Bad Hejab Complaints

Tehran Friday prayer sermon


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Dec 02, 2012
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Dec 01, 2012
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Nov 30, 2012
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khar jaan

by BehroozAzarin on

You are not kidding calling yourself khar.


Iranian woman jailed and raped for not wearing Hejaab!

by Khar on

Phuck Islam and Hejaab!!!


Hejaab is a tool used by Satanic Islam...

by Khar on

to control the female population in a degrading way!!!




by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد"  Why can we not accept the reality these people are Iranian, and many of our people are like this? Ahke chere bayad hamishe haghigato penhun kard????

خلفای راشدین

Repent, o' men; repent

by خلفای راشدین on

Those who oppose Allah's will, and don't comply with Islam's dress code will suffer on the day of Judgment.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

A simple analysis of this clip reveals that this whole thing was

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

orchestrated by the Mullahs.

The TV footage shows gathering of the crows in four areas:

  1. Qom
  2. Mazandaran
  3. Fars
  4. Ghazvin

The old crow in Qom @1:10 recites a Noheh that goes like this:

Eay Zan Beh Tow Az Fatemeh Eengooneh Khatab Asst...

Arzandeh Tareen Zeenat Zan Hefzeh Hejab Asst....


Also @1:21 you can see a deformed little crow.


Then @ 1:31 the crows in Mazandaran recite the same Noheh. That's amazing. Did they email the instuction to each other?


Finally, @1:57 you can see the crows in Ghazveen. Oh boy they are a lot nicer looking than the Qomie crows!


This was definitely pre-rehearsed! 



I just post real

by BehroozAzarin on

I just post real good answers for you guys, but this four eyed frog ate the message. Then you speak of freedom of speech.  You are a joke. with creachers like you in opposition, any change will be for worse not better.


Ethnic Cleansing

by Parsagarda on

I am sad to say the obvious. Horrible as it may be, there is no hope but ethnic cleansing!


Parade of black ghosts

by statira on

Een adamayeh darbedaghoon o eekbri ra az koja oovordand?




maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

me liked the ghazvin part the best ........

een rahbare..... eedam bayad gardad.           Maziar



by Goodearth on

Where do they find these people to stage these demonstrations they are all so "SHAKH SHEKASTEH , PESTOON KOOR". 


Look at this crowd

by Liberated on

There is a clearly mentally retarded man in front line of this assembly. How are these mullahs staging them?  money? lunch? or just forcing the retards to walk on the streets an chant!  where is their shame. Javid Iran and Javid the liberated people of Iran. 


Sustaining the Current Hold

by LalehGillani on

There is something profoundly sinister going on in Iran. By rallying the fundamentalists, the regime is setting the stage for a crack-down on women in general and the activists in particular.

The subject of Hejab is only an excuse. Women have been in the forefront of opposition to Iran’s theocracy and Islamic laws. IRI can’t sustain the current hold without silencing women’s voices in Iran.

This is just a show to rally the base and to demonstrate that mullahs still have support amongst the population. Once the crackdown intensifies, the regime needs all the help it can get…


She actually better keep that hejab on

by Darveesh on

If I was that unattractive, I would vote for hejab all the time.



Education, NOT indoctrination! Or:

by Marjaneh on

Blessed are the meek, who will 'inherit' white shrouds after years of "arzesh"  (value) masalan,  underneath  black tents or on The Front....

These people are not being given any other recognition or value apart from those bits of symbols of relics and other 'values' attached to symbolic rituals, OF ANY KIND .....

Freedom of expression simply does NOT include freedom to oppress others. Something these people ought to learn or at least have the opportunity to decide for themselves....A logical fact to be excercised.


Oh and by the way. I do NOT claim to know the solution, but by the sound of some of the  comments here, even if there were to be another revolution for a better status quo - it looks like bloodshed.

Most people would rather die than think: in fact, they do so. – Bertrand Russell


Shed Hejab, Go to Rio de Janiero, and Celebrate Life

by Ahura on

What a shame to see that Iranians are being brainwashed into a cult of depressed dead worshipers and flagellating masochists instead of healthy people enjoying and celebrating life. May be Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in his coming visit to Iran can show Ahmadinezhad that Carnivals are more fun that Mourning Processions. No chance for that, but the Iranian youths will soon overthrow this theocracy and restore life and sanity to Iran.


Cheyenne in Once Upon a Time

I think setting thier black tent on fire is too kind and humane

by Cheyenne in Once Upon a Time on

because it gives these animals a chance to scape and get way scott free. Given a chance I would use Napalm bomb on them so everything within a mile radius would be annihilated for ever!


