Police Humiliate Alleged Thugs

"Araazel o obaash" beating in public, people allowed to take shots too


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maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Affarin Pedramx

what kind of ani... we're turning to ?

HOPE for a better & FREE Iran.



آزمون استخدام


این آقایان کارمندان جدید یا بهتر بگویم بازجویان جدید جاهایی مثل کهریزک و سرکوبگران آینده هستند.نگران نباشید این عزیزان را در آینده نزدیک با چماق و اسلحه در خیابان یا حتا در خانه خود خواهید دید.


taghsireh khodemooneh

by pedramx on

classeh dovomeh rahnamaee boodam saateh 7 soobh ke residam madreseh didam hodoodeh nesfeh class khali bood va hata moalem ha va modir madreseh ham nayomadeh boodan, bad fahmidam ke chon to yki az maydoon hayeh nazdik gharar bood 4 nafar roo dar bezanan hameh rafteh boodan tamasha... onaee ke edam ha , shalagh zadan ha, sangsar ro miran tamasha mikonan be andazeh jalad ha moghaserand... chon ba tamasha kardan va sokooteshoon kar jalad ro taeed mikonan...


That is a Islamic Rapist Dirty Law

by jmyt17 on

What do you expect from these animal?

Two kind of dirt.


Big Animals!

by HHH on

Big Animals beating the little animals. Why do they wear masks? Because all who know they're doing wrong hide their faces from the fear of retaliation. Ofcourse when this Arab regime is gone they will all be identified and put to trials.


Do not despair

by Rastgoo on

Once this regime is overthrown, and it will be overthrown at some point, Islam will forever be reformed in Iran.  Iran is the only advanced Islamic country, with a sizable middle class, that has experienced totalitarian theocracy first hand and will never accept the marriage of church and state.  So keep hope alive.


Dostoyevsky's Test

by fidelio5 on

"The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons"- Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Where do we stand?


We need to be free to use profanity on this one!!!!

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I am so angry I just want to break something...

I rage against this inhumane system of I just don't know what.

^&$E&&D^DC *YGHTUV!!!


I like to see Afatollah Kaenee and his thugs up there soon.

by Marathon-Man on

I beg anyone who can find the right words or phrases that could define the nature of this rotten regime.

I am lost for words honestly and don't know what to call these bunch of brainless thugs. 

How on earth did we end up with this mess .




Where Iran has ended up

by Reality-Bites on

So the Iranian people had themselves a Revolution to end up with this?

What a despicable low for one of the world's oldest "civilizations" to have sunk to. And we look down on Arabs?

Let's chant all together: "esteghlaal", "azadi", "jomboori-eh eslami"...... 



by alireza on

32 years promoting violance, now they have police who does this in public. wait until this police takes his arm and shot those on higher rank.

just wait, may be, not in 5 years but very likely, soon enough. 

David ET

Anyone who still supports this regime

by David ET on

after what s/he has seen during the past 32 years , is not human, and not even an animal.



Khak bar sar-e un mellat

by afshin on

Khak bar sar-e un mellat keh jam shodan o aks gereftan.  cheshmeshun kur.  nushe juneshun.  layegh-e az in bishtar ham un mellat nist.


physical abuse while under custody of authority is torture

by MM on



The Iranian Inquisition! :-(

by aliash on

It does not matter what these people did, the acts carried out by the government is criminal even based on their highly flawed constitution. 

The situation in Iran is so depressing that I can't even see a single photon of light at the end of the tunnel.  This is what a fascist religious government does, just like the dark ages.  I think it is safe to call this the Iranian Inquisition!  How sad for all of us!  



تدریس آئین توحش اسلامیست


وحوش اسلامیست باید حواسشان باشد که این تدریس آئیین وحشیگری ذاتی اسلامیستی به مردم؛ روزی نه چندان دور گریبان خودشان را هم خواهد گرفت و این پنهان شدن پشت  نقاب و ماسک هم بدادشان نخواهد رسید.



I can't even watch this, such despicable act

by Bavafa on

in the land of lawlessness. 

And a great comment by Yolanda (as usual), this is a PG13 rated version of what takes place in IRI prisons.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by Arj on

Back in the "Doran-e Jaheli" (late Ghajar and early pahlavi era), a Jahel (thug) would keep terrorising and collecting protection money in a neighbourhood that was considered his territory (Ghorogh) until a new thug would beat and publicly humiliate him. That was when the inhanitants of the 'Ghorogh" would yield to the new thug and yield to his reign of terror.

IRi in effect is resurrecting the "Jaheli" era with the difference that the new "Jahel" is its own thugs. In other words, IRI has no interest in eliminating that reign of terror, but rather replacing the traditional thug with a new, sate-sponsored thug (e.i. Pasdar, Basij, Lebas Shakhsi...)



by yolanda on

This is public humiliation and torture! You pretty much get the idea what will be like inside IRI's prisons where there is no camera! I am sure it will be 10 times more brutal than this!

What was guy yelling about?


Another Dog and Pony show

by bachenavvab on

This is another ploy by the regime to flex its muscle and  intimidate people into submission.       


Is there a difference

by MRX1 on

In a super despotic system such as Islamic Rapist Republic, is there really a  difference between Arazel and obash and Islamo Facist cops? none that I can think off! In fact I respect arazel obash more because they don't cover their faces unlike these cowards.

Maryam Hojjat

Barbaric System of Thugs Governing IRAN

by Maryam Hojjat on

How sad & humiliating.  these poor people no matter how guilty they are they must not treated publicity this way. The IRR thugs have covered their face to not being identified.