Azarbaijani Caucasian Dance

Important branch of dance performed in Iran for years

Clips shows boys and girls competing in a talent show in Turkey. Raghs-e Azari/Ghafghazi was performed in Iran for years, with masters who trained Iranian youth the acrobatic dance. Since 1979, much with all other types of dance, there has been little or no attention or serious training and promotion for this ethnic dance in Iran, certainly none for female dancers. This dance company's amazing lead dancer (in the red coat) is an 11-year-old boy named Yusof:


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Tale of two countries ....

by didani on

cheh fekr mikardim o chi shod

Red Wine

Bu dansi seviyorum, Tanri

by Red Wine on

Bu dansi seviyorum, Tanri hepsini korusun.



by HollyUSA on

To see a true Ali Ferfereh watch the men's figure skating, the guy from Switzerland ...OMG! Watch from 2:25 to 2:45 it is incredible



Ali Ferfereh

by divaneh on

Cheghad fer khord. That is a dance and half.


The worst cultural taste from the past 30 years

by Abarmard on

Has definitely been the missing elements of dance and singing in the Iranian society. This has resulted an ugly image of our society without joy and happiness. The lack of colors, dance and singing that has been part of our diverse culture is one of the main elements that makes the system foreign to many Iranians.

This is a very uplifting dance.


This is from a yearly youth Lezginka dance competition in Turkey

by MM on

If do a search on youtube for "lezginka, Dagestan", you will see some of the best of the best.  Two of my favorite Dagestan Ensemble dance performances are:

// In this video, the women dance toe-to-toe with the men.

// this video, the ladies are graceful and seem to float in the air.

In both cases, the music is fast & the foot-work is out of this world.

BTW: Lezginka is thought to be the oldest dance performed by both men and women together 


No JJ it is alive and well :)

by HollyUSA on

My cousin who was an absolute expert in this dance (and split many pairs of very tight pants practicing I remember!) has taught his two boys and 3 girls to do as great a job as he did many years ago :) I recently saw a video of them at a family party. They looked awesome.

So there are at the very least 5 young experts alive and well in Iran.

Jahanshah Javid

Energy and excitement

by Jahanshah Javid on

I do remember this dance performed by adults and broadcast on Iranian TV before 1979. It has so much energy and splendor. I hope it hasn't died in Iranian Azarbaijan and will see a revival soon. Puts Irish River Dancing to shame!