Is Mousavi Janus-faced?

05/01/2010 - 08:05


Mr. I_S_K

by Milan on

You need immediate psychiatric help.


Same crap...

by Emil on

Mousavi, Khamenie,  F**k_allah Khomeini, Antary
Nejad, and the rest of Akhonds and Akhond zadeh...all the same crap...


May they both burn in hell

by Iraniandudeee on


Mousavi is a fascist just like the other islamists, none should fool theirselves even for a second. Use this guy to unite and hang him later.



"You should not be afraid of the ideology but of the determination and will of the men behind it"


"A drowning man is not troubled by rain" Persian Proverb


the amount of negatives outweights any IRI positive deeds

by MM on

if a politician is doing his job, then good.  But, if we see that the IRI heads are shoveling money out of Iranian budget filling their bank accounts abroad, supporting terrorists while terrorizing / torturing / killing Iranians, we have to focus on the negatives.

What did you expect?

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Hey i_support_khaymenie

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Which community college did you take your family psychology course? Did you flunk it, it seems like it!
I am blessed to be living with my family and my mother here right outside of Boston where the price of an average home is way above $00k!?
Subway is the name of the underground metro system in Boston, the oldest one in US! We don't eat sandwitches but real food like khoresh Bademjoon, Zereshk Polo, Fesenjoon, etc.
I earned a Ph.D. and thanks to the opportunities the late Shah offered me and the likes of me! I am a US Citizen too and God bless America!
I thought you were an IRI nocheh but I have to degrade you to an IRI bacheh nocheh! Now go to your bedroom and estemnA kon!


ELS & ilk & associates, eat your hearts out

by i_support_khamenie on

You sound like you're a loner. Please don't go postal on us!

Some people prefer to always focus on the negative scenes coming out of Iran. To them like ELS and another person ( shall go unnamed, but let's just say they're still looking for their hero), these scenes provide them with a comfort zone.

You see, they waged and they lost big! But being delusional they prefer to keep thinking that they have it better than the rest of Iranians in Iran.

Their claim to fame or major accomplishment over the past 20 or so years has been to become US citizens. To them this is the only valuable thing left ot their names. If others in Iran envy them, it's not for their personal life (which is non-existent) or their personal wealth (which is under $100 K) but rather their residency in US.

To such individuals, their residencies is the greatest accomplishment of their lives so far. It's similar to a white trash American blue collar who hates on Illegal Immigrants because the only thing that gives him any value is his US citizenship.

Yep, these Iranian exiles like to think Iran is going to Hell. They prefer to think that their routine lifes in the US of: waking up at 6:30 am, eating SUbway for lunch and watching reality shows at night is far better than what 70 million Iranians are experiencing.

Little do they know that theie cousin, who often calls and complains of life in Iran (because she is honest and talks about her pain openly) is also married to a nice husband, has two children, one a beautiful 5 yr old that comes home every day with a new funky creation- a product of her "Khalagiyat" class at the local Mahde Kodak. Oh, and she just got enrolled to attend Ballet dance classes on the weekends...

Yep, some people waged and lost BIG! But continue to live in a delusion. They think that Subway sandwich is far better than living in IRan....Oh well, their neice who is 15 yr junior, just got married and threw a hugh party with pop music and her beatuiful pictures with the groom were even put on a projector for all to see. For honey moon, they're going to Mashad then off to Bali, Indoniesia for some more honey...

All the while, you keep thinking your Subway sandwich lonely life is better! From time to time, they call you and say, "why don't you come back"....and you bullshit something like, "I will come back when Iran is free" or "yes, I am involved with an organization to help free Iran" then off you go and dump your body on the couch and watch a reality show as you snore your life away....

You thought you knew it all, when your elders advised you to come back to IRan and live and get married. But No, you were an independant one and Iran was Hell! Now look and see what is left of your life!

