Damn Women Who Refuse Sex

"Zan eshgh varzeh, mard eshgh baazeh"


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What about headache ?

by Rea on

Does it count ?


Do we need Iranian.com to

by Khebedin on

Do we need Iranian.com to put these here?. You are waht you watch, you are waht you put here for public to watch



by Joubin on

Marde Irani/Musalmaan: Conquer your doodool and discover the Superman within.  

The entire Universe is within your Self!


Freedom to express ourselves we need it in IRAN ASAP

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

This punk has reduced men and women to filth without character as IRI produces filthy values.

Oon Yaroo

Just because this animal jumps in Boshkeh at the snap of a

by Oon Yaroo on

finger... doesn't mean that women should....!



Pussy Power, that’s what he is talking about.

by عموجان on

Muslim men are afraid of it, they should consider gays lifestyle it make their life easier since they play on the same team. 


Oh..... my......gosh

by Marathon-Man on

خاک بر اون سرت کنن مرتیکه الاغ و خاک سیاه بر سر ملت بیچاره ایران.

چه لاتائلاتی از این فساد کده اسلامی بیرون میاد.