Velayat TV Host

"We will burn those who support injustice towards prophet's family"

TV station is based in Dublin, California >>>





سید الاغ پیغمبر

Yashar Qazvini

Zaheer Hassan & His Toy of Terror: Velayat TV!

by Yashar Qazvini on

@SyedVelayati in other words, your lord and master Zaheer Hassan is an IRI GOVERNMENT AGENT working behind enemy lines in the United States!! Thank you for the clarification.

Now it makes more sense: Your "imminent scholar" Hassan has "direct access to Rahbar" [Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and names his TV station Velayat TV => VELAYAT-E-FAQIH!

Going back to the comment of @Iran Paidar, he's right on, except that your beloved Zaheer Hassan is Pakistani instead of Arab!

So Mr. @SyedVelayati, instead of you speaking of lawsuits, how about us notifying the FBI plus the Department of Homeland Security about a bloodthirsty IRI agent on the loose, using his TV station to make threats about burning people?!

Thank you again!


  • Zaheer Hassan is also known as Syed Zaheer-ul Hassan Naqvi
  • Zaheer Hassan is the resident alim at Imam Ali Islamic Center (IAIC) of Castro Valley, CA.
  • IAIC is located at 9875 Dublin Canyon Road, Castro Valley, CA 94522


The following is a video of a turbanless Zaheer Hassan: 


PS: Those who support Zaheer Hassan's TV station, mosque, and other Islamist projects are as guilty as him!


سیّد ولایتی




چشم قربان! چه جوری باید از مولانا سیّد ظهیرُ الحسن نقوی عذر خواهی کنیم!

فعلاً که در اثر شدت حرارت ناشی از آتش وعده داده شده توسط مولانا هر کدوم از کامنت گزارها یک کوبیده و دوتا گوجهء آمادهء تناول برای شما و مولانا آماده کردن با ریحون و ساندیس میل بفرمائین تا بقیه ش حاضر بشه!

میخواین برای بقیّه هوادارای مولانا در پاکستان و نیویورک هم سفارش بدین؟


Who is threatening who? Here r direct threats from mullah

by MM on

ما امروز اینها رو آتش (0:35) می زنیم.
امروز ما اینها رو آتش (2:19) می زنیم.
شما با ما نمیتوانید (2:41) طرف شوید.
امروز ما اینها رو آتش (3:00) می زنیم.


Syed, I see that you flagged my comment

by MM on

so, here is a more polished version of what I said. 

Those, like you or the Basij, who think that the Ayatollahs and the slash-and-burn Mullahs like this "guy" in the video are infallible, are enablers of IRI and share responsibility for the death of our young for being mohaareb / mofsed-ol-fel-arz just because they express their opinions.

The catholic church also tried to silence her flock by burning / torture in Europe and, guess what (?), Renaissance happened.  Now, the Pope is isolated and his reign is limited to a few square miles in Rome and sits as a show-time-ruler.

Your kind and the Ayatollahs will eventually go the same way as the do-do-bird or at best become a Pope-like figure in Ghom, or preferably in Najaf.


Watch why say!

by SyedVelayati on

@Benyamin: let me tell you this, once you say something, you can't take it back. It's gone! No matter how much you chase it, you won't be able to take it back. What makes you say that Maulana Syed Zaheer-ul-Hassan Naqvi is a "CLOWN?" Just because you felt guilty is not an excuse to attack an imminent scholar who has direct access to Rahbar and who is doing his best to forewarn offenders. You know, everything in life is subject to change. Our scholars are working very hard to bring this nation out of its darkness and those moharebs here shall all face true justice at the right time. My advise to you, repent now before it's too late.


You are making a threat against our scholar!!

by SyedVelayati on

@Ensan: You are clearly threatening our beloved leader with violence! Maulana Syed Zaheer-ul-Hassan Naqvi is not without staunch supporters and dedicated followers! Watch what you say! You should know, we protect our scholars with our souls and blood! I am sorry to see that this so-called web site permits and encourages threats. You know, once the government of this country changes and our scholars are leading it, I assure you, you will be brought to trial!! Let me give you this sincere advise: Save yourself and remove your post now, before it's too late!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

seyed  Tik Tak , ki hal ?

what is all this lawsuit intimidations you're typing about .

his next daal chawal will be on us ( the molla haters of AMERICA ). Maziar


Not funny at all!!

by SyedVelayati on

@Majid: This is incitement and it's not funny, at all. You too cease and desist. Maulana Syed Zaheer-ul-Hassan Naqvi is not alone in this. He has a legion of supporters in New York and other places, plus he has the backing of Rahbar and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- we shall all stand by him. Cease and desist. This campaign of abuse against an esteemed and well-known scholar is not acceptable! You too, remove your comment and apologize to Maulana Zaheer.


Maulana Zaheer is not a hater!

by SyedVelayati on

@Mehman: You have rushed to judge an esteemed scholar that you don't even know. Maulana Syed Zaheer-ul-Hassan Naqvi is famous in New York for his persistent interfaith works. He strives to reach out to others to help and guide them. For all you know, Maulana Zaheer is in deep prayers, begging Allah to forgive the sins of all those transgressors who have posted offensive comments against Maulana! This defamation campaign is unjust and vicious! Please remove your offensive comment and apologize to Maulana Zaheer. Also, please ask the other offenders to do the same!


