Family Pardon Son's Killer

Victim's parents and killer interviewed on state TV

مردمک: در برنامه زنده تلویزیونی «ماه عسل» ۳۰ مرداد ماه که به موضوع گذشت از «قصاص» اختصاص داشت٬ از خانواده‌ای که فرزند خود را در جریان یک دعوای خیابانی از دست داده‌اند دعوت شده است تا از دلایل گذشت خود از قصاص قاتل فرزندشان بگویند. این خانواده حاضر شده‌اند تا با فردی که فرزندشان را با ضربه‌های چاقو به قتل رسانده است٬ مقابل دوربین زنده تلویزیون روبه‌رو شوند. این مرد جوان در زمان ارتکاب جرم ۱۸ سال داشته و امروز پس از چهار سال با بخشش خانواده مقتول٬ از زندان آزاد شد >>>


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Babak K.

What a great human beings

by Babak K. on

What a great human beings these parents are.  You can see they are people of Vojdan and Ensaniat.  I slute them. I am so proud of them.  What a beautiful parents.  I wish I was there to kiss their hands.  You can see so much humanity in them.  My fellow Iranians can learn so much from these parents.  Talk about people with big hearts.  I am humbled.

Babak K.



by Arj on

Are you suggesting that a judicial system based on revenge and violence would work better than one on rehab?!

P.S. I did not dismiss the virtue of forgiveness for my focus was onthe nature of Ghesas! BTW, I believe that the judicial system in U.S. is a failure!


Divaneh Aziz: Could not have said it better

by Bavafa on

It takes the heart of a giant to forgive such crime and loss.

Revenge can not be the answer but it is easier said then done.

My hat off to these parents and may their son rest in peace.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by tabriz_balasi on

You know deep inside that you're repeading the libral bull crap and it sounds good to your ears, therefore you start believing that you're right!  What ever is fair, is good.  it is only fair to take revenge, but you can forgive if you have a big heart.  intellectualizing it more than this is meaningless.  and crime rate is 10 times more in America, the place that you apparently adore and worship.  1 percent of americans are in prison.  


~be an act of the knowing love~


Mediaval mentality!

by Arj on

I totally agree with you, dear Divaneh. Law enforcement should not be left in the hands of people, for they are not expert at criminal law. They only react based on sheer emotions as is evident by contradictions in the mother's reasoning; e.g., "if he did not have the intention to kill, he would've stabbed my son once or twice, not six times!" and later on she goes, "I forgave him because he did not mean to kill my son!"

Barbaric laws such as Sharia, are not meant for rehabilitation, but punishment. They only have one solution for every social dilemma; violence. Hence, the outcome is either balck or white; death by hanging or walking free. No middle grounds! That is why the crime rate has multiplied under IRI. For either way does not address the underlying causes of the crimes, nor do flogging, torture, ampuation...

What our society badly needs is a judicial system that is rather focused on rehabilitation than aiming to promote security through terrorizing people into behaving orderly! That means a person who commits a crime, regardless of receiving the victime's pardon, has to go through a rehabilatory process before he/she is ready to return to the society!  


Adorable people

by divaneh on

These are the people who make you proud for being an Iranian. Bless them. That idiot however seems to need another few years before he can realise what they have done for him.

That to one side, this is a crap law. He should not be released even with the consent of the victim's parents. Who knows if this idiot does not lose his temper again and cause another misery? They should check his psychological profile and keep him locked if there is any threat to the society, whilst hopefully providing him with the necessary treatment.