Give violence a chance!

Self-defense against brutal regimes is an act of civic responsibility


Give violence a chance!
by Siamack Baniameri

Strangest things can happen in your local Middle Eastern market in America. I was pushing my shopping cart down the aisle while glancing at fast-moving images of the Libyan uprising on CNN. A few Arab men had huddled around the TV, quietly watching as events unfolded.

As I turned my attention back to my shopping list, I noticed a Libyan acquaintance, standing by the pickle section, carefully studying the labels. Hoping for a quick getaway, I looked the other way and moved swiftly past him.

“You Persians are bunch of pussies,” the Libyan whispered.

“Beg your pardon?!!”

“You Persians should learn to fight... like us. Haven't you been watching TV? That’s how you fight a government... with courage,” The Libyan exclaimed.

“Well, we are trying to keep it non-violent...”

The Libyan interrupted and said, “oh, that’s right. I forgot. You are fighting the British Empire.”

Back in the car, I pondered over the conversation I had with the Libyan. I figured the man, in his crude, barbaric way, was trying to make an important point.

Nowadays, it’s hard to miss debates among diaspora Iranian intellectuals about justifications for non-violent resistance. While Arabs are grabbing all the headlines, the Iranian freedom movement has gone unnoticed by major western news organizations. This is not sitting well with Iranian experts in US and Europe whose five-minute TV spots on CNN, FOX, BBC and MSNBC have gone to their Arab counterparts.

Arabs are grabbing all the headlines for two simple reasons: They seem to be more engaged and aggressive in their fight against their governments (some as brutal as IRI) … and it’s good ratings for 24-hour news networks to show people who actually engage in street battles against heavily armed security forces. It happens that bravery is good TV.

While watching an Iranian satellite news program the other day, I heard the guest thanking Iranian demonstrators for their passive resistance and allowing security forces to attack and beat them. The guest applauded people for their “patience and tolerance.”

Flashing a big smile, the gentleman who, like you and me, is far removed from the action, told the host that, “legitimacy of the movement will be magnified when videos of brutal beatings surface on YouTube!” In a sense, the gentleman was proposing that as Iranian people get their asses handed to them, YouTube-watching nerds fall more and more in love with them! Well, this formula lost its usefulness a long time ago.

Iranian intellectuals don’t seem to understand the difference between acts of violence and self-defense. Every citizen of every country has a right to defend itself against brutality inflicted by its government. And those who discourage people from defending themselves against brutality are irresponsible.

A person who goes out in the street to demand her rights to free speech and equality (with no intentions of instigating destruction or mischief) should be allowed to defend herself against attacks by those who intent to cause bodily harm (notice I used “her” instead of “him” in the sentence because I believe that Iranian women have bigger balls than the men. But that’s a discussion for some other time).

Acts of self-defense bring order to chaos for people and chaos to order for the government. It brings people together for a common cause. It organizes masses and gives them purpose. The government thugs think twice before raising their hands on people. The officials fear people who are determined to defend themselves. People will start trusting each other again. The Iranian freedom movement will flourish and will gain the support of massive labor movement and lower middle class and the poor. Active resistance turns confusion to cohesion.

The news of university students assaulted by thugs will bring hundreds of thousands to the rescue. A woman harassed by security forces out in the street will unleash collective acts of self-defense by all those who witness the act. Passive resistance and standing on the sideline will give way to enthusiasm and active participation.

Make no mistake about it. Iranian people are no pushovers. The acts of self-defense displayed during last year’s Ashura demonstrations rattled the regime to the point of self-destruction. People’s resistance and street battles with security forces during that two-day period brought such disarray to the regime that Mousavi and Karroubi saw no alternative but to pull the rug from under people’s feet.

At the end of the day, the Iranian people need to answer this question: are we going to continue playing the role of sacrificial lamb for politicians who want to legitimize their questionable pasts or are we going to push back.

Now you perhaps are thinking here goes another expat sitting at home, telling the people inside of Iran what to do. And my answer to you is... yes I am.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


if you
have not visited iran in the past ten years, you got no right to say

It is not up to you Joe to give us a right to say things. I and others will say anything we want. You talk about "Freedom" but don't understand freedom of speech!

Anyone has a right to say whatever they want. People will decide whether to accept or reject.

Why people have so much trouble accepting other peoples rights! 

