Khamenei Friday sermon

Vows 'harsh response' to opposition

BBC: Ayatollah Khamenei's Friday sermon was closely watched for indications of further moves against opponents. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei In it he said: "Confronting the system, confronting the tenets of the system, standing up to and drawing a sword against the system will get a harsh response." The ayatollah also sounded a note of conciliation, saying that "differences of views should not lead to conflicts". But he added: "If opposition groups have ideas that are against the nation's security and the principles of the regime, they will be confronted." >>>

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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Of course I'm not suggesting that you are on his side.

We already know who on this website is on his side, and you are not among them.



by AK69 on

- akhe haif neist ke 70 million Irani zeri dast ein peremarde dayuesse taryakii zajr mikeshan?

- vakhti ke vakhte khodesh shod... bebin che be saresh mireseh, be hamashoon mireseh 



Darius Kadivar

FYI/Reza Pahlavi's Message to the Clerics of Iran

by Darius Kadivar on

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran's Open Letter to the Clerics who stand with the current Theocracy against the will of the People.

Listen Here

Ahmed from Bahrain

Too many words

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Very confusing. He keeps defending nezam, nezam, nezam (system).

The only system worth aspiring for is that of freedom of humans to be who they choose to be. This is applied love. The rest is all b.s. talk toherwise he does not believe in human dignity which according to his own Quran God appointed as His guardian on this earth.

But people like him believe that Iranians can't think for themselves, despite thousands of years of culture. Sad to say most Islamic regimes treat their own people like idiots as if we are not capable of running our own lives.

This mentality must change. Only then humans can live in dignity with each other.

Ahmed from Bahrain

Anonymous Observer

Well, at least he's consistent

by Anonymous Observer on

in his belligerence.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Maybe he doesn't know that some Harsh Stuff is waiting for him 2

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!



by KouroshS on

What makes you thing i am giving him any credit? The fact that i am stating that should make it absolutely clear to you what my position is and where exactly i stand. He Knows he is not making any sense whatsoever, Yet he has no choice, What do you expect him to do? Bend over and appologize? Do you think it is gonna happen? Did hitler do the same?

Are you suggesting that i somehow I am on his side when it comes to all those criminal act?

he is a dictator and that what dictators do. He has got to maintain his image and he has got to talk tough.


Khameni issued Kahroubi

by vildemose on

Khameni issued Kahroubi arrest warrant.


Rahbar joon, practice

by Suomynona on

Rahbar joon, practice grabing your ankles. Nezam is going to deliver the big one soon.


NY we are coming

by benross on

On the political front, I have serious concern about green movement and I expressed it. But on national front, this is the time to show the world what Iranians are made of. New York we are coming. We must not allow IRI to get a free ride, not now not ever.


My dear friend, I agree with

by ham1328 on

My dear friend, I agree with you 100%. Arabs hate Iranians anyway, and these stupid mullahs want us to feel sorry for them? We are Iranians and let the Arabs take care of their problems. Using Iran's oil revenu to sponser terrorists in the Arab world, is not Iranians desire.


Khamenie's threat

by ham1328 on

I'm somewhat baffuled by Khamenei's daily threats against the opposition..... Well, he claims his candidate has won a landslide victory, then what's the problem???? Why does he have to make threats against his own people?? Oh millions of Iranians took to the streets and dared to voice their outrage at the outcome of this so called election!!! So, what is he saying? Could it be that he is saying I know this government is hated by a large majority, but I'm not listening to the people and will hold on to power at any cost??? I think I got it!!!



by Benyamin on

What is "Rooz e Ghods"? Ghods and Palestine has become a diversion tactic for the IRI to cover up its crimes, to hide its dark side and everytime "evryone" is looking at Iran and what is going on there, the IRI points at Israel or USA or UK. This whole pointing at "others" in my opinion in a way disrespecting Iranians. It is a way of degrading them and making them feeling small and taking their confidence away from them and mentally crippling them.

I hope someone from "Beit e rahbari" is reading this site, this is my message to the leader of Iran. I AMNOT LIVING FOR ARABS OR MUSLIMS, I WANT TO LIVE AS AN IRANIAN FREE OF FEAR.

Khomeini made up the IRI and made up alot of other things and one of them was "Rooz e ghods".

I hope iranian youth will turn that day to hell for Khameneie and IRI. 



by mohajaf on

Whith his logic, Brazil has the best political system. their soccer team has so many fans across the globe, especially in Iran.


mostafa ghanbari

Bang it ! Do you need one more nail?

by mostafa ghanbari on


I liked it! It was really smashing!

you know, hammer is a hand tool for  driving the nails in and of course beating the hard metals; but I like it most when it is used to drive the sharp and long nails to a wooden coffin.This undertaker have been using the hammer of the religion to distort the great Iranian culture and values; but now he is using the same hammer to drive the nails of his coffins in. Bravo man! You are doing very well! The next Friday will be a good opportunity to use the hammer( a heavier one) to drive more nails in; do not miss it.