You continue to rot within and age, all along munching on your Tuna Subway sandwich thinking Iran is going to Hell...Everyone who is decades younger than you, got married in Iran, and settled down...their life goes on...and when they call you, all they talk about is how lucky you are to be in the US, which makes you feel good. But little do you understand that they only say that because they got annoyed by something today, and it is a minor "gelege" and afterall there is nothing else to talk to you about- after all, your only achievement was getting the US citizenship...

You wagered, thinking things will go your way, thinking Iran will be free and you bet your whole life and happiness on it, not knowing that the train of life will pass you by....leaving you stranded all alone in a foreign country, while those "poor" iranians in Iran are moving along and watching their kids grow up, and occasionally their mom and pop drop by with some "sohan" and they sit around drink on some tea and watch one of the 600 free Satellitle channels and discuss Elissa and Nancy Ajram's hairstyle....while you are all alone in a foreign land, in the land of opportunity, the land that has only become a big prison to you, because you can't go back to Iran.

It's a big prison and you're going nuts blaming everyone else but you for your misery. How foolish you were to have made that wager!

You only live once then its a new chapter or that's it! And you managed to make this life one where you sold out Iran for a secure job somewhere and a little Subway sandwich!
Keep blaming your mom and dad! Don't forget they advised you to come back when you were still pretty and "marriagable" but no your arrogance was too great and only now do you realize that you traded Iran for a 23 hr lock down prison.......

Keep munching on your Subway, Keep "fighting for freedom"....and life goes on for iranians in iran while it seems stuck for you!

Farah Rusta

There is nothing to be challenged

by Farah Rusta on

Sometimes I wonder what makes certain people tick: their low IQ or their immense ignorance of the history of the very country they claim they come from. In the case of certain people on this page, both of these conditions are satisfied.

They make a bogus challenge out of something that is as clear as day light. The whole point about the Musavi's quote here is to show that he holds the ideals of Khomeini dear to his heart. The very ideals which are at core conflict with the reformist interpretation of the green message. This is the very point Azadeh is demonstrating so clearly in her art work. There is nothing there to be challenged Mr Quixotic genius!!  Some people, true to their names, create Dragons out of the Windmills and then challenge them to a fight!! So the presumption of challenge is illogical and baseless as are all other points made by this commenter. 

But to answer the silly and irrelevant question presented as a challenge by this commenter, there was ironically one prominent example: A politician who went against the very constitution and the constitutional head that he had taken an oath to uphold and remain loyal to and claimed to hold it dear to his heart. This politician allowed his supporters to insult, disrespect, and pull down the statues of the head of the constitution. His foreign minister hurled the foulest of abuses against the constitutional head and his family and the prominent politician did not raise a single objection while claiming to be faithful to the constitution. His name? Mohammad Mosaddeq.


But such historical points were lost on the commenter as history and photography do not always go hand in hand!



Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

~Vildemose~ , you are observant too!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

I am not sure if you are old enough to remember circa 1980's right after the great AN-Gholab!? It was customary for the revolutionaries to call one another brothers and sisters...! Brother this and sister that...! Of course, Iranians having such creative minds and wit came up with the following explanation and it goes something like this! The reason they are all brothers and sisters is because Khomeini must have &*%$ (Persian equivalent for the 4 letter word) their mothers! Ergo, the nochehs here!



by vildemose on

ELS: Another non-Iranian posing as one here at IC. Good catch.

No Fear

Here we go ...

by No Fear on

Some poster said:

"You forgot to mention that
Mr Mousavi also did not pack 50,000 Toman Travelers in envelopes and give them to people"

Whats wrong with that if Ahmadinejad has done it? Would you rather see Ahmadinejad give the whole sum of the money to Karoubi so he can purchase a bigger palace in North of Tehran?  Ahmedinejad's correctional economic plan will undoubtedly hurt lower income families in Iran. Any responsible administration must have safety nets and programs in place to make this transition as smooth as possible to their best of abilities. This is a hole that previous reformist administrations have dug for us. Now one has to fix this by painful economical measures.

