Why Ahmadinejad got elected

Because he looks like he has not taken a shower for a month



Removal of shah was the start of US domination of iran,

by AlexInFlorida on

They could not contain him on oil security

They could not control his countries rapid economic expansion in every direction, creating huge middle class for first time in Iran.

When they would raise the price of wheat, oil, technology, he would raise oil prices accordingly and defend his countries oil interest.


Their Propaganda experts used the stick of perceived repression and corruption and savak as themes for revolution to bring an unknown Khomeini and Democracy as just a tool a carrot to attract masses who long to realize their dreams.  Iranians fell for it and learned the toughest lesson of their life only after they were fooled.

Regime being backward in every sense and hand picked for that purpose helped usa dominate region in both areas the usa failed with Shah, which is why they brought Revolution, both economically due to muslims ignorance... khomeini said infamously "economy is for donkeys" and oil security, iran had no ability to protect region due to loss of military and war iraq started.

Today US dominace is almost complete with the exception of what khameneii is doing on the nuclear front.  With nuclear weapons capability IRI can break US posture and send all its soldiers home, like russia was been able to do.  This is reason they tried to remove hiim with green movement and now MEK. But Elbaradeii said this is a part bluff as IRan will take at least 10 years to get anywhere due to lack of people.

At the heart of the matter is not even iran, but the conflict between US and EU very complex due to Iraq war.  At the end of the day the USA badly wants the IRI that they brought to power to help Iranians inside Iran to fail so badly that US colonialistic objectives would be met.  Just with out khameneii.

Regime change is not the issue for now, if it was they would take the Knife they have on the throat of reza pahlavi and help him retake Iran considering 53% of people in Iran and growing since Revolution support the pahlavi's according to CIA research.

They wouldn't have killed his younger brother, which only serves to strengthen their control on the older brother.

They don't want Shah, they don't need someone that can make his country independent in such a vital area for the usa multnational oil interests.


Reality Sucks.


Don't forget 4 countries agreed to remove shah and buld a new policy with khomeinis republic and betray shah 1) USA 2) UK 3) France 4) Germany  as written in the memoirs of the french president who leaked this fact to world in his book.

So they are all one and the same wrt Irans future, it's their own disagreements  on sharing the regions wealth they disagree over.  They are like wolves eating away at the carcass of Iran and fighting each other for the bigger share the carcass (which would be the raped middle east)

 There is only one Truth. I hope I encapsulated it for you to better understand what has been going on for the last 40 years

G. Rahmanian

"People Like Him!"

by G. Rahmanian on

All those who defend the regime of IR are "people like him." if someone lives in the west and speaks with eloquence, does it make him/her any different? Not, at all! They are all the same when it comes to protecting their personal interests by supporting IR. The looks and modes of expression are irrelevant, hooligans are hooligans!


This would end US

by vildemose on

This would end US domination of The region, which they gained the day they removed the Shah with khomeini.

LOL, you must be joking. The region now is surrounded by the US army and the US has never been more dominant in the region since the removal of the shah by the zionists et al.


"Johnny Dollar" - your obsession with Jews is clinical

by Onlyiran on

you seem to find a Jew under every rock.  You need to get some help dude...


Who is this guy anyway?

by Onlyiran on

Does anyone know?


I am ashamed to know people like him actually exist in Iran!!!

by Benyamin on

This guy has been given access to media with his limited brain capacity and the IRI is shutting down "all" access to professors in univesities or intellegencia.

It is shameful to know people like him have all of Iran`s national wealth in their hands by thier own admission.(i.e. Ahmadinejad looks like a peasant).

These people are leading Iran now. Be proud of "them" running our country and making decisions for our children for decades to come.

Even if thirty milion Iranians voted for him doesn not mean we should sit back and see how they are going to destroy our nation.

In any factory there are thousands labour force but they are not compared with the number of management team yet, we all know the most educated or knowledgable persons would run the factory or company. In our country the least knowledgable is running the country and since he looks like all other labour force he has the final say no matter what he says or does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He is more like a "laat e bi sar o paa"to me than anything else.

Maryam Hojjat

Amir19, Thanks for your very well said reponse

by Maryam Hojjat on

Ma Beshomaim! 


Ahmadis Popularity distracts us from why West is Against him?

by AlexInFlorida on

The USA is Against Ahmadinejad because he is continuing with the supreme leaders policy of Enriching uranium in Iran and therefore giving ira access to duel use technology.  This would end US domination of The region, which they gained the day they removed the Shah with khomeini.

If he was with the green movement, or with the mko who we now know the cia is funding (even while its listed a terror organization) //www.daylife.com/topic/Maryam_Rajavi then there would be no big deal and the usa would be happy to keep him, sice he is not in the process of creating a developed or free country like the Shah, which is why shah was betrayed for khomeini, a man they were certain would send iran backwards and towards easier domination.

Moral of the story, USA should have gone along with the devil it knew, because khomeini crew will in their innabilty to bring freedom for Iranians lead iran to world war 3 type confrontation with the USA. Tyranny that they are they can not be contained.


ما بیشماریم و این رژیم رفتنی است


So well said, couldent's agree more Amir. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Jonny Dollar

Is that ture..........

by Jonny Dollar on

that AN's family are jewish converts? AN is a snake and there is no doubt about that. That is why the west is frustrated with this fox who plays their game better.