Let me weep over

by آشنا on



Let me weep over
my cruel fate,
And that I long for freedom!
And that I long,
and that I long for freedom!
Let me weep over
my cruel fate,
And that I long for freedom!

The duel infringes
these images
of my sufferings
I pray for mercy.
for my sufferances.
I pray for mercy.

Let me weep over
my cruel fate,
And that I long for freedom!
And that I long,
and that I long for freedom!
Let me weep over
my cruel fate,
And that I long for freedom! 


Lascia ch'io pianga
mia cruda sorte,
E che sospiri la libertà!
E che sospiri,
e che sospiri la libertà!
Lascia ch'io pianga
mia cruda sorte,
E che sospiri la libertà!

Il duolo infranga
queste ritorte
de miei martiri
sol per pietà,
de miei martiri
sol per pietà.

Lascia ch'io pianga
mia cruda sorte,
E che sospiri la libertà!
E che sospiri,
e che sospiri la libertà!
Lascia ch'io pianga
mia cruda sorte,
E che sospiri la libertà!



Mr DK, the little girl in

by TheMrs on

Mr DK, the little girl in the video needs a real fresh kotak. From the old days, they say, bacheh beshineh mastesho bokhoreh. I didn't think she was cute at all. She probably smells really bad. Let's be honest here, that little thing is a future fati komando and given the chance, she will beat up and rape others her own age if they end up at Evin.

Yea's not her it's her parents. Perhaps! But I still don't find her cute. I literally chendesham mishe mibinamesh.


خواهر های بسیج


خواهر های بسیج در راهپیمایی شعار دادند : این ممه های مرمری هدیه به بیت رهبری

It is summer and begir begir is starting. This year, it will be worse as they try to islamize society and crush students. In the short term they might succeed. But in the long run, hejab or no hejab, society will not tolerate the status quo.

Women have been at the forefront of resisting these fascists. And they will continue. If not on the streets, then with a very important tool/weapon called MAATEEK.

I think every Iranian women should wear makeup. I for one am going to go put some make up right now...cheshme khamenei koor she.

Cheyenne in Once Upon a Time

Hey Das-o-Chakosh, he porposed two options. Pick the 2nd one!

by Cheyenne in Once Upon a Time on

In your beloved USSR, option one would be the only one! Right!?


" ...set these black tents on fire..."

by comrade on

One of the ironic advantages of being a man of God, is being allowed to employ the freedom of expression on this site.

Had I come up with this kind of (non) solution, I would have been flagged, deleted, and threatened with legal actions. 


جنگ زرگری رژیم


رژیم دیکتاتوری خامنه ای و شرکا با راه انداختن این نوع جنگ زرگری ها تلاش میکند که تا رسیدن سالگرد کودتای انتخابات 22 خرداد مردم را از موضوع اصلی که اعتصابات عمومی و اعتراضات گسترده در روز 22 خرداد میباشد گمراه کند.  موضوع حجاب یک بحث فرهنگی است و مسلمانان در کشورهای مختلف حجب اسلامی را  گوناگون رعایت میکنند.  در تمام قران فقط یک یا دوبار در باره حجاب صحبت شده است و اگر این موضوع برای خدا مانند نماز و ذکات و عدالت اجتماعی مهم می بود بی شک همانند این عبارات هزاران بار ذکر می شد. 

pastor bill rennick

The short term solution is to set these black tents on fire

by pastor bill rennick on

and see if these sisters would run for their life.
The long term solution is for the new regime to start importing lingerie instead of black tent material. Also, the new parliament should pass the law that these women must shave before wearing lingerie in public.


thx from me too dk. to rea:

by humanbeing on

leur maniere de vivre est une maniere de crever (sorry no accents)


DK, thx ;)

by Rea on

Qu'ils crèvent, male bastards of all religions !


"to have people in these video's as their neighbour!!!! "

by comrade on

Oh, dear friend!

They're already in our neighborhoods. Here, in North America, and in some European countries....and some more are flooding in, with a lot of money. With astronomical figure$


I wonder about

by MRX1 on

the people who keep talking about tolerance, underestanding, openness, blah,blah and how they like to live in a society where even islamists have equal rights and so on would like to have people in these video's as their neighbour!!!!


Darius Kadivar

Rea Jaan (summary)

by Darius Kadivar on

To make it short they are basically saying it is a blasphemy ...

I found the little girl in the video Cute though even if she was repeating the nonesense fed into her ...

Can't see too many people in the crowd though ...

Far less than those who demonstrated against the Hijab imposition laws back in 1980 ...