Joe L.

thats just crazy

by Joe L. on

whoever wants to turn a peaceful and beautiful iran into a war zone like dictatorial arab countries is nuts. iran is nothing like them and the country is further in political developments than these arab states. iranians who want change mostly think about individual rights not political freedom. there are many ways that iranians can communicate their dissatisfaction with the government and thats nothing like a despotic arab regimes. iran is established society and government is based on a sophisticated system, arabs have presidents that never leave. iranian government will go away if the majority of the population want it to. that has not happened and the way ive seen iran, it will never happen. watch for more encouraging news from iran in the coming months. 

tell the imaginary libyan that maybe some day they will become independent and enjoy their freedom as iran has. thats my take. if you have not visited iran in the past ten years, you got no right to say nothing.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Mola resides

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I have news for you, Iranians did use violence to overthrow the regime a couple of decades ago.

If you do not scuceed the first time then you try again :-) Just because the leaders of last revolution messed up it does not make the next one bad.

Mola Nasredeen

to the

by Mola Nasredeen on


Middle East is not "your local Middle Eastern market in America"

That's where you've gone wrong, when was the last time you were inside Iran?

The title of your blog 'Give violence a Chance' says it all. Pure propaganda for using violence (that could mean everything) to make change in Iran.

I have news for you, Iranians did use violence to overthrow the regime a couple of decades ago.

It didn't work.

Darius Kadivar

Fair enough Ari Jan But I would Still take Leslie Over Barack

by Darius Kadivar on

Any Day as Commander in Chief of the covert NATO Operations:


AYATOLLAH BUSTER: Tribute to Naked Gun Star Leslie Nielsen (1926-2010)

Opening scene in Naked Gun: Leslie Vs The "Bad Guys" aka America's worst enemies:  Khomeiny, Arafat, Ghaddafi, Gorbatchev ( Bad at the time) and Co.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     All the more that if the suicide of One Dumb Bastard was enough to trigger all the current upheavals in the Middle East and North Africa:


BBC News - Tunisia suicide protester Mohammed Bouazizi dies


I really don't see why the suicide of this other Dumb Bastard :

PRINCE OF PERSIA: Shapour Ali Reza's photos displayed at Persepolis, Iran

Should Not be enough a good reason to rally us all around a common cause in a near future:

RESTORATION: Shapour Bakhtiar advocates Restoring the Monarchy


REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

  RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by DK

Unless of course like Siamack you have a Far more radically efficient Rallying Call in mind ;0)

David Koresh | Waco - The Inside Story | FRONTLINE | PBS


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

1. I will jump right into a hopefully non-controversial (but complex enough) example of the definition of national independence and abstract later:

In 1872 Mirza Hossein Khan finally convinced Nasser el din shah to grant the infamous Reuter concession so that the country could modernize. Among the promised modern items was a railroad that would have considerably boosted our economy. The Reuter railroad was never built because 1. the Russo-British rivalry in Iran caused the Russians to clobber the deal (dependence on the politics of foreign nations) and 2. Mirza Hossein Khan's zeal in the magnitude of the overall giveaway created internal resentment (over dependence on foreign investments creating internal pressures) causing even Iranians to clobber the deal. So we didn't have a railroad until Reza Shah. 

Independence is the relative immunity and isolation of a nation's internal behavior  from the interests of more powerful outside nations. Iranian merchants and travellers would have enjoyed that railroad earlier if their government had been able to act more independently of whatever was going on between the Russians and the British. Please note that the "puppet" issue does not even enter into this.

2. The core disagreement between us (nominally you and me, but really the diaspora's debate in general) remains largely unspoken.One side emphasizes protecting our independence, while the the other side is really saying, dependence is not necessarily a bad idea given the circumstances. There are some arguments for this (and you have touched on one regarding globalism), but the latter side seems afraid to argue it as a main point perhaps because it is worried that idealism will win the day with Iranians. We want it all. So they take an oblique approach with more idealistic sounding presentations such as anti-Islamism, monarchic heritage, the integrity of our niaakaan, etc. These are fine, but they are not your main point. Recommend building a straightforwad case for why some independence can be sacrificed without much damage. Then we can move on to the details as to how much to sacrifice and where.


 3. Regarding Iranian acceptance. Please keep in mind that in the Diaspora we are completely dependent on our host countries with no ill effects because we benefit from the power wielded globally by our host countries. An Iranian living in Iran would have a much different psychology. Without independence, he would not be a player or a coach and can only benefit from the game by placing his bets right as a spectator. So don't be surprised if he takes more convincing than me.  






