The Olive

Short film by Samira Eskandarfar

>>> Also see "Dowry for Mahrou"

The Olive from Samira Eskandarfar on Vimeo.


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Absolutly amazing!

by mahbotaheri on

Brilliant video! I'm absolutly stunned!

@jasonrobardas: OK, CLEARLY you don't get 'art'. Why not keep watching your regular TV?

Jahanshah Javid

Worked for me

by Jahanshah Javid on

I enjoyed it, very well done.

(Angel: Copying what?)


when eating olives

by jasonrobardas on

Such is the gist of this  boring overly intellectualized little film . Had it  been 7 minutes and four seconds shorter , it could be great  .

Dirty Angel

despite the obvious copying,

by Dirty Angel on

I like this very much, really very. Thank you for doing such work.

"What's three times worse than war?" "Three wars?"