Strategy for fighting Sepah

Mohsen Sazegara on confronting Revolutionary Guards and Khamenei's latest threats


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I'm all for Mr. Sazegara changing his mind or whatever

by ghalam-doon on

But only after a truth and reconciliation commision has looked into his past doings. The same thing applies to other so called disidents wherether they're still within the sytem or have left the country.



Changing Mind Is a Human Privilege

by Mahvash Shahegh on

Who said that one should stay on one's thought for the rest of one's life? Human beings evolve, so do their thoughts and beliefs. We have so many examples of mind changing in the history of the West and East as well. I just give you two examples.

Jean Paul Sartre at the middle of his life was a registered Commonist but, later he pulled out and changed his mind. So, we have to say that he was a traitor!!

Ghazzali, a famous Iranian philosopher, first he was an Islamist scholar. At the middle of his life he became an apostate. But, he to this day, has a high respect in the Eastern philosophy.

I think we should respect Dr. Sazegara for his evolving and constant thinking and his effort to confront the wrongdoing and to pursue what he considers right and just. You may not agree with him, but, should not devaluate his struggle for advancement of his country either.

Mardom Mazloom

I'm wondering

by Mardom Mazloom on

what people calling Sazegara names did - or do , for Iran NOW (except zer - zer zadan)? Sazegara helped to create Sepah but as he said, the first organism was there to protect IRI. Don't forget that at that time 98% of iranians voted for IRI. Then under IRI, he was jailed because of his ideas and now he is helping people, by what he knows, to get ride of Sepah which evolved to the Mafia that it is now. For me and A LOT of people, this is priceless. 

چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد



So, who created this sepaah?

by ghalam-doon on

Which part of the sepaah did he belong to? He can't be a "shahid", since he's still around.

But he does his utmost to put himself among the "good" guys; the people who fought the enemy.

I'm surpried he's not talking about his beloved imam, like other people in the reformist camp.

These people have no shame. Instead of apologizing to the Iranian nation, they come up with these strategies to fight the monster that they created.

We cannot blame someone like R.P for the crimes of this regimes or the crimes that his father commited. But can we say the same about the founder of sepaah?


Criminal on the run...

by Emil on

Sazegara, a criminal  Akhon-zadeh on the run...  Sazegara, an eccentric, egoistic, maniac, opportunist, who thinks he is leading people with this video crap... what a complete idiot...He should be arrested and put on trial...


Thank You Mohsen Sazegara

by masoudA on

These are times wie need strategy while looking ahead.    Mohsen Sazegara is doing his best in making-up for his past and must be allowed to do so.    People like Sazegara must never be put in leadership positions in the post IRI era - but we must embrace all who are willing to help us fight IR.  


Mardom Mazloom

My warmest thanks to Dr. Sazegara

by Mardom Mazloom on

He represents a lot of hope for our youths in the country, as he daily advices them on different subjects by emails or on youtube. His videos are discussed on different forums such as Balatarin and people, as myself, believe on him. Thank you Hamvatan.

چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد


jj, please.... not this vatan foroush traitor disgrace again

by oktaby on