Ahmadinejad on Dutch TV

Interview, Sept 6, 2010


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by asadabad on

You are in a state of denial!  Do you seriously believe that Ahmadinejad is an Arab conqueror?  He is as Persian as you can get. 

I see that denial is an important part of Iranian culture; almost as important as the Iranian love of excessive makeup and cheap cologne! 

Seriously though, you sound like an American who calls Obama a Muslim.


No Fear


by No Fear on

Ahmadinejad is not your typical mullah politician. He is an academic who has a doctorate in civil engineering. Many of his cabinet ministers are also graduates in their respected fields at universities ,(not seminaries). But he is also a very clever politician. Unfortunately, he is not the type who wears a tie and is well shaved, he looks like a monkey. He is short , ugly and confrontational. Abviously, he is not going to be popular for a segment of our society which values image over everything.

Judge any man based on his actions . not words. Haven't we learned how empty a politician words could be? Have you forgot reformists?

Iran is an islamic country with a majority of muslims ( Voters ) practicing their religion. A politician MUST understand the political environment of his country. I understand the intellectuals living abroad feel they are so much better than the average joe in Iran when it comes to image and academical qualification. Afterall, how is it possible to have a president who looks like a monkey. 

Your labeling of Ahmadinejad as an arab invader is uncalled for. He has fought against the arabs, have you?




An Enigma

by Parsagarda on

There are a couple of things that are completely clear. AN  is one of the most articulate leaders of modern times.

His presence, command of language, logical expression as well as his stature go well beyond any of the Shahs of Qajar or Pahlavi era or modern leaders such as Mosadegh or Bakhtiar.

It is just too sad that he begins his comments by saying some Arabic mumbo jumbo and declaring all the lies about brotherly love of Islam which we all know is total bullshit. The truth is all the tolerant and benevolent thoughts he expresses are intended for non-Iranians. For Iranians themselves, the so called freedom of religion and expression he proclaims are nowhere to be seen inside Iran. As an Arab conqueror that he is, you can't blame him for his repressive actions toward the Iranian populace but you must understand his motives. 

In the mean time, could somebody choke that translator? He made so many stupid mistakes. He better stick to his daytime work of beating up protesters and leave the translating to professionals. 




by tabriz_balasi on

I hate Ahmadinejad as much as anyone that hates Ahmadinejad's guts, BUT i think his answers were fair in this interview.  i just can't turn my back to truth and fairness, it is my ultimate love. that said, i would still kill ahmadinejad if i see him.

be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


How can the interviewer just

by Simorgh5555 on

How can the interviewer just sit there and not have an uncontrollable urge to kill Ahmadinjead? You cannot be human and not want to inflict serious violent pain on the terrorist.

Dariush A


by Dariush A on

West sets some goals based on their own interests and press until they get them. That makes them blind. As we have seen, they hope and would rather to get them easy without resistance. If not, they will try to get them by any other means possible.

They are offering two options.  Give them what they want without resistance or resist and face threats, pressure, sanctions and possible war.  


He makes a nice excuse why

by Escape on

He makes a nice excuse why everything is unfair to Iran,but fail's to recognize why.He does recognize that there is a problem with Isreal,but he doesn't recognize that it's the problem he's given Iran..





by Bavafa on

For all Iranian's sake, lets hope his calculation is correct about the softness/hardness of where he does what he does.

Otherwise when the bombs start dropping on Iranians cities and towns, then it would be too late to ask that our leader didn't mean to piss you off, he was just testing the ground for its softness.

Having said that, I am not advocating "doola besheem baraye West va toofesham khodemon bedeem"

There is smart way to resist and there is …...  AN way to resist, if you know what I mean?



Unfortunately most of his

by Bavafa on

Unfortunately most of his interviews are on the international issues of which the West has given him enough ammunition to sound sensible, not that he is sensible but he is able to take advantage of the even more illogical and double standard demands from the West. But he also talk as big shot vis a vie the West, one needs to remind him about the Persian saying "be zamine seft nashashide bebine chee meeshe"



Ahmadinezhad + Khamenei combo, the best thing....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

which happened to Iran in 31 years. Single handedly these two morons are leading the criminal islamist regime to the dustbin of history.

Dariush A


by Dariush A on

It was brilliant. Have a cup of coffee and watch it again.


What internal issues???

by Demo on

The only internal issues the ego man pointed out were the freedom of religions in Iran & disallowing Iranians to have dual citizenships (right!). Are these called internal issues????? The timid reporter should have asked the last question first. That he was there to inquiry with an Iranian-Dutch woman's imprisonment in Iran. Such an interview!!!!

PS: One needs to drink a cup of coffee before watching the video for not going to sleep as it is the repeat of so often heard before during the past 6 years. 

Dariush A

Very well done on the

by Dariush A on

Very well done on the international issues and not so well on internal issues.