American Dream

I already predicted this!

by American Dream on

Jahanshah Javid said it correctly:

"Mousavi and Karroubi will be in jail soon."

This is what may happen in the future if former prime minister Mousavi and Shia Muslim Cleric Karroubi oppose Ayat'Allah Khamenei directly.  Like Khatami in July 1999 with the Iranian student protests, Karroubi and Mousavi will have to come to the aid of Ayat'Allah Khamenei or be put in prison.  That was 1999, it is now 2009.   10 years have passed, the strategy of the theocracy has not changed one bit.

As far as the founder of the theocracy is concerned, Ayat'Allah Khomayni was as Iranian as an Iranian pistachio nut.  He and his ancestors were from Khomayn.  Khomayn is in the Central province of Iran that is referred to as "Ostaan Markazi".

As far as Ayat'Allah Khamenei is concerned, he is an Iranian born in Mashad from an Iranian Azerbaijani family.

Now all this nonsense about these two individuals ethnicity is just plain stupid.  Both these Khomayni and Khamenei are Iranian.  To refute this point is illogical.

Now if you are opposed to the theocracy, that is another subject altogether.

I favor a democratic republic like the United States of America with the social freedoms of the city of Amsterdam.

And calling Ali Khamenei a begger is just plain stupid.  He owns all the rights to Iran.  How can he be a begger?  He controls the military, the media, and ultimately the Iranian oil revenues.  He is the wealthiest Iranian in the world.

The posts in response the present video clips of Ali Khamenei are just silly.

Calling Khamenei the wildest animal in history is making him a dictator of an enormous size.  Do you mean to tell me that Khamenei is more dangerous than Hitler and Stalin?  No one can say such a stupid thing.

As far as the theocracy being done with, that is wishful thinking.

I do have a plan to make Iran a democratic republic with the freedoms of Amsterdam.  I will be able to make that dream come true.

Until then, all the best to all of you.

Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars.




فرار به جلو


آنها که گمان می‌کردند سپاه پاسدار نظام، و ولی فقیه‌اش اسلام ناب محمدی را برای این سکولار زده‌ها انعطاف می‌بخشند پاسخ خود را گرفتند.

من هم کاملاً با ارزیابی خامنه‌ای موافقم. نبرد ما به مرحلهٔ تازه‌ای وارد شده است. ما فرش را از زیر پای او خواهیم کشید زیرا نه آن سپاه سپاهی است که ایران را به اسلام بفروشد و نه مسلمانی آن مسلمانی یک وطن فروش است.

پیش به سوی ایجاد سازمان مردمی جنبش نوین ملی ایران


The only thing that I agreed was the chant:"Marg bar esraaeel!"

by gol-dust on

IRI would die with him. They give a bad name to the religion. In the name of islaam destroy your oponents! What a wonderful way to eliminate the opposition!


Moron number one knows he is done with

by mahmoudg on

He has no choice but to support this regime, he knows without it he will be brought to justice, tried and convicted and put on deathrow with a Koran shoved up his butt! 


وحشی ترین حیوان روی زمین سید علی گدای بچه مغول می باشد


این حرامزاده توی جنایت و پستی و وحشیگری دست کمی از  اجدادش کثیفش  مثل تیمور لنگ, سلطان محمود غضنوی, عباس صفوی و قاجارها ندارد. از چشمهای چنگیزیش خون , نفرت و توحش می بارد



by Faramarz_Fateh on

Unfortunately, I don't think anything will be happening soon.  There is no one sane and non Islamic to take over even if they did go away.


Last breath...

by Emil on

Looks like this Arab Islamo Fascist regime is taking it last breath...

Kaveh Nouraee

Lost it?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Jahanshah, with all due respect, when did this SOB ever "have" it to begin with?

Kourosh.....why are you giving him the credit to suggest that he knows that he has no leg to stand on? The entire regime is based on the delusional foundation laid by the Indian 30 years ago. Why would you think he isn't under the same delusion?

Remember? The one where his warped idea of Islam comes before anything else and that the Iranian nation and the Iranian people are completely expendable? How else do you explain the arrests, the torture, the rapes, the executions in the streets and in the prisons, the sham trials, and let's not forget the sham election that precipitated all of this.

He is a sociopath. Just like the rest of them.

Shifteh Ansari

On BBC Persian TV

by Shifteh Ansari on

Report of Ali Khamenei's Friday sermon:


How else should he say it?

by KouroshS on

This is all a big act first of all. He is talking tough. He knows he has got no leg to stand on. But how else do you think he should come out and say it?


What a freak!

by vildemose on

What a freak!

Jahanshah Javid

Out of his mind

by Jahanshah Javid on

He has really, truly lost it. A perfect example of a dictator. Mousavi and Karroubi will be in jail soon.