Abdolmalek Rigi

Jondollah leader executed

BBC: The leader of a Sunni militant group has been executed in Iran for his involvement in "terrorist" attacks in the Islamic state, state media report. Abdolmalek Rigi, head of Jundullah, was hanged at dawn at Tehran's Evin prison in the presence of the families of its victims, the Irna news agency said. Mr Rigi was accused of being behind a series of deadly bombings and raids in the province of Sistan-Baluchistan. He was arrested in February while on a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan. Founded in 2003, Jundullah (Soldiers of God) says it is fighting to defend the human rights, culture and faith of ethnic Baluchis >>>

"Confessions" on Iranian state TV after his arrest last February:


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Darius Kadivar

spatima Koocholoo It's Never Late to Apologize to your Teacher

by Darius Kadivar on

To Quote My Role Model Kevin Kline (aka OTTO In a "Fish Called Wanda") in Your Very Clip:

"Youth Ages, Maturity is Outgrown Ignorance Can be Educated and drunkenness Sobered BUT ... Stupid ... Lasts forever ..."

So Thank you for proving my Point ! ;0))

It's Never Late to Apologize to your Teacher :


Particularly when he is Not even close to 50 age wise ...

Have a Good Day Cyrus the Koocholoo (Great) Wanabee ...




Don't go very fast fooladi.

by benross on

Don't go very fast fooladi. The issue is freedom of expression and freedom of association. Once every citizen, including Baluch, assume these modern values entirely, then they can decide in what format they want it to be regulated and implemented. These primitive and premature formulas such as federal republic are not much different than the current primitive and premature actions such as forming Jondullah. The first step is assuming modern values.


In a federal republic of Iran

by fooladi on

where ethnic groups and nationalities (kurds, turks, balooch, etc), enjoy freedom of running their own internal affairs there should be no need for head chopping, hanging and all this hatred. This tragic situation although worse under islamic regime, also existed under shah. The current situation is a recipee for disintegration of Iran, have no doubt about it.

The federal system has worked very nicely in places like switzerland and germany. Just look at what happened to yugoslavia once the federal system fell apart? mass mureder, genocide and disintegration of the country. In Iran right now we are witnessing the mass murder and genocide phase, disintegration to follow, dourtesy of the islamic regime.....


Its All About Baluchistan?

by JahanKhalili on

Does anyone know how many hundreds of Iranian soldiers from all parts of Iran have died over the years, policing the border of Baluchistan, trying to prevent smuggling of narcotics, banditry, etc.?

Too bad no one will remember them, in this discussion.



by yolanda on

People need to send a flotilla, a convoy, or a squadron to Baluchistan.


I dont know how many of you have actually visited baluchistan

by fooladi on

I lived there for two years.

Our balooch hamvatans are very poor, even by Iranian standards. there is shortage of basic ammenities, like water and bread. Let alone housing and education or employment. This is amplified by blatent racist attitude of islamic regime towards our balooch brothers and sisters, all in a country awash with oil revenue.. Now it is OK for some from the comfort of life in a democratic western society to blame the balooch for cutting off the heads of agents of islamic regime. But I ask you what would you do if you watch your child is starving to death in front of your eyes whilst the fat lebanese terrorist mullah nassrullah is getting fatter in his hiding place  of north tehran with the money which could save your child from death? There are many rigis waiting to take his place, that is for sure. There will be rigis as long as there is this islamic so called republic.



by yolanda on

Well, he was executed the day before Neda's anniversary......so we have to talk about him instead of Neda......it seems to me that IRI wanted to use his execution to drown out Neda.......his brother was executed on May 24.....lets see if Jundallah will renounce violence after the execution of the Rigi brothers....Press TV said Jundallah has 2000 members, Wikipedia says 1000 members....will they disband?

P.S. Thank you, David and Jahan, for the videos......super sad.....so much violence!


I'm afraid 'cutting the

by benross on

I'm afraid 'cutting the throat' is something that still is part of the culture of some backward areas such as Baluchistan and some parts of Afghanistan. It can not be attributed to the nature of a guerilla movement arisen in those areas. Even for discussing these matters, freedom of expression is the first step. I found this interesting article that provides some context.


@ Mash Ghasem, I mean Kadivar

by spatima on

It was quite humorous to see that you took the opportunity to condemn actions of the current Islamic Sultante and blame it on Iran's republicans???

I think in my list, your accusations and bizzare logic surpasses that of the clerics of qom. Afterall following your example,  why stop there and claim that showing breasts is in fact the cause of earthquakes. *satire* (I put this here just in case)

Did your post made any sense to you at all? You have sementic issues my friend. Constitutionalism itself has variety of forms, i think you mis-use the term. (side note: it seems to me that you strongly suffer from political alzhimers)

Its quite ironic actually, it would be funny to have the same convo. with a former member of savamai in a few years. I bet they would defend their grand leader the way you support your "great shah".

Here the last line of this video sums up everything i think about you my shaholahi friend:


Its unfortunate, you are 50 and wont live to see my generation grand republican enterprise bare its fruits:) enjoy staying in your time machine.


no actually, you are mistaken, rigi himself has posted numerous videos prior to beheadings on youtube. he is also on al-arabi archives. a simple google search will help you to research before picking heros. 





In hope of a Free, Independent, Democratic and Secular Iran


Rigi a hero? Watch this video for a second opinion

by JahanKhalili on

This includes scenes relevant to their activities (i.e. killing people).


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have been thinking a lot about this. Rigi is a member of Jundallah which is definitely a terrorist organization. It is also separatist and guilty of murder. I have no sympathy for it. Rigi had to be taken out.

