345 kg Man

Undergoes stomach bypass surgery


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Souri jaan

by onlyinamrica on

I agree with you 100%. We need to remind ourselves of what our women going true everyday (covered head to toe and beaten up by their husbonds and denied of their God given rights) for the last 30 horrible years regardless of what subject we are watching or reading here.  


Souri Jaan

by kathmandu5 on

I agree with your point about double standards.  I have been advocating the legalization of women going in public topless be it for jogging or tanning for years.  My hope is that we can achieve that goal at least in U.S. while I still have great vision so I can enjoy what God intended for us to see all along. lol



by yolanda on

Star Jones lost a lot of weight thru the "medical intervention"...it is possible this guy will lose a lot of weight, too.

Good luck!



Souri, you have a good

by desi on

Souri, you have a good point.  However I might add that this man probably won't cause any provocation in the mind of the ladies.  Unless of course the only provocation is to forgo the huge vat of polo khoresh that's waiting for them at home.  I think that the O.R. nurses are probably going to start counting their caloric intake now.  O.R. female nurses are generally covered from head to feet  even in western hospitals.   You are right though.  I can't believe they showed his body on Iranian tv and dang that was a whole lotta body:)


What you want to focus on?

by Souri on

This is not an issue to focus on.

This kind of operation is practied here since a long while ago. Nothing new!


Lets focus on the issue

by hazratee on

Leave politics, Islam, women and hijab out of it for God's sake.


What surprised me.....

by Souri on

Is to see a man's naked body shown at the Iranian TV, while all the nurses at the hospital are covered from the head to feet !

Don't they think that a man's body could also cause some provocation in the mind of the ladies?

lol, then you say that they don't advantage women in Iran?



by Abarmard on

What happens? Did he make it? Part II please.