Abolhassan Banisadr

Denies ever saying women's hair emits rays (and therefore should be covered)


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I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC oriented website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles and comments, this purportedly Iranian site's content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is
offensive to the vast majority of Iranians. Please do not engage with this site
except to warn other Iranians.

Nader Vanaki

آخوندها زیرآب بچه آخوند رو زدن

Nader Vanaki

Beheshti => R.I.P.


"Proud Iranian"

by comrade on

Accepting the wrongs of the past should be a part of our national healing process. No one should be exempt, including the true sons of Iran.

Heroes, too, need to feel humbled once in a while! 

Every Day We Get A Little Bit Closer!


Proud Iranian

by esvani on

It is ironic that the lies, misinformation and insult against Mr Banisadr spread by the regime in Iran in the last 30 years, is used in some of the comments here to attack this honourable son of Iran.

Mr Banisadr does not need anybody to defend him as his record as a true Iranian servant and patriot is out there for everyone to see. The body of his written work is vast and open to intelligent interrogation.   During his political life he has never resorted to insult and has always encouraged civilised dialogue.  


After the revolution he took on the Khomeini system pretty much single handedly and was an inspiring commander in chief to mobilise Iranian air force, navy and army to fight off the evil Sadam Hussain.  Banisadr was loved and admired by the proud Iranian armed forces.  In less than a year he managed to push back the invaders and Sadam was keen to pay war compensation to avoid total defeat.  The coup d’état against Banisadr was exactly because of his success in the war and his popularity amongst the nation and the armed forces.  

In the past 30 years no one has worked harder to bring to the attention of the world the hypocrisy of the regime as well as the violation of human rights in Iran.  With his vast knowledge of economics and international politics he has also provided practical advice and a way forward to the Iranian nation to prosper and find its rightful place in the world.




by asadabad on

Is this "press conference" is being held in a kindegarten classroom?



ABS - a son of mollah full of contraditions

by MM on

ABS was instrumental in bringing the likes of Khomeini to power.  Then, when falling out of grace, he turned against IRI, but, as far as I know, ABS has not denounced his support for Shari'a as the law of the land.

ABS gained some respect, with me at least, when he testified in Mikonos trials exposing the long hand of IRI in murders outside of Iran.  I think because of his testimony, many high IRI officials came under international scrutiny.

Nonetheless, he is still an Islamist and just like them, he may have said stupid things so that his grass looked greener.



by Patriot on

I have heard this statement attributed to him for years.  I know that his denying it is nothing new.  He denied it 20 years ago during an interview, too.  At the time he said that he had merely repeated the question someone from the audience had asked him before answering it, which is plausible.

Among all the people who came and went with the Iranian Revolution, I dislike this man the least.  There were much bigger monsters than Banisadr to be sure.  

Babak K.

President Bani-Sadr was and

by Babak K. on

President Bani-Sadr was and is a man of Sharaf and Vojdan, very unusual characeristics  among my countrymen.  He never abandoned decency and for that he has all my respects. 

Babak K.

Anahid Hojjati

Wow, when I saw him featured, I was reminded of emitting hair

by Anahid Hojjati on

As soon as I saw Banisadr being featured as Iranian of the day, first thing that came to my mind was when during debates on TV, Banisadr said that women's hair emits rays.  I remember that myself, how can he deny it? This is the most defining moment of Banisadr for me and possibly thousands if not millions of Iranians. If my memory serves me right, this happened in televised debates with leaders of leftist groups.


He looks

by statira on

like a bird's chick that just came out of the egg.

Khodemooneema, een siasatmadarayeh bad az enghelab, ajab ozgalayee hastanda!


Does it really matter if he made this statement or not?

by fooladi on

He was instrumental in building the islamist khalifat regime of Iran. He only complains today because he lost the internal power struggle and couldnt share the loot. He is another of these islamist "intellectuals" who destroyed two entire generations of Iranian youth. He should consider himself lucky to be spending his old age in safety of paris. Otherwise he desrves the same fate as the current leadership of Islamsit regime do: hanging


I wonder

by MRX1 on

If any one really cares what this idiot has to say any way? if he had any honor he would have appologozied for the none sense that he said many years a go and done with.



by Ferfereh on

Several years ago, I watched that video with my friend, I wish I had copied it. These people were Khomeini's helper to build this regime, the killing machine regime and they knew it, they knew who Khomeini was, they knew he was lying when he was in Paris, they knew he wanted an Islamic regime with Sharia laws and .... These people are Mullahs with other shape and their mission was and is to destroy Iran.


"Is not now the time for the youth to rise up...?"

by comrade on

Yes, it is.

Lack of proper social/cultural mechanism for empowerment of  independent youth is a typical characteristic of a traditional society in the third-world (whatever the third-world nowadays means).

Is it the older generation which takes the younger one as hostage, or is it the youth who clings to the umbilical cord for too long? 

Every Day We Get A Little Bit Closer!


A Jurassic Tale

by Demo on

This video is a proof that the dinosaurs are still around. A “Supreme” type of it is ruling over other types in Iran & a “Sadr” type is surviving in Paris. All could make “noises” but what it matters is what they “do” now or what they “did” before. This Bani one ran away from his master under a veil & after kissing his master’s hands. There were also other hand kissers & other traitors at the time: Ghotb Zadeh , Tabatabee, Yazdi, and etc. The two worst of them all (Rafsanjani & Khamenie) got rid of some & made the rest to either kiss Khamenie’s hands or run away from the country at different times. Is not now the time for the youth to rise up against the dinosaurs rulers?????   


I don't remember the exact quote, but I do

by Onlyiran on

remember a funny cartoon about it back in the 80's in Hadi Khorsandi's wonderful "Asghar Agha" publication.  I think JJ is friends with Mr. Khorsandi.  Perhaps he can ask him if he remembers.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Just like he said: There was a Q&A session, in some university. Somebody asked Badisadr about it, and he didn't disagree.


I also remember him saying

by benross on

I also remember him saying that. But I can not trust my memory. But I don't understand what you are agonizing about. The radiation of women hair is a proven fact. Why is he trying to deny saying that?


بنى جهل


This western-educated gentleman (Sorbonne, Paris) put a nice and democratic face on Khomeini's brutal regime and when push came to shove, he fled Iran dressed as a woman.

The first president of the Islamic Republic and what a coward!

Iran Paidar

Dirt ...

by Iran Paidar on

همه اين كثافت هاى به اصطلاح روشن فكر هرگز به اشتباهاتِ خود اقرار نميكنند. من به روشنى به ياد مى اورم كه بنى صدر اين حرف را در تلويزيون ايران گفته بود.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I dunno... I could almost swear I remember hearing him talking about women's "radiant hair" during one of his lectures on TV in the summer of 1980. I was at my uncle's house in Shemiran. But ok. It was 30 years ago and I might be wrong. And millions of others, too :)

Just say you were wrong. Nobody admits anything. Why is that? There's no shame in taking responsibility... assuming he said it. I'm pretty sure he did! Can't wait when somebody digs up that tape :)