Friday Prayer leader: Enemies & Elections

Rafsanjani's website blocked

Reuters - Iran has blocked the website of influential former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani ahead of parliamentary elections, for carrying pro-reform critical statements, Iran's semi-official ILNA news agency reported on Friday. The clerical establishment has increased pressure on the pro-reform opposition ahead of the March 2 vote, the first nationwide poll since a 2009 disputed presidential vote that triggered prolonged and widespread anti-government protests. In the past days, some leading reformist figures have been sentenced to long-term jail sentences >>>


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Where has the sane world

by hirre on

Where has the sane world gone into if Rafsanjani is considered a "reformists"...?


loooooool at your comments

by masoudA on

some of you living outside of Iran may those in Iran feel same as we do out of Iran????   rest assured.....this bozo looks 10 times more stupid to our youth raised in Iran.   All of this is just a charade....this akhoond knows full well he is going nowhere with Iranians - he is just pleasing his bosses in Europe who think this bozo is fooling Iranians......


Comedy material

by maghshoosh on

There is too much (unintended) Woody-Allen type of humor in this video.  The speaker, Ahmad Khatami, refers to the reformist-opposition announcements as empty sloganeering, yet the whole setup of these Friday prayers is for the crowd to on cue chant the same set slogans they've been chanting for 30 years.  For example, around 3:15 min into the video just as Khatami is saying that opposition is all about slogans, the crowd is prompted into mindlessly chanting the same fixed slogans they chant to everything.  Somebody outhta add a laugh track to the video.


2 points

by Rastgoo on

1.  He really does look like a Gorrilla.

2.  The 6th majlis drew 39M participants.  The guardian council filtered reformist candidates received 65% of the vote, that is 25M.  Assuming that the population has not increased significantly from 2000 to 2012, the upcoming March Majlis elections should not draw more than 14M participants.  Assuming they get to bring in even an extra 5M, then the maximum that should be there is 19M.  Any number more than that would be another proof as to their incessant lying.  It would be incredibly interesting if they report the truth.  


البته به نظر میاد امروز ساندیسا خاصیت نداشته


خیلی بی حال تکبیر میگن.  مثل این که خوداشونم دیگه فهمیدن


یک مشت ساندیس خور.....