Afsaneh Rabiei

Sets out to make a material as light as aluminum and stronger than stainless steel

NCSU News: A “metal foam” that has a similar elasticity to bone could mean a new generation of biomedical implants that would avoid bone rejection that often results from more rigid implant materials, such as titanium. Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed the metal foam, which is even lighter than solid aluminum and can be made of 100 percent steel or a combination of steel and aluminum. In a new paper, researchers have reported recent findings that, in addition to the extraordinary high-energy absorption capability and light weight of their novel composite foams, the “modulus of elasticity” of the foam is very similar to that of bone. Modulus of elasticity, which is measured in gigapascals (GPa), is extremely important for biomedical implants, explains Dr. Afsaneh Rabiei, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and an associate faculty member of biomedical engineering at NC State and co-author of the paper >>>


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by onlyinamrica on

I am so proud of you Asaneh khanom. The nanocomposites that bahramthegreat is talking about are tiny tubes that are made out of carbon molecules. It was created in lab by Russians back in 50s. 



by bahramthegreat on

As a material scientist, I am impressed with her work. The next generation of light material will be called nanocomposites. It is a combination of polymer and nanoparticles that are almost 10 times stronger than steel. My third book was just published under "virtual testing and predictive modeling" that discusses nanocomposites in more depth. Nanocomposites are light, durable, with high ultimate strength, will be used in the future for manufacturing aircraft and aerospace parts.

Maryam Hojjat

Pride of IRAN & IRanians

by Maryam Hojjat on

are people such as Afsaneh Rabiei.

Payandeh IRAN & True IRANIANS


صد آفرین به خانوم ربیعی.


پس از فروپاشی نظام استکباری و برقراری مردم سالاری در ایران و بازگشت این هم وطنان به ایران، ایران چه خواهد شد.


It is more like metal sponge :-)

by choghok on

Like other great inventions it seems so easy. Why did not any body think of it before.


Is she the same Afsaneh?? !

by R2-D2 on

Many years ago, when I attended the Bahar-e No Elementary school in Tehran (Miss Mary Pezeshkian's School), there was a girl named Afsaneh Rabiei in my class :) Is she the same Afsaneh :) !