some might see you as the true barker in here.

JEH is the initial for the 'file holder.' Didn't think you might need assisatance with that one, but it seems like you do . So here it goes again, once more: all these authority 'figures' you refer to with awe,and warn of the files that they have on people, in real life are nothing but a bunch of  c..k suckers, with files on them.

The bombing of the head quarters of the Islamic Republic Party occured after mojahedin had started their 'armed phase' against IR. If you read the memoirs of Rafsanjani, or any other major figure of IR from that time, you might just discover that even they themselves didn't know if they would be able to survive. So now, you're telling us that in the middle of a most critical life and death struggle of IR, they decide to blow up almost all of their leadership, becuase Refsanjani had a beef with Beheshti!  How about Hassan Ayaat, Bahonar, Rajaey? Or were all these MKO , but not Beheshti? You observation lacks coherence.

Now go and pray to your nasnas mozalef. Do you understand what nasnas mozalef means , or should we assist you with that one too?

P.S. Rafsanjani by now must have escaped at least 8 to 10 assasination attempts. Some people are lucky with girls, some are lucky with money, he' been lucky with escaping assasinations! cheers


Never ever, ever, ever, ever trust

by pedro on

Never ever trust an akhond, molla, sheikh as well as appointed men and women by them and their supporters. They are not going anywhere, don't fall victim to their deceit and trickery. They are blowing smoke into the eyes of 75 million in Iran and  6 billion around the world. Only when akhond and their supporters are under 2 meter of dirt or hanged high from 10 meter trees and light poles for at least a week, that I trust they are dead and gone.    


I am Persia. I pray to Ahoura Mazda.


Such fiery retort.

by afshin on

Such fiery retort.  Roozbeh, I hope to god the regime would crumble and be dispatched "to the ash heap of history."  However, reality is that everyone has been predicting the demise of this regime for the past 30 years.  Unfortunately those sentiments are simply that, feelings and very little based on facts.  This regime is well entrenched.  It's not going anywhere.  And has the stomach and power to stay in place  

 Mash Ghasem, the MKO are certainly dumb enough to take credit for the assassination of Beheshti, but they didn't do it.  Rafsanjani left the meeting minutes before the bombing.  That should tell you something.

Not sure what JEH is, so I can't comment on it.  I like how you people get all fired up and jump like a rabid dog on people you disagree with.  It's precisely because of people like you this regime will outlive its detractors. All fire and no substance!  Now go on and keep barking.  WOF WOF! ! he he 

Mash Ghasem

Rozbeh: correct , Afshin: incorrect

by Mash Ghasem on

Once again a fight on top provides an opportunity for people to push through and do away with the entire edifice of IR. Are we to utilize such a moment to augment us or allow the system to continue?


Afshin jan you're so off, it borders on amusing! The one who is after Rafsanjani and his monies is Sepah (Rafsanjani's own Frankenstien's, since he allowed them to play a part in the economy), AN being the feces he is was only a mouth piece in this case.

In some other cases such as the assasination of Iranian Kurdish leaders in Austria he was also part of the planning team for that assasination squad, hence an active open file for him  in Austria. Get a feeling he  won't be going there anytime soon.

Taleghani was rumored to be poison by Beheshti (most probably it was old age, and all that pain, suffering and grief he was feeling in his heart), " Beheshti Talleghani ro to koshti" wa a chant heard those days.  Beheshti himself , along with 70 others, was bombed to pieces by Mojahedin, not IR.

JEH was a closet case that couldn't come to terms with his own sexuality.  Mob had pictures of him  crossdressing, with whigs, performing the oral. So, a few people had the file on him. The same with AN, to the last detail.

On JEH, 50's,... , see: Don DeLillo " Underworld" 1997.


afshin: you need to update yourself on "ahmadinezhad project"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

and then cut your nonsense.

The picture you are drawing of ahmadinezhad  is precisely what the islamist regime has been trying to draw over the past 6 years. i.e. with mullahs completely loosing credibility amongst the iranian masses, ahmadinezhad and his "nationalist" allies were meant to be a new mask over the ugly face of the islamist fascists, fooling people into submission, prolonging the fascist regime's miserable life and plunder of Iranian resources by the regime and every islamist terrorist gang leader by a few more years. But the project failed and ahmadinezhad will go where his predecessors went.

Now, get over it. and brace yourself for the next big one, when the entire islamist regime from moderate to conservative and any scum bag in between will be depatched to the crap heap of history by the mighty will of Iranian nation.....


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Interesting times to come...

by afshin on

Ahmadinejad may not be much to look at, but he's a very shrewd and calculating politician.  This is a guy who went after Rafsanjani and his family and got away with it.  I believe he may be the person to help move Iran, or at least start Iran in the process of moving away from the Velayat-e Faghih system.  He has impeccable revolutionary and IRGC credentials.  The only way they'll be able to silence or dispose of him would be through an assassination. Much in the same way the system did away with Taleqani and then Beheshti. Though an outright dismissal by Khamanei could conceivably occur, it is doubtful.  He's the J Edgar Hoover of the IRI.  He's got a file on everybody.

Jahanshah Javid

They're coming after him

by Jahanshah Javid on

Ahmadinejad will not finish his term. And even if he does, he will set aside one way or another. the onslaught is gaining speed...