Pretty much any government would have taken him off the streets. The point is what to do? Do you want to put him in jail; execute him or what?

Jail would probably be more trouble. His operatives would take hostages to trade for him. Plus he will be around to cause trouble from jail. Not to mention the cost of high security prison and so on.

Execution is the natural thing for IRI to do. They execute for far less and seem to enjoy it so it was obvious. It is cheaper and the problem gone.

The more "civilized" nations would have him assassinated. Then blame it on his rivals. That way they could pretend to be above execution. And the problem is solved anyway.

IRI was at least honest in their direct approach !!


Challenging questions

by benross on

1. Death to death penalty? Sure, I am for it. But would we defend the idea even when we (the true people!) are in power and Mullahs and IRI butchers (almost all born in Iran as Iranians!)are prosecuted?

I must confess. I'm for death penalty, assuming that the persecution of people of conscious is non-existent. But for things that should be considered high crime, and have nothing to do with the belief and ideas, death penalty is much more human than something like life-time prison sentence. Anything is more human than prison. This is my core belief that a human should live free, or not live at all.

Of-course this concept is not implemented anywhere to provide a choice of justice system in that direction. That's why I support those who are against death penalty. But philosophically I don't quite agree with them.

2. Would we cry out for every victim of IRI death penalty? Will we justify their elimination by turturing and execution (of hamvataans) if they intend to separate?

It is for court of law to judge a criminal act, regardless of political or ideological afiliation. In a free country, the separatist idea is an idea amongst others. There is no freaking way anybody can be persecuted because of holding such idea. As long as a democratic process is met, anybody can believe in anything. The whole point of this tragedy is that it could all be prevented if we were free to express our opinions and to have a dialogue amongst each-other. I guess the whole issue of 'justice' and 'punishment' will be discussed in a completely different angle, once the freedom of expression is established.


Video footage of the beheadings carried out by Jundullah

by JahanKhalili on

Can anyone post a link to such video?

Simply talking about this man's execution without also talking about what the Jundullah has done, is futile.


Terrorists execute terrorist

by عموجان on

Okay ,LOL

Darius Kadivar

Your Darn Republic is Turning Iran into a Swiss Cheese ...

by Darius Kadivar on

This is the NAtural Consenquence of having Abolished the Monarchy in Iran where the Crown was for 25 Centuries the CEMENT of UNITY in our Country Irrelevant of which Dynasty.

Thanks TO YOUR REPUBLICANISM as OPPOSED TO CONSITUTIONALISM in the decades to come Iran will be Nothing less Than a SWISS CHEESE WITH HOLES Too Large even to be filled with your Petty Republican Fingers.

Shah of Iran is asked by a French Journalist if he should not simply abdicate and he answers with an ironic smile do you know what would happen to Iran if he did so ? ( Interview 1978)


Iran's Challenge is No More Merely about Democracy or a New Constitution... It's EXISTENTIAL !

That of SETTING ITSELF  FREE from An IRRESPONSIBLE NIHILISTIC AND UN IRANIAN OCCUPYING FORCE and It's ILLEGITIMATE ZAHAK Dynasty Which will ultimately turn Iran into an Ex Yougoslavia if We allow it to continue with this Suicidal path to Oblivion ...




Ironic or naive?

by Maast o Deevaane on

It makes me think....

1. Death to death penalty? Sure, I am for it. But would we defend the idea even when we (the true people!) are in power and Mullahs and IRI butchers (almost all born in Iran as Iranians!)are prosecuted?

2. Would we cry out for every victim of IRI death penalty? Will we justify their elimination by turturing and execution (of hamvataans) if they intend to separate?

Feel free to comment :)


Vicious circle, as posted on Kadivars'

by comrade on



One can argue over the political merit of Rigi, and his organization

I personally don't approve of a separatist movement in the
context of today's Iran, for its potential consequences which might
alter the sovereignty of our land irrevocably.

Stopping Rigi's organization, and its likes by diplomatic efforts, is
the only commendable way, which is doubtlessly beyond the vicious
mentality of IRI.

His execution, specially in the presence of his victims' survivors was a
barbaric act, which has, of course, the IRI's natural trademark.


To spatima!

by choghok on

Here is Iranian.com and not Persian.com and you are not chosen on behalf of Persians to speak for them. All Iranians wether Persian or Kurd or turk or anything else have mandate to speak for their own behalf.

Also We do not seem to know enough wether Rigi was a terrorist or not. Since news coming from IRI is not to be trusted we do not know if he has attacked civilians. If he just attacked Revolutionary guards I do not see him as a terrorist. 


Which means that IRI lied again

by Onlyiran on

and he was no "American agent".  If he really was, they would have kept him as a bargaining chip.

David ET

NO to death penalty نه به اعدام

David ET

اصل ۱۵۵ قانون اساسی پیشنهادی ایران سکولار : مجازات اعدام ممنوع است

Article 155 of suggested Interim Constitution of Iran Secular  : There shall be no death penalties.


to make a hero out of him is an insult to Iranians everywhere

by spatima on

This guy was a barbaric thug

regardless of rejecting his excution, i still think to make a national martyr out of him is to insult everyone that has died for a freer and a better Iran. we have to realize that this persian-hating thug is the creation of the very same fascist regime that ensalves its own people and refuses them the most basic of human rights.

As persians we should demand the development and progress of the Baluch.

The very same regime that murdered this murderer will pay back once the people are in power. I guess as the saying goes

Thus always to the tyrant.

Down with the regime

Down with ethnic terrorism



In hope of a Free, Democratic, Independent and Secular Iran