"We need to make Iran the world's problem"

Israel President interviewed on FOX


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American Dream, If Israel followed your advice...

by Ostaad on

it's "Iranian problem" would be solved too. Iran has publicly and frequently announced that if there is "just and fair peace" between Israel and Palestine, Iran would abide by its terms.

For some reason the war criminals, the racists pigs and right wings religious zealots who run Israel are not ready to abandon the Apartheid regime for which they have killed and made homeless so many people.

Peace between Israel and the Palestinians effectively neutralized the "Iranian threat" the Zionista like to hype so much.

Israel's problem is the "world" they are trying to turn against Iran does not believe them and/or considers them a more dangerous and destabilizing country than Iran.

True to form, these war criminals are adding the American people to their list of enemies too. Actually the American people would have far fewer enemies in the ME if it the US did not give its blind support to the Apartheid regime of Israel.

Mola Nasredeen

It's all Zionists hype according to the head of the Atomic Agenc

by Mola Nasredeen on

y. This is what he said to day:

"VIENNA (AP) — The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency is quoted as saying he thinks that in many ways the threat posed by Iran has been "hyped."

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, published by a group of prominent scientists, interviewed International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei.

The magazine quotes ElBaradei as saying there is no concrete evidence that Tehran has an ongoing nuclear weapons program. Despite that, ElBaradei says, "many people are talking about how Iran's nuclear program is the greatest threat to the world."



I didn't know

by anonymous111.2 on

you actually had a point.  I thought that you were just rambling on with your "Zionist", blah, blah, blah as usual! 



by anonymous111.2 on

I'll answer your question this way:

Kaveh Nouraee doesn't need my help to kick your butt all over the place on this site.

Actually, if you really want to know who I am, I'll tell you this little secret:

I am king Abdullah of Jordan.  Keep it to yourself, though.  Don't tell anyone.

What an idiot....


Mola Habibi

by anonymous111.2 on

What is with you Islamist crowd that always accuse people of writing under various names?  Do you think that there are not enough people who hate your boss, IRI's guts? LOL.  Newsflash: at least 90% of Iranians hate your boss the IRI.  At least I wasnt't leaving anonymous comments when it possible to do so under various names such as "Obamavoter".  Unlike you, I have always used the same screenname, even when I wasn't registered. Why were you doing that anyway? If you were doing that then, God only knows how many different registered names you have now!!!

But enough about me...let's talk about you, habibi.  Why don't you just answer the crticism instead of spewing your "Zionist", blah, blah, blah?  Why isn't Obama stopping the organ trade?


That's right, Mola the Palestinian

by anonymous111.2 on

They do "kill the Palestinian prisoners and sell their body parts to New jersy rabbies."  And your President, Barack Mohamed Gholam Hussein Obama, is doing jacksh*t to stop it.  Ironic, isn't it, Mr. "Obamavoter"? 

American Dream

Shimon Peres'es real problem

by American Dream on

Shimon Peres'es real problem is not Iran.  Lebanese Hizb'Allah and the Gazan Hamas are Israel's problem.  Mr. Peres should stop interfereing in Iran's internal affairs.  

Whether or not Iran is trying to develop nuclear energy or nuclear arms is no one's business but Iran itself.

If Shimon Peres wants peace he should open up to Lebanese Hizb'Allah and Gazan Hamas.  There is a present truce between Hamas and the state of Israel.  There is also a truce between Lebanese Hizb'Allah and Israel.  The Israeli government should open up direct dialog with both groups.

With Nasr'Allah is Lebanon, Sadr in Iraq, Mishal in Gaza and Asad in Syria Israel has few friends.  Adding Iran to the host of enemies is just stupid.


Blood sucker Israel world's racist,criminal,anti-christ,anti-UN!

by gol-dust on

Anti everyone and everywhere, baby killer, world's No. 1 thief and land grabber, hateful... I can go on! Ass, says that iran has said that israel is to be wiped out. However, that was only hot air. what they don't want to talk about is that they are the ones who are acting on it by the killing of innocent palestinains and lebanese, and they would wish iranians. But they know better not to mess around with us!

Talk about the liar, snake oil salesman. Of course, he is on FOX that belongs to another fella zionist! Israel's game as always is to divert attention from her own damn atrocities and making Iran look like a bugyman that everyone should be afraind of, by talking about Iran. The world know that Israel who never listens to UN is the real problem! DAIUS-HA!


Have they got tired of being the world's problem

by Bavafa on

maybe they need to look at their own action to see why they are the world number one problem.


Mola Nasredeen

Israel's president, aka,

by Mola Nasredeen on

the two faced hypocrite snake. The president of deceit, murder, rape, destruction and torture. The president of Israel where they kill the Palestinian prisoners and sell their body parts to New jersy rabbies. Playing his favorite game; MISINFORMATION.