"pack potatoes in guni and hand them out"

Yes, precisely. Whatever it takes. Some areas will take a bigger hit than others and the situation could be worsened by losing crops to bad weather. It is the administration duty to send help to those areas. While reformists have called this " gedaa parvari" , i hail it as humanitarian efforts. How dare reformist call a portion of our population Gedaa? Is it because they never seen a day of economical hardship in their life?

As i have repeatedly said before, Ahmadinejad is NOT following a socialist economical plan. All economists attest to this fact that he is pushing hard for a free and open market economy which will cause social discomfort for almost everyone living in Iran, particularly those from lower income part of our society.

Having relative safety net programs in place will make it just a bit easier for some while it provides a good laughter to those who supersize their potatoe fries at Mac Donalds in North America.

Azadeh Azad

For Q

by Azadeh Azad on

This cartoon poses a *question,* which is expressed by many people both inside and outside Iran. It is not a rejection of Mousavi, but a relevant question at this moment of our history. 

Thank you and other commenters for expressing your opinions.


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Hey -i_support_khamenei

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

I have no doubt this is a spat for your W(V?)ATAN!

But, tell me, what makes you guys brothers? Are you from the same parents or it is because Khomeini &%$#@ &%#$^@ 30 years ago and you became brothers!? Just curious!


fear not, Everybody loves somebody

by i_support_khamenie on

its a squabble between brothers over what is most in interest to Iran.

Its called Pure love for khak wa mellat.



by Demo on

Your pints are well taken but besides his very old age “the leadership qualities” are what Mousavi & Karoubi both are devoid of. The same applies to Khamenie himself whose real age is only known by GOD alone. Ahmadinejad, his cult & his commandos are the products of the 8 years religious sectarian war between Shias & Bathis who consider the reformists & not Khomeini the real reason for loosing that war & they still dream of freeing The Ghods from the Israelis occupiers as Khomeini had called for that. Ahmadinejad is also of no leader & is relying on the Basijis & Pasdaran to rule rather than having had anything to offer to get the country out of the current enormous problems.


Michail Gorbachev as an equivalent politician to Mousavi

by MM on

When Michail Gorbachev came to power, he wanted to implement social reforms such as Perestroika or Glasnost but he also wanted to keep communism 

Michail Gorbachev was respected for implementing social reforms, but not as a person to lead the country because of his insistence in keeping communism.  He was forced to resign, escorted to his home somewhere and he earned a Nobel peace prize for his activities after his resignation.

I wish Mousavi the best for encouraging reforms, but do not admire him for worshipping Khomeini who ruthlessly took away social freedoms as well as political freedoms from Iranians.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

How beautiful it is to see the IRI nochehs go at each other...

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

This is the front seat on the best UFC fight! Let's see who pulls a chaghoo/chomogh first!


Dear "No Fear"

by i_support_khamenie on

You forgot to mention that
Mr Mousavi also did not

pack 50,000 Toman Travelers in envelopes and give them to people

pack potatoes in guni and hand them out

give uncalculated loans to businesses that used them to build ugly yellow brick apartment complexes one after another that they can't sell in today's Raked economy and are sitting empty

have a peaceful environment, he was dealing with a war with Iraq

have control over the price of crude oil and demand for it


challenge to Azadeh Azad or anyone

by Q on

Mousavi's quote is being purposefully misrepresented as intolerance toward freedom of speech, when in reality, it is only a statement of conviction.

A challenge to Azadeh or anyone else who wants to take it up.

The statement is "Those who respect me will never allow insult to __________ "

Name one leader of whatever politics in the world... Iranian, America, whatever... just one leader who would not make the exact statement about somebody that they hold dear.

Just find me a leader who wouldn't make a similar statement bout somebody.

Among those hypocrites who blab without the slightest incling of critical thinking, we can always find people to make the same statement about Pahlavis or Cyrus the Great or Mossadegh.

