Maryam Jalili: Prisoner of the day

Christian convert sentenced to 2.5 years for "membership in illegal groups"

RAHANA: Maryam Jalili was among 15 Christians arrested by security forces in Pakdasht (16 miles outside Tehran) when they gathered at a house church to celebrate Christmas on December 24, 2009 [news]. After a week without information, the detainees' family members contacted authorities and demanded to know where they were being held. Officials told the families that the Christians would be released the same day, but instead they were secretly transferred to the notorious Evin prison in Tehran. Security officials have also raided the imprisoned Christians' homes and confiscated their books, computers, personal papers, and Christian literature. Maryam Jalili was released on bail in March 2010, but she was re-arrested in the summer of 2011. She spent several months in solitary confinement at Intelligence Ministry's Ward 209 inside Evin Prison, and was later transferred to the General Ward of Evin. On December 4, 2011, Maryam Jalili was charged with "membership in illegal groups," and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.


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محکوميت قطعی پنج مسيحی به ۵ سال زندان


هرانا - دادگاه انقلاب پنج تن از مسيحيان ساکن شيراز به نام‌های پرويز
خلج، بهروز صادق خانجاني، محمد بلياد، نازلی مکاريان و مهدی فروتن را جمعا
به تحمل پنج سال حبس قطعی محکوم کرده است.

پرويز خلج، بهروز صادق خانجاني، محمد بلياد و نازلی مکاريان که از سوی
دادگاه انقلاب محکوميت قطعی دريافت کرده بودند، از سوی اجرای احکام دادگاه
انقلاب احضار شدند





Free All Political Prisoners in Iran.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: her charge: "membership of illegal groups"!!!!!!

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Really what kind of Islam is this? Since when believing in christianity equates to "membership of illegal groups"? What next? 

This is normal and standard Islam as it was meant to be. Why did people not realize this when they marched for Khomeini. What were idiots like Shariati and his follower thinking. It was all there in Qoran. But it was too much work to actually read it. 

Now a whole nation suffers because a bunch of idiots in 1979 did not do their homework. Did you expect anything different from Islam. If you did you were dreaming. More fantasy to come from Islamists. 

Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

As an ideological regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers conversion from Islam to other religions a serious insult and dishonor to itself. Pastors who have helped convert Muslims, therefore, have been on its list of individuals to eliminate in order to intimidate and discourage others from doing the same. There are at least two known murders of Christian pastors in the list of murders committed by Iran's Intelligence Ministry.

Over the past few years, they have tried to charge pastors and converts with "apostasy," and sentencing these individuals to death. There have been at least two priests in Shiraz and Rasht who have faced apostasy charges and the death penalty as a result.

It would be interesting for all to know that the Iranian criminal code does not (yet) have "apostasy" as a crime. There is a proposed law in the works but it has not yet been approved.

When they arrested these 15 Christians, they told them all that they would be tried on the charge of apostasy. In the interest of avoiding international pressure, the Islamic Republic decided to call their conversion to christianity a political crime (belonging to illegal groups, endangering national security), and "punish" them with a charge that the international community cannot so easily fault. The converts and their families have gone along without too much noise, because they are relieved that the new charge has eliminated the prospect of the death penalty for them.

All Iranian prisoners of conscience must be released immediately and their jailers must face an international tribunal for crimes against humanity.


her charge: "membership of illegal groups"!!!!!!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Really what kind of Islam is this? Since when believing in christianity equates to "membership of illegal groups"? What next? 

If this is not Fascism thinly wrapped under the cover of religion, what is it then?

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Bahram G

Membership in illegal group?

by Bahram G on

Hey, criminal Islamists. You don't even respect the Quran! She is Christian, a member of "the people of the book." the Quran recognizes Christians and Jews as believers who should be allowed to practice their religions. You Islamist creatures do anything your demonic minds designs. She is not a Baha'i. She is not a Hindu. She is Christians. Let her worship the way she chooses, you scums of the earth.


Doorood bar tamame Iranian e mobrez...

by Bavafa on

My hat off to all of those who are brave enough to speak up against tyranny in Iran, stand for their rights and consequently paying a heavy price for it.

A sustain campaign to support these brave individuals and seek their freedom is a must for all of us.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



What am I suppose to say about this, how great Islam is.

by عموجان on

The way these guys are going about jailing people what is left out are those Muslim who are murders, rapist, child molesters, lairs, thief, drag dealers, smugglers did I left any thing out, oh yes suicide bombers and terrorist. 

Who in the right mind wants to call themselves Muslims any more? 

My thoughts with her and her family. 


Write a letter in support of Maryam Jalili's freedom.

by Zendanian on

Below is a sample letter that could be sent to the emails at the end of the text.

All of this will take you only a few minutes, a few moments well spent. Thank you.


Free Maryam Jalili !
I (we) am (are) writing this to condemn persecution  of Maryam Jalili. Religious minorities  in Iran are being constantly harassed and arrested by the Iranian government authorities.

In particular, this letter is written to express my (our) serious concern about incarceration of Ms.Maryam Jalili.

I (we) condemn the continuous gross attacks on religious minorities in Iran. I (we) demand the
immediate and unconditional freedom of Maryam Jalili and all other political prisoners and call
on the Islamic Republic of Iran to respect the right of all religious minorities in Iran to worship, organize, assemble and freedom of
association and expression.
Send Copy of your Protest Letters to:,,;;,,,;;;


Free All Political Prisoners in Iran.