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Rallying for Emam Hossein in English capital




by Souri on

First, let me tell you something: I don't dislike you. Actually I don't like or dislike people here, because I think you are all virtual (with the exception of those with whom I had a personal communication) so you might say something which seems very good and true to me, and the next day you say something to which I don't agree. This doesn't make me liking or disliking you. Whether you dislike me or not, is also completely non important for me. As you might have already noticed, there are some people here who even hate me, and I still don't care about that. So believe me, when I say something to you it is nothing personal.

I have been following this thread since yesterday, and I have seen what you wrote last night:

"It behooves Iranians (not you) to keep that in mind. The best way not to
be fooled is to learn from the past. No wonder some are so angry when I
point out the criminal history of Britain. They fear their new plans
may be in jeopardy".

And this was not the first time that you bring this question (true Iranian or not) for talking to the opposition. The emphasize is on being a true Iranian, not being only an Iranian.

So I just wanted to remind you of this fact that you better be careful in labeling people.


The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


DA asked me a question and I responded. Do you go around calling your nation "that country"? I did not say who is Iranian and who is not. If you read my post I most definitely did not claim DA is not Iranian. I just asked her whether she is or is not. I just asked a question. Do you see the difference of a question and statement?

Many people have asked this kind of question from many others. For example people have asked Fred if he is even a real person. I did not see you get all upset. Why? Maybe because you disagree with Fred. Anyway don't put words in my mouth. 

I know you don't like me and so be it. The feeling is very much mutual. But I try to be fair an respectful. I live in America and here we have a right to ask questions. That is a good thing and frankly I do not care if you approve or not.



by Souri on

Would you stop this please?

You are not more Iranian than anybody here.

And you are not here to give the grade mark on being a true Irani,  to others. We don't know even who you are or what is your background. Not because you come here and type Iran Iran Iran, at your keyboard 24 hours a day, every day , that it will make you more Iranian than anybody else.

If you want to defend Iran and the Iranian case, you must first avoid discrimination and belittling of others.

Here is a public website, it is called, but being a True Iranian is not the condition to  register. Everybody, Iranian or not, can come here and speak their mind. What give you the permission to call someone "not a true Iranian"?

Who are you to determine who is true Iranian or not? Why do you think that other people here, consider you as a true patriotic?

Stop calling people un-Iranian and else. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. People have the right to speak their opinion. And you are nobody to determine their true nationality because of what they might think or say.

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dirty Angel

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

When you write: STOP PLAYING VICTIM and that country might one day come to something.

What am I supposed to think? How many Iranians refer to Iran as "That Country". I have never heard an Iranian refer to her nation that way. Now it is only natural to wonder if to you Iran is "that country" then you must be from some other country. If I am wrong please correct me. Otherwise please tell me why do you not say "my country" or "our nation" or something that shows some connection to Iran. Is there a connection? You have not said yes or no so I still do not know.



by Simorgh5555 on

More than willing to answer your question. I was not trying to be evasive. I am a British citizen of Iranian origin. I refuse to hold a passport of the Islamic Republic although nothing prevents me from taking dual citizenship if I wanted to. The Islamic Republic is not the represebntative government of Iran because they are occupiers. Furthermore, I have none of your dilemma  and moral conundrums which you have in trying to reconcile being an American and a supporter of the IR. You readily support a political system which officially sanctioned the take over of the US embasy; took American citizens as hostages; bmbed an American barrack with the help of the ir Lebanese Hezbollah cronies and regularly incites violence against US soldiers in Iraq. In supporting the IR and participating in its piolitical system you might as well support Al-Qaida. there is no difference. 

You try so hard to pass yourself off as an American by trying to trumpet up your half-azari, half American maternal side in order to covince the unsuspecting user that  you are some sort of a WASP and thereofore having the moral imperative to say who is or isn't wlecome in 'your' country' Its a stupid ruse. . You don't know how hard I laughed when you called youself a 'native son' of America. You are a total fake.


hamsade ghadimi

ملا، یعنی‌ ۱،۵

hamsade ghadimi

ملا، یعنی‌ ۱،۵ بیلیون مسلمون بیش از شصت سال ضدّ این ۵ میلیون یهودی بکسوات کردند.  و تو این شصت سال نقشه اسرائیل بزرگتر شده یا کوچیکتر؟  تو که حساب کتابت خوبه، فکر میکنی‌ چند سال دیگه طول بکشه اسرائیل از نقشه دنیا محو بشه. 

