Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani

Harassed by hezbollahis


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Sargord Pirouz

Kind of a cute interaction,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Kind of a cute interaction, really.

Lil' Rasfanjani stands her ground! (No bodyguards, either, for such a wealthy figure, under such supposedly "hazardous" living conditions.)

For their part, "the boys" are pretty humorous with their comments, especially the sarcastic "pour some water behind her" comment upon her departure.


How is this different than what American press does every day?

by amgw4 on

All they did was ask her to talk about her political views. And when she refused they made fun of her for refusing to talk to people who disagree with her. There were no threats of any kind, nor harassment, unless the things American reporters do every day is harassment. Too bad no one here bothered to provide a simple translated transcript of the discussion, but sadly this is the low quality one finds on Iranian.com these days.

If they were like the opposition rioters, they would have forced her out of her car and set it on fire. 


the truth...

by tabriz_balasi on

Quran orders us to fight against the oppressors.  If all greens get up at once and flow the message of Islam, they would rid Iran of these immoral thugs.  without a sense of purpose and bravery, we can not defeaet IR.  Faezeh Rafsanjani is a true Iranian girl, I pray for you Faezeh .


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.

hamsade ghadimi

she was calm and stood her

by hamsade ghadimi on

she was calm and stood her ground but i expected a billionaire's daughter driving a better car with a few bodyguards.


Unbelievable!!! WOW! Bastards are much worse than SAVAK!

by obama on

And those of you who talk about reform - what reform? This is way past that. These peole should all be put in jail! This is the regime of intimidation and corruption! If they can do that to woman with all the power and hejab, WHY BHALEH BAGHIYEH!

i FEEL LIKE I AM WATCHING TALIBAN OR ALKHAEDA AT WORK! I really think, with my boxing background, i couldn't have tolerated this kind of behavior and i would been killed by these bastards long time ago, if i were living in iran! Now i see why some carry gun here!

Is that why we had a revolution? How they kidnapped the revolution! They must go! They publish this tape to intimidate the rest. This is the proof that how desperate they are! DARAN MIRINAN TO SHALVARESHOON DAY YOUSA! NO WONDER THEY ARE AGAINST THE PERSIAN CULTURE! SO THEY CAN TREAT THE WOMEN LIKE THIS! SHAME ON THEM AND SHAME ON THIS REGIME!


Simple equation

by Milan on

Testostrone + ignorance + Religion = IR patriots!


All she had to do...

by KouroshS on



they were "nice" because she is Rafsanjani's daughter

by MM on

She stood against the basijis, and the basijis did not folllow up because she is Rafsanjani's daughter.  The basijis were even affraid to firmly pull her out of the car which they do regularly with others. 

If someone unnamed, I do not think we would have had the same outcome.

A few points:

* Many Basijis themselves were videotaping for evidence against her later.

* The number of basijis present tells me that they were itching for some students to come forward to start something.

* Why did the Basijis release the tape?

What a bunch of hooligans.


Ey baba

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد" Khak bar sareshun hamintory maro larzundan hamishe eintory pedaramuno dar miavordan. Esas mikonan haqeshune... kosham miad ke pass midan

Worcester Mo

what  a brave group of

by Worcester Mo on

what  a brave group of guys!!  6 men surrounding a woman.  Very nice!  Sargoordjan, I am sure you have many good things about these hooligans.  Of course, Rafsanjani clan deserve everything they get.