Persian in Western China

Hossein Khandan's documentary

Filmmaker's note: There are some trips in life which you can't resist to take it no matter how busy you are! In spite of crashing my computer's external erive and losing the only copy of my film "Another Salute!" (Behrouz Vossoughi and Khosrow Shakibaie), which I was preparing it for the 3rd Noor Film Festival with a one month delay, and in spite of having only two days to celebrate the Nowruz, and my wedding anniversary, which is on the same day as my birthday, and finally despite my abandonment by all those organizations that I had thought would support me in this cultural quest, I decided to undertake this journey, as an "One Man Crew" filmmaker..."


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by yolanda on

Just watched a big load of Chinese Tajik and Tashkurgan videos!

This video shows Persian style Mosque and Persian style historical ruins in China......the ruins look like the ruins in Yazd! The tour guide said that Chinese Tajiks are Shia muslims!


All the girls in Tashkurgan wear either scarf or hat:


Silk road passage point, Stone Tower, in Tashgurgan:


700 Year old Princess Castle....Tashkurgan people play Ney, Daf, and other Persian instruments:


Violin concerto "Sunshine on Tashkurgan"




by yolanda on

Here is the description of this group of people in China's website

 Religion:  The Tajiks' ancestors were Zoroastrians, but in the late 11th century they started to convert to Islam, which remains the dominant religion. 

  The sad thing is that they can speak the Farsi-like language, but nobody can write in Farsi. All of them are illiterate in Farsi!


Persians in western China!

by comments on

Extraordinary jearney towards the historical conservation of our heredity.  Love you China.


Dry Cleaning!

by Daadaash on

Their dry cleaning expenses must be high because of all that flour sprinkling on thier shoulders!!!  :)


Wonderful clip!

by alborz on

Hopefully one day getting there will become easier.

Thank you Mr. Khandan,




by yolanda on

Very interesting video! I watched twice! They don't speak the exact Farsi spoken by Iranians, but their culture, language, music, and way they dance are very close to Iranians or Tajikis! Tashkurgan was once ruled by Persians!

Chinese Tajiki girl sang in Farsi:


They dance like Iranians and they have fire festival



There is a Zoroastrian temple ruins in Tashkurgan!

I hope anthropologists, ethnologists, lingusits do more research on this group of people! It should be great Ph.D dissertation topics!



by Benyamin on

this is a proof of how the chinese government of chine is irrisponssibe and have no interest in preserving the littlest culture. this shows that china is not respecting other cultures and their governmet lie.

ebi amirhosseini

Priceless clip....

by ebi amirhosseini on

 Khasteh nabaashi Mr.Khandan.



Ebi aka Haaji


Thanks for this doc

by webistan on

Thanks Mr. Khandan. Indeed half of our culture is outside our borders,
and the more we learn about them, the better for understanding

It was in 1995, that Reza Deghati covered the region for the first time
for National Geographic Magazine. He was the first foreign
photojournalist (by chance an Iranian!) to reach Eastern Turkistan (or
Xinjiang by chinese official renaming) after 40 years of military

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

It's so wonderful that you have found one of our "lost tribes". It's like watching Iranians and their custims of centuries ago. They have been neglected for so long. Lost in time. Forgotten. But not anymore. Thanks to you!