Darius Kadivar

French Diplomat Slams Obama: "Full of Hot Air But No Guts"

by Darius Kadivar on

Rough Translation: 

French Diplomat Slams Obama: "Full of Hot Air But No Guts" (Le Figaro)

  Report by War Correspondent Georges Malbrunot


Bitter testimony of a High profile French diplômat :

« The Libyan Crisis has proved that Obama is more of an intellectual than a man of guts or a man of action. This shortcoming explains much of the errors commited by his administration. In the very begining he didn’t even want to go to Libya.Intellectually speaking maybe he was not entirely wrong, but politically he was. He would tell us that he did not want another Iraq or Afghanistan on his hands), that he did not know how this next conflict would end up and that the US had no major interests in Libya. The Americans – and boy you cannot imagine to what degree – multiplied their efforts to discourage any initiative at the UN. Only when he realized that Benghazi were to fall and that their would be rivers of blood ( as literally expressed by Gaddafi’s son) then all of a sudden he decided that it was OK to interfere , and that his Policy of neutrality was doomed»

According to this diplomat, "Obama can spend up to 10 meetings of three hours each (i.e : 30 hours) before making up his mind on a given urgent matter. He is a real intellectual ( ANN TELECTUAL ? … ;0) …) who lacks political vision."


The diplomat concludes: « The American administration is totally centralized. Only Obama ultimately makes the major decisions on what should or should not be done. The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is totally impotent as opposed to what her nomination seemed to suggest intitially in that strategically important post »

Original French version here:


Obama : un cérébral sans tripes, selon un diplomate français (Le Figaro) 

Confidence acerbe d’un diplomate français de haut-rang sur le président américain : 

« La crise libyenne nous a montré qu’Obama était vraiment un cérébral qui n’a pas de tripes. Ce qui explique pas mal d’erreurs commises de sa part. Au début, il ne voulait pas du tout y aller. Intellectuellement, il n’avait peut-être pas tort, mais politiquement il se trompait. Il nous faisait dire qu’il ne voulait pas d’une troisième guerre pour les Etats-Unis (après l'Irak et l'Afghanistan, ndlr), qu’il ne savait pas comment cela allait finir, et que les Etats-Unis n’ont pas d’intérêts vitaux en Libye. Les Américains - vous ne pouvez pas l’imaginer - nous ont multiplié les entraves à l’ONU. Puis d’un seul coup, lorsqu’Obama a vu que Benghazi allait tomber, et que des rivières de sang allaient couler, comme en menaçait le fils de Kadhafi, le président américain a décidé d’y aller, il s’est rendu compte que son opposition à une intervention en Libye devenait intenable ». 

Selon ce diplomate, Obama est capable « de passer dix réunions de trois heures avant de prendre une décision. C’est un vrai intellectuel, auquel il manque un peu de sens politique». 

Et ce fin connaisseur des Etats-Unis d’ajouter : « Le système américain est totalement centralisé. Il n’y a qu’Obama qui prend les décisions. Hilary Clinton (la secrétaire d’Etat, ndlr) n’existe pratiquement pas, contrairement à ce qu’on pouvait espérer à sa nomination ».


Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

psychology in Action.

after reading the following by the blogger:

" because I believe that Iranian women have bigger balls than the men."

Will the ones with the bigger balls stand up!

Going once, twice...

areyo barzan

Iranians? Mistake? Astakhforella Bache zabooneto gaaz Begir

by areyo barzan on

Dear Darush


I believe you are ignoring one major factor in your article and that is:

“We Iranians NEVER make a mistake”.

So no mather how much evidence and how many documents you or anybody else provides, we still are not willing to accept our mistake. You need to understand that it is noting personal against you, but this is how the modern Iranian mind works


That is why are willing to resort to any pathetic excuse to legitimise our cock up of a revolution in 1979 as long as we do not have to admit to the fact that we made a colossal mistake and cocked it up major.


This was the reason behind my article a few months ago stating that we are Iranians not yet ready for democracy.


Until the day when we learn to accept that we can also make a mistake and learn to accept the full responsibility for our f**k ups the same story will continue. We might very well change the face of dictatorship but not the nature of it.


