Abjeez: DemoKracy

Wikileak revelations recall powerful song

Latest publication of U.S. documents reminded me of this great song. Don't miss the Abjeez in San Francisco this Saturday, December 4.


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Dirty Angel

Thank you, Immortal Guardian(Guardaani!?) ;)

by Dirty Angel on

Quite a bit of a mouthful! Thanks for explaining.

Btw whenever they say sekoolaar, I immediately think of (three) air conditioning! 

"The shorter the life, the longer the death."

your question. LOL beats me too!

Immortal Guard

Beautiful song! Well done!

by Immortal Guard on

I like their brand of music. It is something fresh in Persian music.

Dirty Angel: Word for democracy: MardomSaalaari! Or if you want to go word for word --> Demos = Mardom, Kratein = Guardaan ==> MardomGuardaani!

By the way if you can explode that atomic bomb under the Earth and call it an earthquake then why explode it over the Earth?

Dirty Angel

Is there really,

by Dirty Angel on

not even a vaguely resembling word for democracy in Persian?

"The shorter the life, the longer the death."


I hadn't

by عموجان on

seen this one with the video before??????? but it make sense 

I always liked  their Demokracy.