Persian in My Paris (P.I.M.P)

"The best persian party in the world"

1st November 2009 with DJ BARDIA & DJ POUYA in PARIS Champs-Élysées:


Ali P.

Why one or the other?

by Ali P. on

There are hardcore political activists, and there are hardcore party animals, and then you have most of us.

I suppose most of those who bravely were active in demonstrations, if invited to a persian party in a club in Paris, would dress up and go and dance and have a few drinks.

And pedro is right, they do not represent our future Iran, and no one claimed they did. Besides, how much can you tell about their characters, based on the way they dress up, or the way they dance? I don't know.

Az maa keh gozasht, valee khosh baasheed bacheh haa...


Lost Identity.....

by Yaasi on

I wonder in what way this was the "Best Iranian Party in the world"? but I should admit that the crowd was much younger and better looking than those in Radio Javan party....I guess I am far from being a real Iranian...I don't know what I am anymore, I sure don't see any connection with these people....



by ahmad_ on

I am with you on that. These are the people I try to stay away from.


There are iranians and there are iranians

by bob on

Somehow I was disappointed seeing this clip. Not anything in particular against partying or good looking people, but it just seems a very big disconnect between these young people and the ones demonstrating in Iran. Anoter reason why the diaspora cannot lecture the students in Iran about democracy.



by pedro on

I have never seen so many bache susool and good looking women to gether under one roof, except for Miss Universe pageant. If these feminine looking/acting men are representing our future Iran, then we may be in a bit of trouble.