Pen vs Sword

The jailed Iranian journalist and writer Ahmad Zeidabadi is named the
2011 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom prize winner. Mr. Zeidabadi,
along with his fellow activists, is banned for life from political or civic activities.
04/09/2011 - 05:46


Azadeh jan, words can not be erased...

by KavehAhangarAdel on

 No matter how sharp that sword or dagger is.  They will live on. Loved  it.

If I want to be FREE I’ve got to be ME!

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من قلم آغشته در خون می‌کنم


با سلاح صلح میأییم به جنگ

صلح می‌خواهیم عزیزان بی‌ درنگ

من قلم آغشته در خون می‌کنم

چون که بیزارم ز شمشیرو تفنگ


Thank you azadeh aziz forthis piece of artwork

Darius Kadivar

Well Put Azadeh Jaan ! But Alas Not Always True I'm afraid ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Cause even Ink can be drenched in blood by many Pseudo Intellectuals on our very own website ...


"All men are members of the same body, 

Created from one essence. 
If fate brings suffering to one member, 
The others cannot stay at rest. 
You who remain indifferent 
To the burden of pain of others, 
Do not deserve to be called human." 


Muslih-ud-Din Mushrif ibn-Abdullah Shirazi better known as  Saʿdī 


Iran keeps becoming more of a human rights disaster, with time.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Today the Sword is the victor in Iran, hopefully soon the pen will become mightyer than the sword.

The people are not stupid, they are defenceless against this tyranny.

Organization is not enough to take on this problem, but this may soon change the more Iranians bring up their plight over time to the free world, who so far is committing tyranny in the name of its own interests.


Mona 19

The pen is mightier than the sword ...

by Mona 19 on

Bravo Ms. Azad

Most regards,Mona ;)



by yolanda on

Thank you for the political cartoon to honor the brave Iranian journalists!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

سرکار خانم آزاده خانم،سپاس فراوان از طرح و قلم شما که هنرمند و توانایید.

همیشه سبز باشید.