Totally unacceptable!

by SyedVelayati on

@egoliath: Repugnant! Shocking! I have never seen something like this before! I am truly shocked! How dare do you call an esteemed scholar "fat pig" and "monster!?" This is an insult to not only Maulana Syed Zaheer-ul-Hassan Naqvi, but also to all his followers and supporters in Pakistan, Iran, the United States and many other places. Maulana Zaheer is not alone and we won't let this go unprotested! There is no shortage of lawyers who can handle this systemic defamation campaign of a our beloved Maulana!! Cease and desist! Remove your offensive post and apologize to Maulana Zaheer!


Forewarning the wicked is not hate-mongering

by SyedVelayati on

@Doctor X: The efforts of Maulana Syed Zaheer Hassan Naqvi are obviously well-intentioned, for his purpose is clearly to guide the listeners and ultimately save souls. To call Maulana Zaheer a "hate-monger" is unfair and reflects a lack of desire to understand the points articulated by Maulana Zaheer! You too, please remove your offensive comment and replace it with a sincere apology message to Maulana.



by Q on

It really does not matter whether Maulana Syed Zaheer-ul-Hassan Naqvi is Rashti or Afghani. He is in fact a very well known scholar from Pakistan and very popular in New York. Your comment is racist and inappropriate.

Welcome to Hate speech and personal attacks is very much tolerated, but especially if it's toward Muslims or Islam. You can flag the comments, but don't hold your breath with this crowd. It's called "being blinded by hate".

Also get ready for bigoted insults and email harrassment. It will happen. Sorry for your experience, and I say this with much sadness: this is not a place for a civilized discourse on anything related to Islam or Muslims.


Cleanse your evil tongue!

by SyedVelayati on

@cyclicforward: When I saw all these so-called comments, I could not help it but to immediately sign up to this degenerate web site at least so I can stand by an esteemed beloved scholar and denounce this vicious campaign of insults against him. I won't go down to the incredibly low level of your post, but to say that Maulana Syed Zaheer-ul-Hassan Naqvi, a scholar with direct access to Ayatollah Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad, is a "big fat pig" is a recipe for devastating lawsuits against both the authors of this and the other offensive "comments" and the operators of this Satanic site! Repent before its too late. Fix your mistake before it becomes irreversibly regrettable!


Your comment is biggoted

by SyedVelayati on

@tehran e Azad: It really does not matter whether Maulana Syed Zaheer-ul-Hassan Naqvi is Rashti or Afghani. He is in fact a very well known scholar from Pakistan and very popular in New York. Your comment is racist and inappropriate. Please remove it and replaced it with an apology message, at least to clear your conscious!


Cease & Desist

by SyedVelayati on

@jmyt17: While much of your comment is constructive, I am shaken by your insult to Maulana Syed Zaheer Hassan Naqvi! Calling an esteemed scholar supported by Ayatollah Khamenei a "jerk" only because he forewarned the wicked is beyond unfair: It's abhorrent! One day our scholars will become the leaders of this nation and those who insulted them shall all face trials. Save yourself and remove your insult and replace it with a sincere apology to Maulana Zaheer.


This is why I workout

by Iraniandudee3 on

 Just to beat the living piss out of islamist koskhols like this vermin filth. Bring this guy infront of me and see if I don't go bat sh!t crazy on him.



by asadabad on




by Benyamin on



Oh boy!

by Ensan on

Only five minutes, he and I alone, and the world would be a better place.



by Majid on

There you have it, his phone# and e-mail address is at the bottom of the screen, let him know how much you love his speech! LOL

maziar 58

velayet= dehat

by maziar 58 on

that tv comes from paid moaavedin sent to usa as Iraqi refugees by rafsanjani and shoraka.

the new challange on America's first amendement by the muslim and.... is an extreme travesty to all Americans.      Maziar


Martikeh poosfuz meege man nemeefahamam..

by Bavafa on

Khob nafahm hasti ke nemeefahmi oolagh

In akhoodha are good for only one thing and only one thing... laye darze divar.




by Mehman on

This is horrible! With so much open hatred the man is dishonoring his creed more than any foe could do the job!



by egoliath on

That fat pig should be sent to Guantanamo right away. Who gave birth to that monster?


This is how I look at it

by iamfine on

If mullahs want to survive and gain respect, they must change their way of thinking. They should try to link Islam to something more moderate that would be acceptable to the eyes of average people.


America's Most wanted

by Doctor X on

Or "unwanted"?

This is a classic case of a hate-monger.

I will contach John walsh myself.


Very Nice and informative

by cyclicforward on

I am sure FBI is listening to this guy and he is going to be on 8:00 P.M. news pretty soon. What a big fat pig.

tehran e Azad

Divaneh but funny

by tehran e Azad on

Where is he from? first I thought he was Rashti then he sounded afghani.



What did you expect from Islam ?

by Ferfereh on

This is Islam, killing, raping, torturing, plundering, ...... and now they (U.S and EU) promoting this ideology everywhere, in Midle east they just will find a country that has not Islamic regime, then they in  someway trying to get the Islam to rule over there, Iraq, Afghanestan, Pakestan, .... With Islam you keep everybody in ignorance and if there is someone who think different, Allah has said you can rape, torture, kill him/her.