Mollas defrocked


Extremely rare photo circa 1930, during reign of Reza Shah.

Wikipedia: As his reign became more secure, Reza Shah clashed with Iran's clergy, as he did with all other political constituencies in the country. In March 1928 he violated the sanctuary of Qom's Fatima al-Masumeh Shrine and beat a cleric who had dared admonish Reza Shah's wife for attending a mosque in Qom in appropriate attire. In December 1928 he instituted a law requiring everyone (except Shia jurisconsults who had passed a special qualifying examination) to wear Western clothes >>>

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Khoda beamorzadash in Irani

by Arthimis on

Khoda beamorzadash in Irani Bozorg ra ... Badbakhtaaneh, hanoz baad az 80 saal hamegi adam nashodim!!! Tamaame Donya pishraft kardan va har rooz behtar mishan va maa!! Hamash dar haale pas-raft hasteem... Ay Khoda, Akhe taa kay????????

Iran va Irani, Azad bayad gardad...