When that day comes there will be no need for you to provide us with the evidence as we will start looking for it ourselves

Darius Kadivar

Ari Jaan Please define what you mean by "Independence' in an

by Darius Kadivar on

Interdependent World ? ( But FIRST Please Read my PS & PSS comments at the end of my comment below before reading this thread and Sorry for the Editing )


In your very own California you have companies which are delocated to China or Korea and vice versa ...

Employees in your very country have to abide to working rules and working hours which are established by Foreign companies and have nothing to do with traditional rules of employment anymore. As for Unions they have never been so powerless in forcing these companies to respect fair regulations. 

So what does Independence mean in an age of International exchanges or as the French call it "Mondialization" ? ...

Besides, Libyan Oil only represents 2 % of the global market and Neither Europe nor the US need it especially given public awareness on the necessity of recycled energy resources and pollution problems, Oil exploitation is the last concern of the allies as far as Libya is concerned.

What Europeans in particular don't want is a massive immigration from North Africa which as we are speaking has created tragedies overlooked in the American Press because of Your President's Convenient Neutrality and adamant desire to relinquish all responsibility in the Libyan Crisis:


150 feared dead after refugee boat fleeing Libya capsizes off Italian island of Lampedusa

Hopes fade for 150 Libya refugee boat people | World | DAWN.COM




This is not about Democracy Man this is about Survival ...

It is precisely BECAUSE NATO is NOT DOING JACK that this conflict is lingering to absurd proportions.

The Liberal Argument of Neo Colonialism or fears of Al Quaeda are PRETEXTS by Liberals and the Obama Administration which has been far too indecisive on getting it's acts together to address the problem.

I also fail to see where is the Independence you claim is being safeguarded by a regime like Iran's which has chosen an ARAB SICKLE as an emblem on it's Flag:

IRI Cover Girl |



Should I remind You that Unlike Turkey Imperial Iran under the Shah was NOT a member of NATO !

Shah of Iran on Nuclear Weapons



Given what we know today the stereotype revolutionary propaganda and character assassinations presenting the Shah as a US Puppet  does not stand the test of time:

Shah to Nixon on "Revolutions" vs "Evolutions" in Middle East (1969)

pictory: Shah Interview with Barbara Walters and US Networks (1974-77)

Shah Of Iran criticizing British foreign policy towards Iran

Late Shah's speech on OPEC in 1973 that led to his downfall.
Besides very much like the Mossadeghi's in their time You Folks are twisting Facts only when it suits you. You turned What was a Legal issue and institutionalized crisis into a Moral Dilemma which was not to be had we truly been a society mature for democracy at the time and had we gotten our PRIORITIES Right :
THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?

Where as in the case of Libya this is a MORAL Issue which you fellows are trying to dismiss on LEGAL Grounds :

Libya's Exiled Crown Prince calls on world to stop 'massacre,' remove Gaddafi
( Please Read PSS comment in regard to the above link and your comments regarding the Libyan Opposition)
The Bottom Line being OBAMA SCREWED UP On Libya !

A Fact that neither You Fellows nor that other favorite Clueless Overpaid Politically Correct TV Host ( Jon Stewart) want to admit.
See his latest Show coming up with the same stereotypes on Shah Vs Mossadegh Vs Khomeiny) to justify Obama not interfering in Libya:

Jon Stewart's take on US Foreign Policy, Mosadegh and Khomeini [HQ] ( You will Need FACEBOOK Connection) 

Does that Mean for that matter that I support a foreign Military intervention to get rid of the Mullah's ? Definitively not ... 

But to claim 30 years on as you do or other Pro Reformists like my very own Namesake does :

KNIGHTHOOD: Order of the Garter bestowed upon Mohsen Kadivar For Giving me a Bad Name ;0(

That the current Regime and it's constitution (drafted by Karim Lahiji the Close Friend of the other Nobel Peace Laureate Shirine Ebadi's Good Friend Lahiji )is after all still legitimate and should be Reformed :

FINALLY GETTING IT RIGHT: Shirin Ebadi say's "I Don't believe in an Islamic Declaration of Human Rights"

Karim Lahiji |

Instead of pushing for Regime Change is something which I cannot accept neither on Moral Grounds Nor on Legitimate Grounds:

pictory: Bakhtiar Denounces Bazargan's Provisionary Government in exile (1979)

RESTORATION: Shapour Bakhtiar advocates Restoring the Monarchy
Cause if it is anyone who needs to make an Apology today for misleading our nation towards disaster and the current dilemma it is precisely these Folks:

Mehdi Bazargan and the controversial legacy of Iran's Islamic intellectual movement  
Does that mean that I am in favor of a Witch Hunt for that matter ? ...
I think NOT:

PRIMARY COLORS: Reza Pahlavi and Trita Parsi Take a Stroll Down The Political Lane ;0)

  But You Folks Truly Need to Get Your PRIORITIES RIGHT !

