Future Officer

Emam Ali military academy, IRI regular army


Immortal Guard

Tell them...

by Immortal Guard on

Tell them not only Zartosht and Kourosh are behind you but also Hazrateh Ali and Imaam Hossein!


I admit...

by Bavafa on

I am not going to sit down and watch 32 minutes of what most likely will be propaganda by IRI.

However, as a general comment though, if their job is to keep Iran and Iranians safe from foreign adversaries then my hats off to them and they have my gratitude.. But personally I much more would have preferred if they had entered a field that is for peace and improvement of human life, Iranians in particular, then spending their effort to learn how to kill.



I don't understand why Islamist in Iran

by mullah-kosh on

I don't understand why Islamist in Iran love losers? They like being desolate, in poverty, and dirty as if it is a sign of nobility, and in the same context, they love Ali, and Hussein, two biggest degenerate losers in the history of Islam.
Hussein could not even provide enough logistic to feed his army of 72 men. Not the mention the shear stupidity, and miscalculation on the battlefield to go against a much larger army. That is not courage, that is Darwinsim and Natural selection at work.
Ali was so politically incompetent that he could not follow the other 3 brutal degenerate tazis before him; someone in his own camp murdered him because they probably could not take his islamist bullshit anymore. why should a country, after 1400 years, follow the legacy of these two men? There is only one answer, develop loser citizens so you can fully take advantage of them and ride them like donkeys..or camels in this instance..


Ya Emam Husein

by Amir Normandi on

یا امام حسین این لشکر امام علی را که تمام اجزایش منجمله: تعلیمات، تجهیزات، تکنولوژی و ترکیباتش از ارتش شیطان بزرگ و کوچک تقلید و تقلب شده همیشه بر نیروهای مزدور استکبار جهانی غالب بفرما.

ترا به حق رسول خاتمین ما را در پناه این لشکر حزب الهی نگهدار و بر کفار پیروز بفرما . . .  و خزانه های جماران و حساب های ارزی رهبر کبیر را مملو از درآمدهای نفتی نگهدار. . . آمین یا رب العالمین

امیر نورمندی 



by Delavar1 on

Are you kidding me? You call this the Iranian Army? This is the same army that gave rise and established all terrorist groups in the region namely Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This army protects all chomghdars, rapists , Chaghookesh and murderers. In summary this is the army that protects the terrorist govt in Iran (The IRR) but not Iran and Iranian people.


What army? They are all Pasdars

by عموجان on

At least Shah’s army sworn to protect Iran not stupid Islam. The name said it all (Emam Ali military academy) I wonder how many of them were on street beating protesters.It look like you have to be a Mullah lover to let you be among them. 


ارتش شاه سلطان حسین


تا وقتی‌ که اینها بخوان نماز و روزه و قرآن خوانی صبح گانه شون رو تمام بکنند، ارتش دشمن تا فی‌ اندرون ایران پیشروی کرده.  اصلا چرا اینها نمیان مثل شاه سلطان حسین استراتژی دفاعی شون رو بکنند تسبیح و دعا خونی؟  بهتر نیست؟


Joy & Grief

by afyoun on

It was Farvardin 1365 ..., after lunch, 3 of us gathered and walked to the south gate where the academy's jail and south guardhouse were located ..., temporarily released a comrade from jail and picked another one who was sentry and at his resting shift ... we walked all the way behind the physics faculty building ..., rolled a joint and passed it around ..., 15mins later we returned the comrades to jail and guardhouse ... the rest of us walked back to our barracks fifty meter further ... then we heard sirens ... a missile(squad) siren gives you up to 3mins to reach a shelter ... a lot of us didn't ... I've lost 13 of them ... the sentry and the one in jail were two of them ... still missing them


Good point, ali_aaa!

by Milan on

Shah's men seemed stronger, more disciplined, and better looking; but, soon, they turned their backs to the Shir-o-Khorshid flag, waving a big "Bilaakh" instead.


i hate the regim but

by IranMarzban on

i hate the regim but respect this guys by the way why imam ali academy why not surena academy ?! this is the army of iran not suadi arabia we should have an iranian name on the academy



Every other week

by MRX1 on

some one posts a video showing the power of this regime, however when the times comes for action, for instance stopping oil drilling in Caspian sea  in the waters that belongs to Iran , or saudi's sending troops to Bahrain (You know the island  that you isamist all of a sudden  discovered that it belongs to Iran and the shah gave it away) we see nothing, no action, just hot air! When Turks thought their national interest was in danger they backedup their words and invaded cyprus) but the only thing these bunch can do is to rape and shoot defenseless women enough said!


Shah ham az ina dasht

by ali_aaa on