Montazeri calls Basij "satanic"

Speech on Eid Ghorban

New York Times: Iran’s most senior cleric denounced the role of the volunteer militia force known as the Basij in the crackdown against protesters, saying the force’s actions were against religion and “in the path of Satan." The cleric, Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, condemned the force in a statement posted on an opposition Web site,, decreeing that “the assailants have acted against religion and must pay blood money” to those who were injured or their families. It was the harshest criticism of the militia to date by the ayatollah, who has sided with the opposition leaders. The Basij militia have played an instrumental role in the crackdown; the opposition has said that at least 73 people have been killed since the post-election protests began in June >>>


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bacheh irany


by bacheh irany on

baby steps people....we aren't going to have western style democracy in Iran overnight. Mousavi and Montazeri would be the transition stage.


He is as guilty.....

by mahmoudg on

Let's not foerget he was the closest ally to Khomeini and laid the groundwork for the destruction of Iran.  Just because he thinks he found his way, does not absolve him of the crimes that he instigated by laying the foundation of an Islamic Republic and Jurisprudence.  Although he has a changc of being found NOT guilty in a court of law, nevertheless he will be and should be tried along side all the rest and I mean ALL THE REST who had anything to do with Islamic Republic at any point in its thirty year history, from inception to destruction.


Words of Wisdom !

by HHH on

See how much garbage this regime has unloaded on us Iranians that now we should appreciate Montazeri's words of wisdom!

The same person who in 1979-1980 said: "Who's this Bahman-Azimi that's killing the people? why don't you arrest him?"!

(Bahman-Azimi = Large Avalanche)

Darius Kadivar

Mohsen Makhmalbaf dedicated his Prize to Montazeri

by Darius Kadivar on

Radio Farda: Mohsen Makhmalbaf presented his prize, "the freedom of creation", to those affected in the recent events and specifically offered it to Ayatollah Montazeri as the "spiritual father of the green movement".