This is called a double-standard, and it is very very informative.

It shows that the reason for this particular criticism of Mousavi is not based on logic and has nothing to do with what Mousavi has said. It's just a simple-minded excuse to bash him by people who never respected him to begin with.

His quote is therefore exactly correct.


Khar, you are 100% correct!

by Q on

It is nothing new. This so-called regime "oppoition" has been the de-facto ally of Ahmadinejad since before the 2009 election.

It's obvious when you look their own conduct and writings. Who is the green movement? Who makes up their ranks in Iran? They are all the Khatami reformists plus additional conservative clergy. All the movement leaders (i.e. the people whose name and picture the protesters use) are from this camp: Mousavi, Karroubi, Khatami, Karbaschi, etc.

What did these newly green opportunists (including Kadivar and his Tehrangelesi friends) say before the election? They cursed and insulted the Green leaders. They urged people not to support them, and not to vote.

For God's sake they were shouting "Marg Bar Mousavi" right here in Los Angeles!

If Mousavi had lost due to lack of support, they were going to claim credit, saying it was because they "called" a boycott. If Mousavi had been allowed to win, they were ready to say: It doesn't matter because Mousavi was cleared by the Guardian council.

Now that he did not win, but people continue to support him, they have comically resorted to re-defning the Green movement into what they really wanted themselves and still insult its leaders!

These extremist forces are both the same. Just as reality on the ground does not matter to Ahmadinejad and the hardliners, the reality on the ground does not matter to pseudo greens. They all just want to advance their own agenda and are willing to take credit for anything they can on the backs of the Iranian people.

Neither side can stand Mousavi. He is a threat to both of them. That's why they are defacto allies.

At least the neocons were honest enough to say outright (as Daniel Pipes did) that they prefer Ahmadinejad because it makes their job easier.


Very Interesting indeed!!!

by Khar on

Azadeh Jaan this comment is not pointed toward you, but those who call themselves "opposition in exile". Is it not a bit ironic that they are in the same bed with the Islamic Rapist Republic and UNITED with them in their opposition to the Iranian people's Green Movement in general and Mousavi in particular.

Just look at the comments of those like "NoFear" an Ahmadinejad/IRR supporter and "Samira M" of useless antiquated "opposition" abroad and others like them.


Mousavi is a lousy speaker ( leader )

by jasonrobardas on

   His speeches put anyone  to sleep . He talks as if he has no energy to say "BOO" to a goose . Or as they say in Iran ( Na naderh ke bechosed )

   He really needs to take the course:  communicatuion 101 . He is the worst speaker I have ever seen or heard in my life . May be he is  Taryaki . Who knows ?

   What do you think?



by Demo on

As the blind follower (“Khat Imami”) of the dead “Godhead” (“Idol”,"Icon", or “Sanam” in Farsi) the depicted “Godhead” above should have been drawn with only one head instead two of Janus (Old Roman God). He is no different from the other “Godheads” around him who are anointed by the current head “Godhead” as “Khavas” devoid of any insight & with no place in their heads for any “change” or any “innovations.” But wait. Is not majority of us “Iranians” or “Persians” or “Whatever” acting as “Godheads” ourselves as we are so proud of our “long dead” history & rather than working as a nation every one goes his/her way by the family association, class, religion, blood, thinking, and etc wrapping ourselves by the self made “icons” or "logos"???       

Mardom Mazloom

Azadeh khanoom,

by Mardom Mazloom on

Very discerning as usual, thank you.

Would you also draw a check list for A.N.'s achievements, for our friend No Fear here? He's a bit jealous!

If you find that you don't have enough space to put all A.N.'s feats, you could use both middle fingers in your drawing.

No Fear

Mousavi is an incompetent and deceitful politician. heres why..

by No Fear on

Lets see what the OP has used in her cartoon as a reason for thumbs up for Mousavi.

