Aren't they people

02/13/2010 - 06:52

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They are not just people (they are IRAN!)

by pahlevoonb on

You sit here and call them ignorant, incompetent and what ever else you want to call them, but they are the ones living inside Iran and they have a right to choose.

You say they are not decent people because they support a government that rapes, abuses and tortures...which government do you support, last time I checked most governments do exactly that except they do it with a suite and tie, are you decent?

I'm neither green nor pro IR, but I'm not blind to the fact that when I visit Iran I can see there is a huge population that supports the government. The green in Iran also see this and if there is going to be a diologue between anyone regarding the government, it must be between the PEOPLE living in Iran, green or pro IR and not us sitting at a starbucks expressing our opinions on Why you ask, "BUT I WANT TO SUPPORT MY COUNTRY" you say...I say you don't really care about your country because you choose to be blind to the realities, you just want your opinion to be heard (which is fine, but realise that your opinion is just that, an opinion) not the voice of the Iranian people. 


If they support

by thexmaster on

A government that rapes, tortures and murders their fellow Iranians...then no, they are not decent people



by ahmad_ on

Axe Neda , Sohrab , Taraneh Musavi ro nadashty ke be jaye in cartoon ha inja copy paste koni?

ya inke az ghasd in karo kardi?

Omid Hast

I believe the image in the cartoon is from one of Ahmadinejad’s

by Omid Hast on

... provincial trips, not from the recent 22 Bahman event.  If I find the proof of it, either way, I'll provide a link at a later time.

Nowadays there seems to be two groups of people in Iran, those who are driven by an ideological belief, who regardless of how wrong they are they still insist on shoving their non-sense down other people's throats.  And then there is the second group who might one day achieve a noble ideal to create a society where every person has the right to practice his belief.

gitdoun ver.2.0

READ Jahansha Javid Comment PLZ

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

His comment is by far better than anything i could have posted. And it's soooo true !!!  


یک سوال از طرفداران رژیم کودتا


در عکس گوگل که میدان آزادی را از بالا نشان میدهد بوضوح دیده میشود که فقط قسمت کوچکی از میدان آزادی از  طرفداران  ساندیس بگیر رژیم کودتا پر شده است و این در صورتی است که میلیونها نفر در خیابانهای دور میدان آزادی  تجمع کرده اند. حال سوال این است که اگر این میلیونها نفر آنطور که رژیم ادعا میکند طرفدار رژیم هستند پس چرا این میلیون نفر آدم برای شنیدن بهتر سخنان احمقی نژاد و گرفتن ساندیس وارد صحن اصلی میدان آزادی نشدند؟ آیا این بغیر از این واقعیت است که بجز آن تعداد محدودی که در روبروی احمقی نژاد جمع شده بودند بقیه طرفداران جنبش سبز بوده  اند؟خیلی کنجکاوم تحلیل طرفداران رژیم کودتا را در این باره بشنوم؟


با وفا، اگه دولت خوشبوها رو نکشه به اینا بر میخوره؟


Everything is sacred.


No, these are all Mozdoors

by statira on

There is one million basijis and 150,000 pasdars in Iran. In addition to these thugs are their family members such as their parents. The slumic Regime is always able to gather 2-3 million of these thugs and their family member.Iran has 70 million Population. 3 million vs 67 million is still nothing.




by Khar on

I'm glad to see you have a chance and venue to publish your cartoons and enjoying a democratic setting. Now to your question, the difference is that; the ommat e Eslaam Naab Mohammadi side (your side) FREE-SAANDIS drinkers are out to kill, rape, and mime any other voice beside themselves!!! Now my questions is do you rather have a country that in which human rights and individual rights are respected and allows you to publish your work or one which Kill you for it? Which one do you pick? Are we allowed to publish our ideas freely as you are in your "Islamic Paradise"?

By The way, I still think this is matter of lack of conscience on your part!!!

PS. Ahmadinejad your president said "there are no gays in Iran", but why do you depict green movement as Gay? so which is it?


Iraj: wrong question. We

by vildemose on

Iraj: wrong question. We are all people, specifically homosapiens.

The right question to ask is "should your people be in power while they have shown dangerous incompetence and ignorance. They are simply not the best and brightest of our country.

Your people are a danger to the future propsperty and well-being of all Iranians and perhpas the world.

If your people did not  rule at gunpoint, in any other government, they would be out of business of governing in no time.

 Your people are not qualified to be in the business of government in the 21st century.  


در ضمن چرا سبز‌ها رو مثل اوا خاک عالم‌ها کشیدی؟


بگو دلت از کجا پره ایرج خان؟ طرفداران خر البته اوا نیستند، همه یه مشت گشنه هستند که رژیم ساندیس گرفتند ؛)


پس چون اینها انسان هستند،


حق دارند که حقوق انسانی‌ بقیه ۹۰% ایرانیان رو سلب کنند؟


Yes. They are

by minadadvar on

misguided/fooled/manipulated/bought/ignorant/....people.  But, they are people. 

Jahanshah Javid

People vs. People

by Jahanshah Javid on

Yes, the people who defend the Islamic Republic are people, too. But,
The people who defend the Taliban are people, too.
The people who support the bombing of Iran are people, too.
The people who support the occupation of Palestinian lands are people, too.
The people who defend Hizbollah, Hams, Islamic Jihad and Al Qida are people, too.
The people who want Jews wiped off the earth are peole, too.
The people who want Bahais to have no rights are people, too.
The people who believe Muslims are terrorists are people, too.
So what?
What makes one set of people better or worse than another is how close or far they are from the best of human values, from love, from tolerance, from respect for life, liberty and justice.