Slogans in university cafeteria

Elm o Sanat (Science and Technology) University

October 3, 2009: Elm o Sanat is at least the fourth university in the capital where YouTube videos have shown student protests since the start of the school year. The others are Tehran University, Sharif University and Azad University.

"Ya Hossein Mir Hossein"

"Allah o Akbar"



True face of our rebillion.

by پیام on

Thanks for the post. While some "jireh khor's" around here try their best to foul people and tell them that everything is hunky dory in Iran and that people should focus on jews and esrail and what not, there is a battle for freedom going on in Iran and the students are in the for front.



by yolanda on

In the 2nd video, the guy appeared to be laughing at the end of the video...people are getting bolder!!!!

Thanks for the same day video! Great job!