Hamed Haddadi

First Iranian NBA player and his girlfriend charged with domestic assault

MCA: A Memphis Grizzlies player and his girlfriend have both been charged with domestic assault after a fight in a Downtown apartment building Thursday morning, police said. Hamed Haddadi, a backup center from Iran, got into an altercation with his girlfriend, Golnaz "Asal" Karbalaei-Nemat-Moeeney, at about 5:35 a.m. Thursday, police said. Upon arrival at the 12th-floor apartment, police found Karbalaei-Nemat-Moeeney -- who was "extremely intoxicated," according to the affidavit -- bleeding from her head and hand. She had a cut near her right temple, another on her hand, a black eye and bruising around her neck. It's uncertain exactly what happened, as both involved gave conflicting testimony, police said. Karbalaei-Nemat-Moeeney told police that Haddadi was upset after he saw her talking to another man. He choked her and shoved her against a wall, she said. A witness also told police that she saw Haddadi choking the woman. When police questioned Haddadi, they found him with several scratches on his face and a wound on his hand >>>


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Anonymous Observer

Don't fault the brother

by Anonymous Observer on

he probably wanted some bootie...you know, the "back door", if you will, and she refused, and things got out of hand.  Can't blame him for trying. :-))


زدی ضربتی، ضربتی نوش کن



maziar 58

false up.....

by maziar 58 on

I'm a Tennessean (Ahwazi) and proud of our hamshahri playing here,

And would not read the comments of bunch of red neck hilly billies off the memphis paper to down grade an Irani.

sh..* happens in here amongs the couples every day.

wish them the best IF they want to stay together.         Maziar

Nader Vanaki

قابل توجه آقای حسین شریعتمداری-سردبیر محترم روزنامه کیهان

Nader Vanaki

دعوا سر "پوزیسیون" بوده و ارتباطی به "اپوزیسیون" خارج از کشور ندارد.  خواهشمند است برای حامد حدادی پرونده سازی نشده و برای توضیحات بیشتر به نوشته های پلفسول حمید مولانا رجوع شود.  احتراماً نادر ونکی

Sargord Pirouz

He's disappointed a lot of

by Sargord Pirouz on

He's disappointed a lot of people.

The 12 year old in our family has more sense than this big ape. 

David ET

Latest Update

by David ET on

"Both will be deported to Iran where Hamed will be elevated to Ayatollah status . She will be stoned  within 20 minutes of landing at Tehran Airport."



by yolanda on

OMG! A dispute over a position? Ay ya ya!