Saman Tahmasebi

Iranian wrestling champion changes citizenship

Wants to represent the Republic of Azerbijan in upcoming 2010 Moscow World Wrestling Championships:


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by R2-D2 on

I remember Atta Behamanesh very well - Not only for wrestling, but also for football (soccer) ..

I also remember very well the 1972 Munich Olympics - The wrestling team also:

48 Kg  - Ebrahim Javadi

52 Kg  - Mohammad Ghorbani

57 Kig  - Ramezan Kheder

63 Kg  - Shamseddin Seyd Abasssi

68 Kg  - Abdollah Movahed

74 Kg  - Mansour Barzegar

82Kg   - Ali Hajiloo

90 Kg  - Reza Khorrami

100 kg - Abolfazl Anvari

100+ - Eskandar Filabi

That year, they didn't too well - But of course, the person in all of our hearts, Jahan Pahlevan Takhti (who was gone by then)

Please enjoy this video:






by Faramarz on

Hajiloo, the 82 Kg Iranian champion of the 70's was a Nafti
(door-to-door kerosene seller) in our neighborhood! These athletes
sacrifice a lot and get nothing back 

Since you are a wrestling fan, here is a little something about Ataollah Behmanesh, the best Iranian sportscaster in our recent history


Mr. Behmanesh when broadcasting the openning ceremonies of the 1972 Olympics in Berlin got so emotional that he started making poems! He said something like

المپیک، ای آتش فروزان


The next day, Mohandes Billy had a little parody in his show about him


المپیک، ای آتش فروزان

چی میشد که من و تو با خانوم فروزان



maziar 58

GO Azerbaijan ya shasin !

by maziar 58 on

few years ago an Irani American from colorado represented USA wrestling team for a match in Tehran and nothing happened,But now this gent going to moscow & wearing azerbaijan shirt all of a sudden BECOMES an issue ?      Maziar


I Have Always Loved Wrestling ....

by R2-D2 on

It's Very Much In My Blood

This Is One Of The Greatest Pahelavans That Came From The City Of My Ancestors


پهلوان یزدی بزرگ


I Just Don't Know What To Say


Very Sad Indeed



Babak K.

To All Aryaee Rya-kars I

by Babak K. on

To All Aryaee Rya-kars

I congradulate Tahmasebi for his honest and decent and honorable action, this way he has exposed the regime in Iran, and this itself is a service to the nation.   Hundereds of thousands of Iranians have assumed American or European or Canadian citizenships including myself, and nothing is wrong with it.  But some Iranian Riakars as usual talking junk (that is what these Aryaee trashs are good at), that is really disgusting and sickening.  Shame on all of you who change your citizenships and, yet when somebody else does it you turn into real  ...holes. I hope that Hosseini the super-heavyweight weighlifter form Ardabil will do the same, that is perhaps he will come and do weighlifting for U.S.A.

Babak K.


این ورزشکار یک وطنفروش نیست، حامیان جمهوری اسلامی وطنفوشان واقعی


 برای یک ورزشکار ورزش کردن یک شغله برای شکم سیر کردن، این جمهوری اسلامی زد ایرانیه که این افراد را مجبور به تغییر ملیت میده. واین ورزشکار یک وطنفروش نیست و هر زمانی که اراده کنه میتونه دوباره به تیم ملی ایران برگرده، وطنفروشان واقعی حامیان این نظام فاشیستی ضد ایرانی هستند که سرمایه های کشور را به صرقت برده و به حساب تروریستها و جنایتکاران دنیا واریز میکنند. نابود باد جمهوری اسلامی


!!! صادرات تکنولوژی کشتی ایران


این گوساله احمق رییس فدراسیون را ببین، "برای ما خوب هم هست، صادرات تکنولوژی کشتی ایران" من نمیتونم صبر کنم که تمام تکنولوژی آخوند و بسیجی را به خارج صادر کنید و دیگر از این تکنولوژیها نداشته باشه، ولی حیف قهرمان ورزشی کشور که مجبور بشه برای سیر کردن شکمش تبعهء یک کشور جهان سومی مثل آزربایجان بشه. شرم بر این رژیم ضد ایرانی


How sad

by mahmoudg on

that the once mighty iran has lost soooooo much of its talents inthe  past 30 years.  the annals of history pages are filled with such calamties caused by this occupying and repressive regime, now called the Islamic Rapist Republic.

Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

For spelling Invests wrong.

Maryam Hojjat

IRR/ IRI invest only on Arazel & Obash!

by Maryam Hojjat on

We have been losing all talents  that can cause IRAN's progress.  We must remember this regime has been trying to eliminates the talented, intellectuals in order to stay in power with a bunch of backward khass & khashak!


Shouldn't Tahmasebi now be:

by Reality-Bites on

the ex-Iranian of the day?

As much as I understand the lack of support by the IRI authorities and the difficulties Iranian sportsmen (not much in the way of sportswomen anymore, sadly) face in general when operating under the regime in Iran, I have no sympathy for any of them who turn their backs to their own country.


Good for him and best of luck

by Q on

It was Iran's loss that he did not get enough support. But this can only be good for Iran, long term, a "positive export".

I remember it was a big deal in Bulgaria, when Naim Suleymanov, a Bulgarian muslim switched to Turkish nationality.

It's not like some vatanforush who literally join foreign armies or constantly advocate suffering of their own people.

Ali P.

Iranian citizenship...

by Ali P. on

is a badge of honor.

If you are not proud of it, you shouldn't wear it.

No hard feelings :-)