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

What do you mean by "our country"?

Your country is now GB, isn't it? I've asked you this before but apparently you don't have the courage to answer: are you a British citizen? 

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Total number of Zionists such as yourself = 5 millions

Total number of Muslims in the world = 1.5 billion and growing

Now do the math and think about the future of your beloved state of Israel.



by Simorgh5555 on

Yes, I'm a Zionist! YAWN. For the record, can you please remove that Mosque from East Jersulamen which has been illegally built on the Jewish Temple of Solomon and relocate it near Mecca or some desert of your choice? Just imagine if the Dome of the Rock was built over Persepolis?I can definitely see where the Israelis are coming from.

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Any clerical regime would impose its values on the population and Iran is no exception. But there's a difference between regular folks and a government.

But there're Zionist groupies on this website who are on a mission to spew hatred against regular Shia muslim like FredCo and other lackies who are here putting down Iranians and muslim like this Zionist clown S5555. 


The British

by Simorgh5555 on

I can see your standpoint on wishing Ashura on the Brtis for their chequered history in the Middle East and around the world. Bear in mind, however, that the country which most of you are living- the US, is hardly a saint in this matter. Inded, it was the architect of the catastrophe of 1979  and conducting underhand dealings with the Mullahs in which Oliver North notriiously sold arms to Khomeini and even sent him a chocolate cake for his troubles. to say nothing, of course, about the interminable meddling in Iran's domestic policies and their support then betrayal of the Shah of Iran. Before that the American support and removeal of Mosadeq (with the help of the Brits, which I am no way defencind. Ditto Reza Shah. 

The Brits go along with the US for the ride and be under no illusion that the lion share of problems in Iraq is because of the USA who turned  the country into the hornet's nest of terror which it is today. Would you wanrt your fellow  Americans to suffer the Ashura celebrations as well? If a bom were to explode in Time Square would you have the temerity to say that the Americans deserve it because of what they are doing in Iraq?

I live in the UK, so naturally, I do not want to see this scum hurting me or any ordinary Brits who have nothing to do with the foreign misadventutes of their country and neither should the burden of Brtisih colonialism fall on them. if you are for it then how about a claim for reparations and retribution from India against Iranians for the devestation done to India by Nader Shah (don't get me wrong, I think he was still a  Great King). 

However, I do share the opinion that blaming the Brits or any foreign nation is not going to help us progress because the Japanese had two atomic bombs thrown on them and they are now the most successful nation in the world with no oil, little natural resources and even an army. The same for Germany. 

Finally, for those of you who hate Brits unreservedly perhaps you should ask yourself a few elementay questions.  Our oil was beneath our feet for millions  of years and yet it took a small island west of Africa (as Ahmadinejad puts it) to find it, refine it and import it? What does this tell about us? That we are bi savad? Bi orze? Whose fault is that? The Brits? If Iranians found the oil in any other country we would have done exactly the same thing. Sorry but that is our own shortcoming to let ourselves  to be expolited. Even when Mossadegh nationalised the oil, who was going to refine it? No one. He did not have a clue. 

The ruins of Persepolis was lying in Marvdasht for three thousand years but never once, not even under the Sassanians, did we try to excavate it? We knew a palace of sorts was there from the 6th centruy onwards because we called it Takhte Jamshid. Why did it take 800 years to excavate it and why was it done by the Chigaco Institute? Within 800 years when we could have excavated Persepolis America was conquered by Columbus, became a nation and the world superpower. What does that tell about us? Similarly, if it wasn't for the Europeans we would never have been able to crrectly identify Cyrus's grave in Pasaargad. Before 'Pasargaad' was disovered our own stupid people were stealing priceless rocks and stones from it. 

It is because of the West and Oreientalists that we have come to know of it so much of our history and trained Iran's finest archeologists and historians who have taken over the mantle? 

Was it not a British  officer of the East India Company, Henry Rawlinson who translated the Darious inscriptions in Bisutn complex in Kermanshah, which unlocked the  long forgotten history of Iran which the Arab Muslims  tried to eradicate. Those inscriptions were on the rock for thousands of years asd in plain view and it took a farangi British officer, wiho was randomly passing in that area to translate it and reveal Iran's glorious past. 