" We want  Freedom, Democracy, Equality and Justice " 

Did Mousavi give any indication that he is the real deal? Lets see;

Freedom:  Did he allow more freedom of press when he was in  office?  Did he encourage open debates and discussions in public televisions?  Did he stall the " monkerat " bill for four years which needed to be ratified by majlis thus giving the youth a bit more freedom in their social life?  etc etc etc ...

Democracy:  Has Mousavi for once, ever talked about another round of referendum? To directly take an issue up with the people?  Isn't referendum an interesting idea which you like your representative to bring up?  How about being vocal against permanent positions in the government ?  if an official in Iran , holds a permanent position isn't this undemocratic?  Has Mousavi started a debate in our society about the hazards of holding permanent positions? If such a debate starts in Iran, where do you think it will lead to? etc etc etc ...

Equality:  What has Mousavi done for women equal rights in Iran? Did he allow women to attend a football match in Tehran and creat a huge controversy ?  Did he for the first time in IR history, choose a female as a minister of his administration? Did women enrollment for higher academic studies exceed those of men under Mousavi administration?  Did Mousavi announce that being a house wife is a full time job and government should support these women if in need and help them financially? etc etc etc ...

Justice: What has Mousavi done for Justice?  Did Mousavi fought corruption?  Did he bring some powerful politicians on national TV and call them a thief who stole money from people?  On a live televised program?  How about purging the government from religious figures who had no clue on how to run a ministry? Isn't this justice for those who are graduated from universities to take over these positions?  How about empowering those who have fought for Iran during the war and proven their loyalty ?  Isn't this justice?  Or to re open old corruption files and allowing the press to freely report on these files? And etc etc etc ...

What has Mousavi EVER done?

 Everything that i have mentioned above and a whole lot more, has been done under the administration of Ahmadinejad with his direct involvement.

Now go suck on the thumb for a while.

Darius Kadivar

Azadeh Jaan LOL ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

très bonne réponse !

Keep Up the Good Work Azadeh Jaan !

Bons Baisers  D'un Grand Restaurant de Paris proche de L'Ambassade d'IRI ...



Azadeh Azad


by Azadeh Azad on

It's chargé d'affaires. What about some Akaaber class? :-)

Vive le mouvement vert,



The Last Temptation of Azadeh Azad

by i_support_khamenie on

"Dear Ms. Azad, You are more than welcome to visit Iran after being in exile for over twenty years. However, as a show of repentance, you must do your best to depict Mousavi in a negative way to strip him from his supporters.....Mr Ahmadinejad would most welcome this and would grant you Amnesty to visit Iran and your family"

Yours Cordially,

Jaafar Mohammadi, charge de affaires, Interest Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Embassy of Pakistan, Wisconsin Avenue, DC


wake up Azadeh Azad


its called being a politician. And its not exclusive to Iran.

goes to show how iranians are naive and illiterate when it comes to politics.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

This criminal like the rest of

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

the heads of the Islamic Republic Regime must be rounded up, put on trial, and punished for all the atrocities they have committed against Iranians and humanity in general.

If found guilty and sentenced to death as the penalty all the better, otherwise he should be caged and displayed in Tehran's central zoo!

God bless Iran!

Mola Nasredeen

What did you expect he say? "Imam" Khomeini is the father of

by Mola Nasredeen on

the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr Mousavi was the president of Iran during the first part of the patriotic war to defend the country against the foreign invasion headed by Saddam and supported by the West and the reactionary Arab governments.

So, what do you expect him to say? "Long Live Mosadegh?"

The whole idea is to reform this regime from within that's Mr Mousavi's goal. What's wrong with that?

Who is able to overthrow this government? Nobody, not Israel, not United States, or Saudi Arabia, Egygt and the rest. From day one there has been a movement to reform the system from within by some sections of the Islamic Rebublic government. Of course Mr Mousavie was and has been a part of the structure.