 "In the end, a man's life is measured not by what he has but by what he has given!"

Jeesh Daram

بدبخت آن زنی که

Jeesh Daram

بدبخت آن زنی که این یابو شوهر اوست.  بدبخت آن  پسران و دخترانی که فرزند چنین چارواداری هستند و چه میکشند از دست او. بیچاره آن افرادی که این حیوان همسایه آنهاست و بدبخت ملتی که آنقدر عقب رفته است که چنین حمال هایی جسارت اینگونه صحبت با ایشان را دارد


as always!

by bib on

ye musice narmam ziresh mindazan ke bere to mayehaye malakooto khate moghadamo khode karbala..


برادر من: آنچه که عیان است, چه حاجت به بیان است؟


کارمون به کجا رسیده که سردار و رییس جمهور مملکتمون یکی از یکی شپش تر شدند!!




عجب kharie  این بابا


چرا بعضی ها از احمدی نژاد حمایت میکنند؟


دلیل اینکه قشر کوچکی از توده های فقیر و روستاییان از انتری نژاد حمایت میکنند به خاطر آگاه نبودن آنها از جنایات و خیانتهای انتری نژاد و دار و دسته اش میباشد وگرنه اگر این جنایتکاران کمی دل و جرات داشتند و واقعا از حمایت مردم ایران برخوردار بودند اجازه میدانند دانشجویان و روحانیون و روزنامه نگاران و ملی مذهبیون و خلاصه به مخالفین خود اجازه میدادند که با مردم آزادانه و از طریق رسانه های ملی صحبت کنند و آنوقت این پوفیوز می دید که چگونه همان روستاییان بر علیه این باند مافیایی قیام میکردند. تا وقتی آزادی در ایران نباشد گروهی ناآگاه از این دجال ها حمایت خواهند کرد و این هیچ برای انتری نژاد و دار و دسته اش مایه افتخار نیست. ما بیشماریم و این رژیم رفتنی است


fossygorilla, Please Help

by Tavana on

"Just look honestly (if you can) at the socio-economic justice his revolutionary economic policy is bringing to the masses of Iranians. Of course, the rich and the expat exiles like yourself cannot tolerate to say a positive word about it since it disagrees with your agenda." As a poor ,a non-exile, and a non-expat I have been looking as honestly as possible at soci-economic justice of the popular (Pasdaran's rather) president' revolutionary policy for the past 6 years & have not found nothing but false promises, non-stop travels with the masses' money, hallow talks, poverty, super high inflations, unemployment, making the rich richer, costly useless US travels. and the  imprisonment/killings of his critiques/oppononets. Please help if anything more postive was missed while looking hard & real honest. 


Lets be real

by iamfine on

I don't see any difference between George Bush, Ahmadi Nejad, Tony Blair, or Benjamin Natanyahu. They all are in the same boat. Serving special interest group not the people. Even our great president here in the USA (Barack Obama) is useless and being manipulated by the special interest group. But, I am optimistic Iran will get much better in the near future.


It's amazing

by MRX1 on

how far we have fallen as a nation. We see a low life praising another low life int his video. In a normal society people like him and An are locked up behind bars  but here they have become saheb nazar and rejal keshvar!!!


what the f....

by mahmoudg on

what is he ranting on about?  who is he? an official of the regime?  what have we become.  heif!


Popular? why?

by fussygorilla on

Jahansha,  why avoid giving the REASONS of his popularity?  he is a populist President because of what his government has done for the people. Just look honestly (if you can) at the socio-economic justice his revolutionary economic policy is bringing to the masses of Iranians.  Of course, the rich and the expat exiles like yourself cannot tolerate to say a positive word about it since it disagrees with your agenda.


آلوده به جهل


 نشانه بارزازجهل حاکم زیرعنوان فریبنده حکومت مستضعفین۰


لاری کینگ همه رو لوله میکنه.


جوکه این هفته.


بد جوری فیتیله پیچ شدیم



به خدا راس میگه. به حرضت عباس درست میگه. اگه همون شاهمون یه دفه،
فقط یه دفه، مث بقیه خلق الله، چارزانو میتمرگید روی زمین و اونقده ژستای
آبدوغ خیاری نمیگرفت و حد اقل تظاهر میکرد که به حرف و عقیده مردم احترام
میذاره، من و شما الان به جای توی سر و کول همدیگه کوبیدن توی این عالم
غربت، سر خونه و
زندگیمون بودیم. شما آقای خودت بودی و من رعیت شما.


Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Jahanshah Javid

Partly true

by Jahanshah Javid on

You know, there's a lot of truth in what he says about Ahmadinejad's appeal. He is a popular guy. Not as much as he or the reigme thinks, but popular nevertheless.

He's popular not just because he looks like an average, working-class Iranian. But also because he's NOT a cleric. The worst civilian still has an edge over most of the religious establishment.

In his first election victory, Ahmadinejad defeated Rafsanjani, because people prefer an unknown, average-looking, candidate to a well-known, and detested, cleric.

Reminder: Popularity does not equal good. Hitler, Khomeini, Saddam and Sharon were real popular too.