VIDEO Bakhtiar on REGIME CHANGE based on the RESTORATION of the 1906 Constitution( his last Public Appearance two years prior to his assassination by Future « IRI Gorbatchev» President Rafsanjani )

Prime Minister Dr. Bakhtiar in 1984 Los Angeles, CA (VIDEO)


Amah Goosheh Shenavandeh Kooh ? ...

Shahbanou Farah’s Messageof Congratulations for Shirin Ebadi’s Nobel Peace Prize (Included AUDIOInterview on KRSI)

WORKING CLASS HERO: Lech Walesa, Farah Pahlavi and Shirin Ebadi Et les Autres ...


"Iranicans" Get Your Acts Together!!!

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by DK

So again all this to say that The Bottom Line being OBAMA SCREWED UP On Libya !

And So are all those who advocate Reforming the IRI rather than toppling it:

How YOUR "Green" Color Was Chosen & By WHOME !

FED UP WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Ahmadinejad is NOT my Prime Minister !

My Humble Opinion,

PS: Ari Jaan Please don't take my challenging comments and rebuttals personally. By YOU I don't particularly Mean YOU the Person but what I deem as being a Mindset and opinion which "you" ( the person) are not alone to share and with which I am Intellectually and politically opposed to in this healthy discourse. 
PSS: Obama refused to acknowledge the Crown Prince of Libya despite signs of Clear Support amongst equally the Diaspora and Libyan Rebels who were hoisting the Royal Flag: Monarchy flag raised at Libyan Embassy in Sweden)

U.S. hesitates to support Crown Prince and define post-Gaddafi Libya

But instead has on the contrary encouraged what you probably see as a "Chalabi" Like Scenario: 

Khalifa Haftar: The man who left Virginia to lead Libya's rebels (VIDEO CNN)

And Which I see as another Blunderous move by the Democratic Administration not so different from what Carter clumsily did when sending General Huyser to the Iranian Military, hence paralyzing them in their efforts to stop Khomeiny :

General Huyser's mission to Iran, January 1979 (Open Library)

Divide and Rule or Rather Divide The Good Guys and Let the Bad Guys In ...

But again either way So What ? Do Libyans have the Luxury to Choose a Leader  Let Alone think about Free and democratic elections in what has to date been a largely Tribal Society when what they have to deal with first and foremost is avoiding being slaughtered by a Madman and his henchmen ? If Nato has to do the Job in the meantime then Why Not ? But is NATO Doing the Job ? NO !

Actually if NATO had Done as the French and British Suggested we would not be faced with such a Dilemma, because the Libyan People at large would have hailed an Afro American President Rushing to their Rescue and American Democratic Values would be seen as a Role Model for their torn society, very much like when France was Liberated by the Allies whilst leaving Paris to Parisians to liberate it by themselves for the sake of appearances:


"IS PARIS BURNING?" (VIDEO in English on the French exiled Government Returns to France and interacts with Local Resistance to retake government buildings occupied by the Illegitimate VICHY government and RESTORE the Legitimate Government of France )



Brilliant article and to

by PArviz on

Brilliant article and to the point.

Once people come up with a democratic alternative to this regime they will pour into the streets and start kicking the s**t out of the regime thugs.

Mousavis and Karrubis of this world are not alternatives, they are fires , as in "out of the frying pan and into the fire" fires. 


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!

areyo barzan

Arabs? Brave? Come on mate. Pull the other one

by areyo barzan on

Dear Siamak


Although to a certain degree I agree with your notion for necessity of self defence and the fact that form time to time we need to teach the IRI rats an unforgatable lesson, I have a major problem with the claim of your Libyan associate.


Take it from a man who was present in the Iran Iraq war. As I have witnessed with my own eyes several times during counter attacks by  poorly trained poorly equipped Iranian volunteers, how these so called ‘brave’ Arabs were abounding their multi million dollar state of the art equipments and running like rats for their mummies in Iraq. In the end we captured so many equipments from them that it became one of our most reliable resources.


