Hejab Means Anti-Virus


"Hejab means I am equipped with desire and temptation anti-virus."

06/28/2010 - 08:17


"Hijab" is bs

by frazaghi on


"Hijab" is a bs thing , if you ever go to Iran , you will see that this so-called " Hijab" is no protection , and no matter how women dress they are center of dirty looks.

There was a time that you could distinguish a good l woman from a working one just by teh way they would dress, and I am talking about before  revolution, but nowadays there is almost no definite way to tell them apart.



Sorry, wrong link

by JavoonDeerooz on


My USB drive needs a scan...

by bughzan on

Could I plug into one of "khaharane zeinab" for a check up!?

I know...a very bad joke! Even assuming this sort of philosophy is correct (big assumption), why not cover the men!? That would be far more effective, since men seem to act on their hormones more. Not that women don't. I'm not naive, but at least women seem to be more grounded when the hormones kick in. At the very least, since Islam is fair and even-handed, it ought to be fifty-fifty. Six month men cover themselves with a burqa, and six month women.  

خلفای راشدین

Giggle bites

by خلفای راشدین on

Now we know where to go for having our hard drives scanned!


I just want to look at

by benross on

I just want to look at reboot.

Ari Siletz

Sharia in the digital age

by Ari Siletz on


مجازات "سیستم کرش" سنگسار است

 خواهران، از کامپیوتر خود محافظت کنید




I agree with Ferfere

by azadi5 on

The biggest virus in Iran, is the version of Islam we are seeing. And the only way to fight it is through proper knowledge and education, that's why IRI fears the universities and their products, cause they are starting to see through the bullshit that has been fed to people for so long.



by Ferfereh on

The only virus in our country is Islam and the best anti-virus is  knowledge and wisdom.

Sheila K

brain washing tactics

by Sheila K on

been going on for 31 years.


1000% BS!!!

by Demo on

All viruses need parasites to grow on. He-Job or veil is like a clothing for extra protection from outsiders' hidden desires & temptations and not from what is arising inside!!! Now we know the rest of the story.