Finally, the Cyrus Cylinder? Who found it? The Brits! They are now in possession of the greatest artefact ever discovered (rightly or worngly) in Iranian history and would we ever have been able to discover it and translate it? Given the above reasons of our on complacency and stupidity because of Islam do you think we could have done it? YOU MUST BE JOKING. Like it or not. It is because of the Brits finding  and translating the Cyrus Cylinder that that Iranian love of Cyrus and nationality has seen such a revival. Why couldn't we do it for oursleves? 

In the process of our own stupidity because of the nefararious West to rape and pillage Iran. God does not help stupid people. God helps those who help themsleves. Being exploited is no excuse. Just ask the Japanese! You can only blame the Brits for only so long. After that you demonstrate your own inadequacies and impotency. 




by Mehrban on

Why do they impose their values on others where ever they have the power?Like in Iran.  Why?  

Mola Nasredeen

Yes, they are peaceful people

by Mola Nasredeen on

As long as

others would not try to impose their values on them

overthrow their government,

attack and occupy their land.

Yes they are peaeful people.


Peaceful people??

by jasonrobardas on

peaceful people that are scary and back waRD.

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

VPK:"Are you even Iranian? "








"What's three times worse than war?" "Three wars?"


Doctor Mokhangeles, I got your meaning. ;) Christmas jingooli magooli to you!

Hoshang Targol


Hoshang Targol

سران حکومت ايران بر اين گمان هستند که اگر بدترين سنت
های مردم در ايران را تشويق کنند، مردم ايران خواهند توانست اين بدترين
حکومت جهان را تحمل کنند،

يکی از صحنه های مراسم عاشورا را که مورد تشويق رژيم قرار گرفته 
بينيد: خود را به خاک و گل آغشته کردن و تدارک برای فراهم آوردن «گل

نمونه هايی ازعکس های مشابه را ميتوانيد در لينک های زير ببينيد:




Mola Nasredeen

According to

by Mola Nasredeen on

Iranian haters and fearmongers:

It's OK if Christians celebrate their religious holidays while killing hundreds of thousands just during the last few years,

It's Ok if Jews celebrate their Hanaka while occupying and terrorising Plalestinians and other people in the Middle East,

BUT it's not OK if Shia Muslims express their religious belief peacefully because it may freighten some people! Oh really? 

If it wasn't for Shia Muslims Iran would've been bombed and occupied by now by her enemies the ones that like of you supports. 


Dear Asadabad

by masoudA on

You say: All they are doing is illustrating their ignorance and superstitions..... You are correct - but you are missing the most important aspect of Sineh Zani.   To create a militia and to create terror amongst the population.   Please do not overlook this important factor we did in Iran and we paid for it. 


Dear VPK - I love your passion and agree with just about everything you say. 


Dear Dirty Angel - Our beef with the Brits is not over 1954 - in fact Iranians woke up and put out that fire on time, with some help from Uncle Sam - Our beef is with 200 years of payrolling Shiite Clergies via the East India Co...... But more importantly - what you are not seeing is the fact that people like me and VPK will ultimately help England get rid of the poison that is spreading there.... 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

The English deserve what they're getting in their neighborhoods. No sympathy there.

Thank you, no need to say I agree wholeheartedly.

My question is : "Does this belief system have a credible claim on Iran's land and territory

No of course it does not. This belief is death worship at its worst. It is crap and I hate it. It has no claim to us or anyone sane. I hope I am clear and leave no question over my position. 

By the way: I would feel the same if the person was not an Arab. We should stop worshiping death whether be of Iranian or Arab. We should go back to celebrating life not death. Lives of the wonderful people we had; have and are going to be having. Not waste them on walking on mine fields. and other stuff.

Hoshang Targol

On Iranian children, drugged and otherwise, running on mines

by Hoshang Targol on

RG: wasn't the name of the fellow ( British agent) Kozinski or something to that effect? It's amazing how soon people forget English Coal Miners' strike of 80's. There are so many great movies made about it.

The historical fact that most of the children who went on those operations were drugged, stupefied, and manipulated (literaly) to death as an indication or rational for hegemony of Islam is Iran is just weak. The fact that Sepah is preparing itself for a coup against the mullahs should give all a sense of proportion of just how isolated, despised and utterly discredited politicl Islam is in Iran.


@moosir: "some here are facists in the making... "

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

You kiddin me? most are made already and dont even know it !

And no, brits dont "deserve it", neither do Iranians, Iraqis, pakistanis, lebanese....

