Tatlises Shot

Turkish singer in seriously injured in attack

BBC: Turkish singer Ibrahim Tatlises, famous also in Greece and across the Middle East, has been shot and seriously wounded in an attack in Istanbul. He was shot in the head by unidentified men after midnight on Saturday and left in a critical condition, reports said. As well as being a major singing star, Mr Tatlises is a well known businessman with interests in Kurdish areas of northern Iraq. Mr Tatlises, 58, had just left the offices of private Turkish channel Beyaz TV with his spokeswoman, who was also hit >>>

In this clip, he sends his love to Iranians:


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by Layli on



I know Layli jaan, I just

by Pejman7 on

I know Layli jaan, I just quoted Turkish medi.


Radio Zamaneh

by Layli on

Dear Pejman,

 I listened to the Radio Zamaneh, The possibility of Kurdish group trying to kill him is ridiculous. 
Tatlises is  kurdish and recently was having a lot of concerts and business projects in the free Kurdish region (Iraqi Kurdistan)


Radio Zamaneh program on IBRAHIM

by Pejman7 on

today i made a program about him for Radio Zamaneh (in Persian); you can listen to that via this link: //www.zamahang.com/podcast/2010/20110314_Ibra...


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Onun için dua edeceğim.


great voice

by rtayebi1 on

he has one of the best voices. I hope he gets well soon


All girls and some boys

by comments on

He was the godness and fantacy of all girls and some boys when I was a teenager.  I heard so many of my friends' dreams sleeping beside Ibrahim.

God bless him.