On the other hand at the very start of war the brave men who were manning the border base (Pasgah e Marzi) on Iranian side of the border have fought to the last bullet and fired their heavy gone to the point that the barrel exploded. They never ran away and all died at their post defending their home land. Now you tell me who is brave.


Even in today’s Libya we see how these so called fighters run like rats at the first sign of counter attack by Ghadafi’s troops and despite all Western support they can not even hold to any ground.


It was only a few weeks ago that we were witnessing on our TV screen how all the residents of Bengasi especially these so called fighters started to run for Egyptian border in the first site of government troops in the outskirts of Bengasi, even though government troops had not yet entered the city.


So tell your friend to pull his head out of his back side and see the world for what it is

At the moment the only thing that keeps Libyan opposition alive is the NATO war plains otherwise all the so called rebels would have been in an Egyptian refugee camps begging Oxfam for some hand out

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Khebedin: Who is "this guy"? 

Siamak: You Libyan friend has a point. However people are rightfully afraid. Once USA kicks Gaddafi out people will take heart and "Shir me shan"., They will know that if they move they will get air support. That changes power equation in Iran.

Obama may at the end be the president who fixed Carter's mess. No wonder JC does not want to be compared to Obama: ha ha ha!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Friends

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I know the psychology of people in Iran right now. I talk to them all the time. I know people who are of various social groups. They all hate IR. I know a judge who serves in their system. He told me that they put a Mullah next to him. If he is too lenient they overrule him and execute the person anyway. 

He told me "beg Obama to bomb these *** out of power". This is not just some Iranian rich guy in California. He sees the Mullah justice at work daily.

One of my friends was the son of our house keeper in Shomal. He was 16 when they took and murdered him for no reason. His family never got a reason or his body. They did get a bill for the "bullets" they used to murder their son. 

If you think they will forget this you are wrong. My father was going to send the kid to the West for his college. That was what we "the Shahi" were going to do for people who worked for us. This is what their "liberators" the Mullahs did to them.

To this day I am in touch with them and they dream of the good old days. The father was opposed to his daughter getting a higher education. My parents convinced him that there was no shame in education. That his daughter deserved to go to high school and more. We paid for it. Now is there anyone who still thinks people want the IR.

The more I see of IR the more I think maybe my Judge friend is right. Blow them out of existance once for all. I hate war but I hate watching people executed more. I hope USA kicks Gaddafi out: that will give hope to Iranian people.


What a load of rubish. I am

by Khebedin on

What a load of rubish. I am glad this guy never got the chance to be on the other side, or he would have justified his dictatorship. Instead of picking up Arrogant arabs as friends, try some others, possibly decents, if you can. Or may be your personality doesn't attract any other type.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Shushtari Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


General Baderi may have been murdered by a soldier. But the orders were by Jimmy Carter. He puts on this face of "Wise Elder" or "Man of Peace". But at heart he is at bad as Pol Pot or any of the other nut jobs out there.

It really pains me to see him treated as a humanatarian. That SOB put so many dictators in power. He actively supported any dictators as long as they were anti American. That was when I lost my respect for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Now we and the world has to put this back together. It will take time and lives. It may require war and cost much. At the end it will be done. But Carter will always be the one who ordered the murder of the General and many good people.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Yes, ousting Ghadafi by force is morally right at this point. Sadly, as a result Libya will lose her independence like a patient both whose legs had to be amputated. But when it is the only way to save the patient, amputation is morally right. This tragedy will be confirmation for Iranians that a premature uprising is not a good idea, unless we want our independence amputated.


Poor Libyans, their country's best hope at this point is to auction itself to the NATO powers separately and in the competition try to salvage what she can. 

Darius Kadivar

Ari Jaan Don't Play with Words be Straight Forward Yes or No ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Is Outsting Gaddafi by Force Morally Right or Wrong ? ...

Tu veux ou tu veux pas - with subtitles


a little closer to the fact

by mahmoudg on

that only surgical attacks by the US will save Iran.  A few thousand brainwshed Basij and IRGC thugs must, understand the world MUST, M.U.S.T perish before Iran is freed from the clutches of the tyranny of the Islamic Rapist Regime.


shushtari: thanks for that,

by alimostofi on

shushtari: thanks for that, interesting. Yes two names have messed Iran up. Kartir and Carter. Either way they can't stop the might of Noruz.

