Nasim Nasir: Chador

Iranian-born artist in Australia confronting hejab


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salman farsi

Brother Divaneh

by salman farsi on

Call me what you like but at least have the guts and admit it:

spade is spade - Islamophobes are Islamophobes. They just change their colors everyday.

 For an Islamic democracy


ey baba....

by pedramx on

yki bezoor hejab sareh adam mikoneh yki bezoor mikhad dar biareh... hamash zoor zoor zoor... hameh dayeh mehraboon tar az madar shodan... mardoom hagh va azadi dashteh bashan khodeshoon har joor doost dashteh bashan rafdar konan... ya ba hejab ya bi hejab... hameh chizeh in donya ya shoooreh shooreh ya binamak binamak...


No Majous, it is called "Where is my rights?"

by divaneh on

You can't just suppress people and when they demonstrate against the oppression call it Islamophobia. Give every person in the society the freedom and the universal human rights that they should enjoy and then if they cared about what you believe or do, call it Islamophobia. Any other crying crocodile is advised to pull the teeth out first. 

salman farsi

Don't be afraid Divaneh, admit it: Islamophobia on the catwalk

by salman farsi on


This so called piece of "art" does not address the question of "forced" hijab as you try to gloss it over. If she had any intention of showing the compulsory side of it then she has made a real poor job of it. There is not a single evidence in the show (in this clip) that this is a protest to compulsory hijab. This is all about opposing Islam and anything that is associated with it, this time. it is hijab. This is Islamophobia on the catwalk. This is copycat on the catwalk.

 For an Islamic democracy


You don't get it Majous Parsi

by divaneh on

This is not about Hejab, it is about forced Hejab. It goes further and is about denying women their full rights (or even a fraction of it) in a male dominated society.

Well done Nasim.

salman farsi

Copycat of Shirin Neshat works

by salman farsi on

Even the background song (sang by Shahram Nazeri based on Rumi's quatrains at 0:57) is precisely the one used by Shrin Neshat in a similar work.

 What these artists do not want to know is that the same veil/chador gives a large sector of the community freedom to go out of their home and mingle with the rest of the society without the fear of being watched by male predators

 For an Islamic democracy


Chador is a subjugation tool

by Amir Normandi on

Powerful show, well done Nasim 

Amir Normandi

Roshanak Amrein

well done Nasim!!

by Roshanak Amrein on

What a powerful discription of the plight of Iranian women. I am sorry I missed the night but I have heard it was a great success. I am sure the compassion and intellegence of Australians made them a great audience too.  Well done Nasim and keep going!


Troubled Minds!

by Tavana on

Could not watch more than 1.30 min. of the video and witness the suffering & the hardships of these poor souls in the land of crocodiles discussing chador! as if such does have any effects on the brain if it is already contaminated with nothing but toxics! Pittiful, indeed!