Boro Vasat

Ardalan Payvar and Shadi Yousefian's latest music video

Boro Vasat
by Shadi Yousefian

Second video from Eendo's debut album "Bord o Bakht" by Ardalan Payvar and Shadi Yousefian.



سیم آخر!


"برو وسط، بزن سیم آخر!..."



Fantastic, Shadi va Ardalan

by Amir Normandi on

Refreshing, fine edting work and a fantastic video production. We need this mindset not to be on the side, we should be in the center Gooood job Shadi and Ardalan 

 Amir Normandi


Thanks for taking me away from my problems!

by bahmani on

Lovely! Just Lovely!

What fun romp into a moment of sheer unapologetic happy-ness. I especially loved watching all the cultures of dance. What a wonderful world it would be if we all took a moment to stop and dance.

Wait could that be our next Flash Mob?

Awesome, great job!