Ali Mostofi





by shushtari on

of course.....fardoust and gharebaghi are on a skewer in hell right now...


because you are right.....the army did have the role to protect the constitution...and they knew that the akhoonds wanted to throw out the original basically, the army had the right to crush the goons

and yes, the fact that they left their friends and comrades to die at the hands of the vultures.

in fact, I knew the widow of general badrei----she swore that he was murdered in cold blood in his office by a black american the order of that bastard, gen huyser.....who was sent to neutralize the army


too bad, we would not be here if we did not have so many traitors amongst us 


"Awareness" is the key for overthrowing mullahs

by Siavash300 on

The configuration of people who attended demonstration consisted of upper middle class, elite and educated Iranians. These groups, more the less, had some relatives or family members who study or living aboard. Unfortunately, intellectuals or upper middle class never formed history unless with coup or "palace revolution". How about southern part of Tehran. Did they attend in uprising after presidential election in 2009 ? As far as I know uprising was limited to northern part of Tehran and it didn't deepen enough to get to Shosh, Garechak, or rah-e-ahan areas. In fact, those areas are the ones could overthrow mullahs in a heart beat. That class of our society is the engine for social change. As long as they don't participate, nothing will be happen. Students should put their efforts to educate that segment of society to participate. For example, Bazari never closed their shops to support green movement. Why? They did it during shah's days. Knowlege is a power.


shushtari: I was thinking of

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shushtari: I was thinking of a critical day when Bakhtiar had just left and the country was under martial law. I am talking about Fardoost who lied about the emergency measures written in the Constitution. Basically Fardoost told Bagheri that Qarabaghi and his 50k men do need to come into Tehran to keep the peace, because the country's security was only threatened if the borders are attacked. The Generals all believed Fardoost who then made sure they all got killed, after they all changed loyalty.

Ali Mostofi



Darius Kadivar

Say What Siamack Jaan Why don't You Join the MKO ?

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Isn't that precisely what they have been doing for the past 3 decades ? ... 


MKO LOBBY: Former US senators seek to lift MKO off Terrorist List

After contributing to bringing about YOUR Joon Joony Jomhury :

REPUBLICAN OFFSPRING: Massoud Rajavi at Tehran University during Presidential Campaign (1980)



After all LOYALTY to Your Legitimate Sovereign isn't Your Strong Suit:


REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK


RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by DK

RESTORATION: Shapour Bakhtiar advocates Restoring the Monarchy

Is it ? ...

Reza Joon, man up or get out!




ali mostofi

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you mean when the shah left the country, of course.


yes I agree.....he should have stayed and unleashed hell on the mullahs, felestini thugs, etc.

when he left, the whole apparatus fell apart....and brave soldiers like gen rahimi, badrei, khosrowdad, jahanbani, shafiq, etc.


any one of these wonderful patriots could have saved iran with the help of the special fact, 'ye moo-e in mardan be hameye akhoondhaye kassif meearze!'


javid iran



Paykar: I am well known for

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Paykar: I am well known for being polite. I expect the same. Either you politely say you disagree or build on the discussion. Don't get personal.

Ali Mostofi




Painfully amusing.

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"You just need a discussion to develop on the major mainstream media
about the people not buying from the Ayatollah businesses. Someone needs
to make a list of all the main ones and tell people to go to other ones
that are not affiliated to the Ayatollahs as much. Soon enough the
boycotts will take root and it will spread like wildfire."


What planet do you exactly live on Mr: Mosofi?


Picture above says it all

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The picture above says it all and shows you that and it has been approved that public could take over these Bsaiji thugs any time and if self defence is violence, then I say let it be, I was there in demonstration and I have seen a lot and I know that if we had a purpose from begining regime would of been toppled two years ago, so all these peace lovers we live in western countries don't even know what is really going on in motherland, I was disappointed with people because they started to listen to some one like Mousavi and every one knew that he is part of the system and he is offering BS and his most effective campainer was Tajzadeh, this man made a lot of promises and preached what really people like to hear and I knew he is not telling the fact and when I mention to my friend and I got the answer that we all know, but we have no choice but be part of it. 


Can't take a knife to a gun fight

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that's what I have always been saying.  "Civil rights" my rear end.  How can you get civil rights from a regime that shoots you on the street? The whole "non-violence" sham is an IR tactic, propgated by its West residing agents.   



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All arrested in the green movement were labled as members of well-funded armed groups (e.g. MKO).  That was the way they justified the movement/executions.  Not that they need a reason...