Is Iran a military dictatorship?

Russia Today analysis

BBC: The American secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, has said she believes Iran is becoming a military dictatorship. Mrs Clinton, who is on a tour of Gulf states, said international sanctions should target Iran's Revolutionary Guard, which she said was in effect supplanting government control >>>


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گالوپ: ۶۰ درصد آمریکایی‌ها ایران را تهدید جدی می‌دانند


Garbage in, garbage out


This is bogus

by Abarmard on

Like before, all the predictions are baseless and comes from total confusion and lack of clear understandings of the Iranian system.

I recall the same people who used to call Iranian system a true dictatorial regime. Some even went as far as calling the Iranian system "moving to N. Korean style system" a totally bogus claim. Now suddenly after the election, many reports comes that Iran was doing fine! it Iran had democratic elements, which now has turned to military dictatorship and so on and so forth. These guys are not a good source for Iranians to get news. Most news in the US is for public acceptance of the newly formed, or coming about stupid policy that needs justifications. Armed with these reports, many can raise their swords of political wit and fight against the Iranians aggression around the world and in the region.

It's clear that reporters and media in the US are just as confused about Iran as average Joe. They repeat the same garbage that government throws at them, without question or investigative reporting.

Is it possible? Anything is possible. These kinds of reports are waste of time.


  Dangerous Power

by vildemose on


 Dangerous Power vaccum:

...Ahmadinejad’s grip is slipping. The ayatollah is losing ground. And the military is on the rise. Gary Sick on how Obama should handle the aftershocks of a political earthquake.



The Thugs Who Lead Iran's Supreme Leader
by Gary Sick

Iran’s supreme leader may have the most exalted title, but Gary Sick says the Islamic republic’s real engine is the Revolutionary Guard. They run the economy, own major industries, and brutalize their foes—and Khamenei almost never contradicts the rest:



I knew she was genius, or

by Bavafa on

I knew she was genius, or must have had access to the highly classified assessment from all US agencies. After all, this is such secret that only those agencies could have come up with such assessment, NOT


Darius Kadivar

FYI/The financial power of the Revolutionary Guards (Guardian)

by Darius Kadivar on

the IRI's Mafia and it's Godfather Rafsanjani:


It is impossible to gauge its share of Iran's GDP, but western estimates range from a third to nearly two-thirds


Glad she said it Hope 2 hear more - Iran's military dictatorship

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Has been for three decades.

by پیام on

It only now suits the USA to admit it. What a pity and what a shame.


Clinton is signaling a policy shift/sanctions against IRGC

by MM on

As Khar eluted to, this is something that Iranians knew already.  Clinton is signaling a policy shift towards general sanctions aimed specifically at the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, based on studies conducted at the state department.  She outlined the reasoning based on the take-over of the Iranian politics (control of 9 out of 22 ministers) and IRGC's control of communications and various industries in Iran.



Surprise, Surprise Mrs. Clinton!

by Khar on

You got to be kidding us, a day late and a dollar short! :-))