People who make this kind of "Brits deserve it" statements are as usual pissing up the wrong tree of blind nationalism, regardless of their fancy avatars. These "Brits deserve it " crowd need to be aware of the fact that in 1980's, the same British Ruling classes who were passing on the entire membership list of Tudeh, Fadaii, and other secular/left wing membership obtained through their double agent at KGB on to the islamist regime to have them arrested and executed later, were busy smashing up the British miners strike by brutal, violent force, leading to current state of depressing unemployment, poverty , crime and other social ills in the ex mining regions of Britain. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Hold on to your tears...

by comrade on

The English deserve what they're getting in their neighborhoods. No sympathy there. My question is : "Does this belief system have a credible claim on Iran's land and territory?" Remember, while some of us were packing to join the rest who had already left the country, child soldiers were marching on minefields in the hope of becoming close companions of Hussein in Heaven.   

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Just to be clear

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have no sympathy for Ashura or the whole thing. It is an abomination and a joke at the same time. The point I am making is that this whole "Mollah bazi" has been fanned and encouraged by centuries by foreign forces.(and the Safavi).

They found it convenient to have Iranians and other people waste their time beating their heads over some made up tragedy. That way they could deflect attention from the real tragedy happening to them right then and now. 

But now the chickens have come home to roost. It used to be that the British laughed at us from thousands of miles sitting in their neatly kept island. Now they have to face their own handiwork right there. It is called poetic justice.

Of course the "right" think is for people to pull thier heads out and stop mourning. Specially some internal fight between two factions of the Arab army that brought so much misery to Iran. 

For some reason some people have chosen to shoot the messenger. Except you cannot shoot people in cyberspace. So instead they vent their impotance by using insults.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


One does not have to control her own borders to cause mischief. It is very possible to be both weak in one way and still troublesome. 

However I agree that Britain is gettin weaker by the years. I thank God.

Darius Kadivar

If only these fellows in Berlin had the Same Luxury ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Who can't even shout their opposition against the IRI which has expelled them from their own country ... 

Clashes in front of IRI Embassy in Berlin

Speaking of Fairness or Double Standards ?  


Some Iranians still believe

by alaaf on

Some Iranians still believe the Brits control the world? They don't even control their own borders. Just look at this mess


I believe the ladies believe what they say

by Escape on

when they say they want to show there is nothing to be afraid of.I give them credit for that and appreciate the freedom to do so,but there will always be suspicion of Islam as long as their is reason for it.


we're not ready for democracy


seeing some comments here made me realize that we are not ready. some here are facists in the making...

Hoshang Targol

بر کدام جنازه زار مي‌زند...؟

Hoshang Targol

بر کدام جنازه زار مي‌زند...؟




بر کدام جنازه زار می‌زند این ساز؟
بر کدام مُرده‌ی پنهان می‌گرید
این سازِ بی‌زمان؟

در کدام غار
بر کدام تاریخ می‌موید این سیم و زِه، این پنجه‌ی نادان؟ 


بگذار برخیزد مردمِ بی‌لبخند
بگذار برخیزد!


زاری در باغچه بس تلخ است
زاری بر چشمه‌ی صافی
زاری بر لقاحِ شکوفه بس تلخ است
زاری بر شراعِ بلندِ نسیم
زاری بر سپیدارِ سبزبالا بس تلخ است.
بر برکه‌ی لاجوردینِ ماهی و باد چه می‌کند این مدیحه‌گوی تباهی؟
مطربِ گورخانه به شهر اندر چه می‌کند
زیرِ دریچه‌های بی‌گناهی؟


بگذار برخیزد مردمِ بی‌لبخند
بگذار برخیزد!












Schizophrenic Delusions

by Doctor mohandes on

This is really amazing.

Here we have a case of an individual who has this audacious and abnormal tendency to blow matters out of proportion and when he hears and sees that no one else is walking in the same direction and the path he is, then all of a sudden the assumption that others are supporters of some Ilusionary master! and God! surfaces.

Equating their weakness and utter failure to achieve their goals by yelling and screaming in these forums to an honest attempt in exposing some imaginary Lord and master, whose only got its origins intheir mind and no one else's, is a sign that these individuals can not be and should not be  in a position to invest in the future of Iran and its people in any shape or form.

They exhibit every sign of self-admiration and self-righteousness By  Thinking that they always have their fingers on the pulse of all others and all situations around them.

Utterly pathetic.